Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have all the answers to viewers' questions about relationships, love, and drama as Season 4 of the ABC reality dating series unfolds on television.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you want to be surprised by which bachelors and bachelorettes end up together, as well as all the details along the way].

Bachelor in Paradise is currently two weeks and four episodes into its airing schedule this summer. In that short amount of time, there have been tears, heartbreak, makeout sessions and love triangles.

Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth are the most stable couple at this point in the season, and they seem to be well on their way to falling in love.

Matt Munson and Jasmine Goode are also going strong, although Matt recently told the cameras there's a part of him that would like to date other women and keep his heart open.

Raven has been a hot commodity in Paradise from the start, with Robby Hayes, Ben Zorn and Adam Gottschalk going after her. She gave her first rose of the season to Adam, but then the romance got flipped upside-down when Raven's friend Sarah Vendal arrived at Playa Escondida and asked Adam out.

And then there's Kristina Schulman, who has been fully invested in Dean Unglert despite his lack of commitment and obvious wandering eye. Now with Danielle Lombard thrown in the mix, Dean has found himself in a sticky situation between two beautiful women.

Dominique Alexis and Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland are currently hitting it off, and Robby and Amanda Stanton are starting to view each other in a romantic light.

Ben is pretty lonely but hanging in there. And the people who left the season already are Alex Woytkiw, Nick Benvenutti, Vinny Ventiera, Danielle Maltby, and Iggy Rodriguez have already left Paradise.

So what happens from this point forward?!

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, the Bachelor in Paradise journey ended with host Chris Harrison asking each remaining couple at the end of the two-week filming period whether they'd like to enjoy an overnight Fantasy Suite date or leave Mexico -- either separately or as a pair in order to cultivate a relationship in the real world.

The spotlight was on the couples who wanted to take their relationships to the next level.

Carbone says that three couples opted for a Fantasy Suite: Raven and Adam, Derek and Taylor, and Daniel Maguire and Lacey Mark.

These three couples grew closer in infatuation or love, but there was no climactic conclusion to Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season. There was no final Rose Ceremony, nor were there any engagements! The couples allegedly just discussed their experiences the morning after the Fantasy Suites and then went home.

"The show will extend back into the real world... It's going to be interesting and I think a lot more fun for all of us," Chris Harrison revealed to Entertainment Weekly when explaining there will be a live finale for the first time in BIP franchise history.

"[The finale will] be more like After the Final Rose where we're live, the show is wrapping up, and there will be people involved that were on the show because we have to find out where everybody is."

Chris even hinted there may be a marriage proposal on the live finale.

So let's dive in to the love stories that unfolded for each of the three alleged happy couples that left Paradise still dating.

During the two-week suspension of filming because of the DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios scandal, Raven said she and Sarah spent a night with Adam in Dallas, and Raven woke up to find her friend and Adam cuddling the next morning.

That's why Sarah had her eyes set on Adam when she first entered Paradise. Unfortunately for Raven, she had also hit it off with Adam before production shut down, and she had given him a rose at the season's first Rose Ceremony.

Carbone claims that Adam chose Raven and gave her a rose at the second Rose Ceremony. From that point on, Raven and Adam were allegedly inseparable, and they left the show together after their Fantasy Suite date.

Raven and Adam are still seeing each other despite living in different states, according to Carbone. Ironically, Sarah currently resides in Dallas, TX, where Adam lives.

Next up is Derek and Taylor. So far on Paradise, the pair seem to be falling in love, and they've already spent a night together.

Carbone claims Derek will probably propose to Taylor on the live finale because they've been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks. For example, Derek celebrated Taylor's birthday with her loved ones in Seattle.

Now let's discuss Daniel and Lacey's story. Carbone says they hooked up before Bachelor in Paradise even began taping this summer, which explains why Lacey seems head over heels for Daniel when he hasn't even arrived at the resort yet.

Daniel's arrival came at the perfect time because Diggy had just dumped her for Dominique, which resulted in a little meltdown for Lacey.

Lacey and Daniel continued dating after the show, but Carbone says Daniel is obsessed with fame and being a TV star, so Lacey is more into him than he is into her.

"They're currently 'dating,' but that doesn't mean much in this franchise," Carbone explains.

Many couples opted to leave Paradise before the round of Fantasy Suite dates as singles.

Diggy left Paradise alone because he refused to choose between Dominique and newcomer Jaimi King, according to Carbone, forcing Dominique and Jaimi to leave without a match as well.

Jasmine allegedly took interest in Jonathan Treece, known as the Tickle Monster, after her flame with Matt fizzled. But Jasmine and Jonathan ultimately decided to go home separately, as did two other singles -- Christen Whitney and Jack Stone.

Amanda and Robby grew to like each other in Paradise, and despite leaving the resort before Fantasy Suite dates, the couple is still dating and going strong. Robby has said he has yet to meet Amanda's two young daughters but they're taking it slow. Meanwhile, Amanda has called Robby "really sweet" in the press.

The pair, for example, was recently photographed walking hand-in-hand and wearing matching outfits during a stroll in West Hollywood, CA. Both Amanda and Robby currently live in the Los Angeles area. They've been also been spotted on dinner dates and at a baseball game.

"They are very affectionate towards each other," a source told E! News last month.

Dean, Kristina and Danielle L's love triangle sparks most of the Bachelor in Paradise drama this season.

Because of Dean's back and forth antics, Kristina decided to eliminated herself during a Rose Ceremony because she was fed up with his inability to make up his mind, according to Carbone.

"Dean basically likes both of them. [He] was with Kristina from the [get-go], they spent time together after filming was stopped [in Kentucky], they go back to film, DLo arrives, they go on a date and, well, all hell breaks loose. This will be the biggest drama of the season," Carbone recaps.

Despite the drama, Dean allegedly gave his rose to Kristina at the season's second Rose Ceremony.

From that point on, Dean allegedly spent time with Danielle during the day and then with Kristina at night. Tension heightened at the third Rose Ceremony of Season 4 when the women were in power and Danielle gave her rose to Dean, which he accepted.

Kristina actually eliminated herself at this Rose Ceremony, says Carbone, and she gave a speech about feeling unappreciated before exiting Paradise.

There was no fourth Rose Ceremony, as Chris jumped right into the Fantasy Suite dates. But Dean supposedly realized he was in love with Kristina, so he dumped Danielle and the duo left Mexico separately before the round of overnight dates.

According to Carbone, the Kristina and Danielle L. showdown for Dean's heart is still playing out in the real world, but Danielle has the upper hand since she and Dean both live in Los Angeles.

Carbone reveals the two beautiful brunettes are "at odds" over Dean and he is still "talking, seeing and in contact" with both Kristina and Danielle L. So how does Dean get away with this scenario? He allegedly says he's not exclusive with either woman.

"So anyone thinking Dean has a chance to be the next Bachelor, you can forget it," Carbone quips.

Other bachelors and bachelorettes who will allegedly arrive in Paradise this season but fail to enter a relationship are Blake Elarbee, Fred Johnson, and twins Haley Ferguson and Emily Ferguson.

Raven, Taylor, Lacey, Danielle, Kristina, Dominique, Jasmine, Christen, Sarah, Jaimi, Haley and Emily all initially competed for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor's 21st edition earlier this year.

Robby, Derek, and Daniel first appeared on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette last year. Daniel also dated multiple ladies on Bachelor in Paradise 3 in 2016.

Dean, Diggy, Adam, Jonathan, Blake and Fred were all bachelors on Rachel Lindsay's currently-airing season of The Bachelorette. In fact, they were all recently featured on The Men Tell All.

Amanda became famous on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor in 2016 and then got engaged to Josh Murray on Bachelor in Paradise last year. Amanda and Josh split in December.
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