Big Brother evicted Victor Arroyo and crowned Bridgette Dunning Season 18's newest Head of Household during Thursday night's live broadcast on CBS.

Victor, a 25-year-old gym manager from Slidell, LA, was blindsided and evicted from the Big Brother house with a 9-1 vote instead of Bronte D'Acquisto, a 26-year-old student who currently resides in Denver, CO.

Victor's best buddy in the house, Paul Abrahamian, a 23-year-old clothing designer from Tarzana, CA, cast the only vote for Bronte. Meanwhile, the "BB Roadkill" winner's replacement nominee, Tiffany Rousso, a 32-year-old high school teacher who currently resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, received zero votes for eviction.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 20 with Victor trying to get "Team Unicorn" onboard with taking Tiffany out. Natalie Negrotti thought it was a possibility because she would never consider voting off Bronte. She was therefore torn between Tiffany and Victor.

Tiffany said in the Diary Room she didn't trust Frank Eudy, so she planted seeds in Bronte and Bridgette Dunning's minds that he was very dominant and a beast in most things Big Brother. Tiffany wished Frank wasn't in her "8 Pack" alliance.

However, Bridgette was a member of Frank's "Category 4" team. While she feared being at the bottom of his totem pole, Frank assured her that she was in a solid spot and he considered her a little sister.

Bridgette then warned Frank that Tiffany was going after him. As a result, Frank spoke to James Huling, Corey Brooks and HoH Paulie Calafiore about targeting Tiffany because she was an emotional "ticking timebomb." The men also agreed it wouldn't hurt to take out a girl numbers-wise.

Frank decided he wanted to include Paulie in the "8 Pack" alliance, which Nicole Franzel and Corey agreed to simply to avoid a heated debate or discussion. When Paulie learned the news, he wasn't thrilled about being left out, however, he wasn't too worried. Frank insisted the only reason Paulie wasn't a part of the alliance was because he wasn't in the room at the time a girl suggested the alliance name.

To Frank's face, Da'Vonne Rogers pretended like it was fine for Paulie to join their alliance. But behind the scenes, Da'Vonne complained about how Frank only cared about himself and got Paulie onboard to protect himself.

Although she didn't trust Tiffany, Da'Vonne thought she might want to keep her around longer in order to have numbers against Frank. Da'Vonne called Tiffany "the cat" and Frank "the rat" they needed to catch.

Meanwhile, Paulie wanted to solidify some "ride or dies," which meant people who would be loyal to him and take him all the way to the end. He considered teaming up with Zakiyah Everette and Corey. Zakiyah also wanted to bring Nicole and Da'Vonne into the mix. Paulie loved the group, but because there were basically two blooming couples in that alliance, she absolutely didn't want to be the fifth wheel.

Da'Vonne cried to James about Paulie's deal, saying their alliances were shattering everywhere and she didn't know whom to trust. All Da'Vonne knew is that she wanted to win the next Head of Household competition in order to start fresh and flip this game upside-down.

After Victor got evicted from the house, he sat down for an interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen.

Victor told Julie he felt like "a sitting duck" in the house and could tell he was probably the target because he was getting the "cold shoulder" from many people, like Nicole, for example. Victor gushed about becoming great friends with Paul and then said if he could play the game all over again, he probably wouldn't spill information so easily or work with the same people.

However, Victor was thrilled to learn about the upcoming "Battle Back" competition, and he couldn't wait to fight for a spot back in the game.

It then became time for the live HoH competition called "Kiss My Ace." As the outgoing HoH, Paulie could not compete.

For the competition, the teams were required to serve tennis balls onto a court that was filled with numbered slots from 0-21. The person to land his or her ball in the lowest scoring slot each round would be out of the challenge. The last person left standing would be the new HoH, and that person was Bridgette.

Bridgette's victory ensures that her entire team -- Frank, Paulie and Michelle Meyer -- is safe from eviction next week.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.