Bachelor in Paradise couple Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer appeared to break up at "Paradise Prom" on Season 7, so what do spoilers reveal about the couple's relationship? Did Abigail and Noah break up for good before the show's finale or reconcile -- and if they stayed together, are they still together now?


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers on Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer's Paradise fate and if they ended their relationship or got back together afterwards.]

Abigail, a client financial manager from Salem, OR, was a Day 1 arrival on Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season, but she didn't feel a spark with any of the men until Noah, a registered travel nurse from Tulsa, OK, stepped on the beach of the Mexico resort.


Noah revealed that he liked Abigail from watching her on Matt James' season of The Bachelor, and so he had his eye on her right away.

Noah, who originally competed on The Bachelorette's sixteenth season last year, hoped to vibe with Abigail and form a potentially long-lasting relationship.

And once the pair hit it off, they decided to focus on each other for the time being.

Noah and Abigail therefore became the first established couple in Paradise, and their co-stars commented on how cute they looked together.

During Abigail and Noah's first official date, they enjoyed a dinner surrounded by pinatas, and Abigail shared how she hadn't been on many dates before Paradise and moved very slowly, emotionally, in relationships.

Abigail said she and her ex dated for eight months before making their relationship official, but Noah said it was going to be hard to move slow in Paradise when they were going to be together all the time.

"I think it's going to be hard for me personally," Noah admitted. "I'm not uncomfortable with it, but I'm not sure what it's going to be like."

Abigail said she must feel "so sure" about a man before calling him "my boyfriend" and she tends to friend-zone guys really easily.

"I need to stop doing that," Abigail confessed.


Noah helped Abigail relax and have fun, and he eventually kissed her.

But as time progressed in Paradise, Abigail said she and Noah had a very strong emotional connection and could laugh together but they weren't all over each other in an affectionate manner like some of the other couples.

Maurissa Gunn believed Abigail and Noah were having fun but weren't showing their true emotions to each other, which resulted in a shallow connection. Maurissa thought Abigail and Noah needed to dive deep, and Abigail agreed they had to stop "playing it safe."

"Are we not pushing this relationship to the full potential or are we just friends -- and should we explore other options?" Abigail pondered. "I'm nervous. I need to know what's going on with us."

Abigail didn't want her romance with Noah to get "stale," and so she confronted Noah about their "situationship," which seemed to catch Noah off-guard.

Abigail admitted she felt like they were both holding back and had not reached a relationship level yet.

Noah didn't feel like he and Abigail were just friends, but she said it seemed like he had stopped trying to woo her. In response to that, Noah explained that when he tried to make a move on Abigail, he didn't get much of a response from her, which was hard and "frustrating."

Abigail said she was confused and asked Noah, "Are we just delaying the inevitable?"

Noah started questioning things and became very stoic, and he asked Abigail if they could get back on track and get to where they needed to be in order to leave the show together as a happy couple.


Noah wondered if his connection with Abigail was "too far gone" and she was right about them delaying the inevitable, but he appeared pretty deflated and upset.

"Do you want to try again?" Abigail asked.

Noah determined he should pull back from Abigail, who then cried about how she may have hurt Noah and caused him to shut down on her.

"I really self-sabotage. We really had such a good thing going on, and I just f-cked it up," Abigail lamented in a confessional. "There's nobody else here I'm interested in. It's Noah. I just feel like I hurt him and I feel horrible. I don't know why I always do this."

Afterward, Noah decided to approach Abigail about their fizzled-out romance because he said he didn't want to give up on their relationship and they had some serious "potential."

Noah apparently felt rejected at times, and Abigail admitted she could have been a better communicator.

"I thought I messed it up, but [this time apart] made me realize how much I really do care for you, and I want to try to do this," Abigail said.

Noah and Abigail therefore continued being "the power couple" on the beach. Noah realized he and his love interest had over-complicated things and their romance was back on track.

But as more days passed, Abigail didn't feel "as locked in" to her relationship as other couples seemed to be.

Bartender Wells Adams advised Abigail to open up more and stop holding back; he didn't want to watch her "neglect true happiness" because she was scared to share her feelings with Noah.


Noah then decided to be vulnerable with Abigail and "put it all out there" for her. Noah told Abigail, "I am falling in love with you, and I can see it working in the real world. It's not scary or anything like that. My feelings are very strong for you."

Abigail, however, just froze in the moment and appeared to put a wall up. Noah said it would be hard for him to continue opening up if she kept reacting in the same guarded manner, and he was no longer sure they could get to where they needed to be by the end of the show.

Abigail said she had love for Noah but wasn't sure she was falling in love just yet.

Regardless, the couple was voted "Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After" and leave Paradise together at the "Paradise Prom."

That romantic evening, Abigail finally determined she was "definitely falling in love" with Noah, and so she planned to tell him that night.

However, Abigail apparently couldn't work up the nerve to do it, and so Noah began feeling really conflicted and upset about having opened up his heart to receive nothing in return.

Noah figured Abigail was waiting for her moment to express her love, but he was having a change of heart and wished she could have expressed herself earlier in order to sway him in a different direction.

"I'm like, 'Well, maybe it could work out,' but I still have that gut feeling where I'm like, 'This is not your person. You can love somebody but not be in love with them,'" Noah explained to the cameras, adding, "I care for Abigail but I know what I need to do."

Noah told Abigail that he was starting to form genuine and strong feelings for her but he had been "trying to force something" that he wanted.

"Deep down, I don't know if you're my person," Noah confessed, although he noted the pair had so much fun together on the beach.


Noah explained how he had been fighting to keep the relationship going despite having a gut feeling that wouldn't go away.

"[I've been thinking], 'She's perfect in all of these ways, but I'm not sure if she's perfect for me,'" Noah told the cameras.

Abigail confessed how she felt totally "blindsided" given Noah had just said he was falling in love with her the previous night. Abigail called Noah out for making false promises.

"I can only do what I feel is right in that time... I've lost sleep over this. It's obviously affected me," Noah admitted.

Abigail said she felt confused and annoyed because Noah had been pushing her to get to his level when he apparently wasn't sure they were meant to be the entire time.

"Of course I'm going to be hurt and feel like I was lied to," Abigail noted.

Noah insisted he hadn't lied about anything, and so Abigail wondered if he had entered "panic mode" after professing his love to her. Abigail wondered if Noah was just running away from something, and then she burst into tears.

So did Noah and Abigail's relationship end there, and did they both leave Bachelor in Paradise single?

Abigail and Noah's split at "Paradise Prom" ended their romance on the show

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Noah and Abigail did, in fact, break up before the cast's overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

"They both left single," Carbone wrote in a June 30 blog posting.

"I know a lot of you will ask, 'What about all the nicey nice they were playing on IG when she posted this past Saturday.' Your guess is as good as mine."

At the time, Carbone confirmed the only thing he knew about the couple is that they split in Mexico before the finale filmed.

"All I know is that Noah broke up with her on the show. Maybe it was amicable. Maybe the IG stuff is an act," Carbone claimed.

"Maybe they plan on dating post show. I don't know. But he broke up with her on the show after a being a couple from the get go."

But Abigail and Noah began dating again after Paradise ended

In September, Carbone reported Abigail and Noah reconnected and began dating again once they returned home from Paradise.

"[Abigail and Noah] broke up on the show, got together post show," Carbone explained in a September 28 blog post.

"They've been seeing other post show."

On October 1, Carbone also posted a photo on Twitter showing the couple visiting a coffee shop in Oklahoma together earlier that same day.

"Noah and Abigail at Coffee House on Cherry St in Tulsa, OK earlier today," he tweeted.

In an August 13 sponsored Instagram post on Abigail's account, she posted a video of herself in which she was wearing a thick gold link-chain necklace.

A follower of Bachelor fan account @bachelorettewindmill pointed out how Abigail's necklace in that video appeared to be the same one Noah had been constantly wearing while filming Bachelor in Paradise.

Fans therefore questioned if Noah had given Abigail his necklace as a sign of his affection, which would then indicate they had reconciled and got back together.


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