Bachelor in Paradise featured Kenny Layne and Jubilee Sharpe quitting the show and newcomers Connor Obrochta and Kamil Nicalek arriving in Mexico during Monday night's Season 5 episode on ABC.

Kenny, who originally competed on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, decided to leave the show so he wouldn't miss his daughter's dance recital at home, while Jubilee from Ben Higgin's The Bachelor season quit the series because John Graham revealed he no longer wanted to date her and wished to be just friends.


But two more people arrived in Paradise -- Connor and Kamil from Becca Kufrin's The Bachelorette edition. Connor entered the game and stole Krystal Nielson away from his pal Chris Randone for a date, and Kamil asked Annaliese Puccini to go out with him.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with many couples already having been formed.

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth were an item, Chris and Krystal were together, Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch were pretty serious, Kenny and Annaliese were dating, and then there were two love triangles.

One love triangle was comprised of Joe Amabile, Kendall Long and Leo Dottavio, while the other triangle consisted of Jenna Cooper, Jordan Kimball and Benoit Beausejour-Savard.

Benoit felt Jordan was trying to "put a stick in [his] wheel." He thought Jenna was amazing and didn't want to let her go or give up on their natural and romantic connection just because of Jordan's constant presence and interference.

But Jordan also believed he was in a good spot with Jenna and they were on their way to something special.

However, Jordan then spotted Jenna making out with Benoit and he couldn't believe his eyes. Jordan insisted he wasn't a "toss up" kind of guy, and he was disgusted watching them play frisbee together.

Meanwhile, Krystal and Chris were getting really close. They were intimate with each other, and Chris said they were probably the strongest couple in Paradise.

"The goose is cooked," Chris gushed to cameras.


Krystal and Chris agreed they want to get married, but Chris said if he proposed, it would be a lifelong commitment with the definite expectation of marriage. He took it very seriously.

Chris' confidence dwindled, however, when Connor arrived in Paradise with his perfectly-coiffed hair. Jenna joked she wanted to make a pillow out of the top of Connor's body since he looked so good.

And Krystal admitted in a confessional Connor was exactly her type, and she later revealed Connor was the guy whom she hoped to meet and get to know in Mexico when she had first signed on to do the show.

In return, Connor revealed he was extremely attracted to Krystal and she was the person he came to Paradise for.

But Chris wasn't worried because of the amazing chemistry he had with Krystal.

When Connor sat down to talk to Krystal, it was clear he was hinting at the fact he'd like her to accompany him on a date.

However, Krystal said she was smitten with Chris and didn't want to jeopardize what they had. Krystal confessed she'd think about Chris while on a date with him.

When Krystal subsequently told Chris how she had handled the situation, he was so pleased and excited, and he called Krystal "a rare breed." Chris was "all in" at that moment with Krystal, and he felt totally secure in their relationship.


But Connor felt a lot of chemistry with Krystal, and so he didn't give up. As a result, Connor officially asked Krystal out on the date and wanted her to give him a chance. Krystal tried to be transparent and said she'd go on the date with him as long as he knew where she stood, and he seemed to understand completely.

Krystal then broke the bad news to Chris, telling him that their connection caught her by surprise but she wanted to respect everyone in Paradise. Chris really liked Krystal but couldn't tell her not to go on the date. Chris began to wonder whether he was good enough for her, and he said it wasn't a good feeling.

For Krystal and Connor's date, they participated in an interesting local ritual or ceremony that involved being buried under sand and palm-tree leaves. The couple eventually had a makeout session and Krystal found him "so sexy."

Krystal thought they connected on a deep level, and Connor agreed they had something special and the date was incredible.

Meanwhile, Jordan felt he was losing to Benoit and needed to pull Jenna back. Jordan therefore told Jenna he was afraid he'd never meet another girl like her, someone that makes him feel the way she does. He thought she was so special and suggested it was love at first sight when he saw her.

Jenna believed deep down Jordan would love her just the way she is no matter what, but Jenna clearly liked Benoit as well and had to make up her mind.


Just as Jordan believed Jenna was going to break up with Benoit after he showed vulnerability and they had a heart-to-heart, he saw her making out with Benoit. Jordan broke down into tears and didn't understand why Jenna was acting that way.

Jordan then confronted Benoit out of frustration, but Benoit had no interest in talking to the model, whom he called him "a jerk." Benoit told the cameras Jordan was acting like a little kid.

Meanwhile, Annaliese was falling for Kenny. They had so much fun and got along great, but Kenny had an internal struggle going on. He didn't want to miss his daughter's dance recital, and so Kenny decided to leave. Annaliese didn't want to see Kenny go because they were really hitting it off.

Kenny wanted to explore their connection further, but he decided it wasn't the right thing to do.

"I don't want you to think I'm leaving because I didn't feel something for you," Kenny told her.

Annaliese called Kenny "the perfect man," saying he was everything she wanted in a partner. Annaliese cried because she figured her time in Paradise was going to come to an end and she felt very defeated in the love department.

When Krystal returned from her date, she told Chris that she had a good time with Connor, but she was really tired and asked to talk to him about it tomorrow.


Chris realized all he could do was be himself and let Krystal decide what she wanted.

The next morning, Jubilee was shown leaving Paradise because John admitted he wasn't interested in her romantically anymore and just wanted to be friends.

As for Annaliese, she cried about how Paradise had been "an uphill battle" for her the whole time. Every time she found something good, it was pulled away from her. She had so much love to give and was ready to give it to someone.

And that's when Kamil stepped foot into Paradise with a Date Card. He got to know Annaliese, and she was super attracted to him. Annaliese was ready to go on a date with the guy who was totally her type.

After talking to Krystal and Chelsea Roy as well, Kamil asked Annaliese out on the date and she was ecstatic. The couple rode in a four wheeler and Annaliese was simply giddy.

But Chelsea was getting frustrated because she had been interested in Kamil as well. Chelsea kept putting herself out there only to be "friend-zoned" by guy after guy. Chelsea was starting to feel homesick, and she really missed her child.

Meanwhile, Annaliese and Kamil connected on more levels than just the physical during their date. She said it was an ideal date and "life was good."


But back on the beach at the resort, Kevin was getting cold feet. He wanted Astrid to be pushed out of her comfort zone a little bit so she could be certain he was the guy for her, but she just wanted to be with him and she only had eyes for him.

Kevin said he wanted Astrid to go out with other guys so he would miss her and she'd want to come back to him. Kevin apparently didn't feel tested, but Astrid was so confused and started to cry. She said it "didn't make sense" and didn't know how to process what he had said.

Kevin's insecurities were hitting him hard because his romance with Astrid was beginning to remind him of how strong his relationship with Ashley Iaconetti had been on The Bachelor: Winter Games. Kevin noted that things fell apart for them once they entered the real world.

"I was worried what happened would happen again... I feel like I had it twice happen to me. When I was on The Bachelorette, I thought I was getting married and then she broke my heart... with Ashley, I didn't know where it was going, but I was optimistic. And now I feel like I'm 0 and 2 coming into these kind of experiences," Kevin explained to Astrid.

"So when I meet someone like you, who's basically my dream girl, I wonder, 'When is the storm coming?'"

Kevin thought Astrid was perfect and so he was anticipating she would hurt him, but Astrid's feelings for him were real. She said she didn't need to date other people to find out what she wanted.


Astrid revealed she was lucky to have found him and it was blowing her mind how easy their relationship was turning out to be.

Kevin felt reassured that Astrid wasn't going anywhere, and he felt he was supposed to come to Paradise to meet her.

"I'm definitely falling in love with this girl," Kevin told the cameras.

As for Jordan, he was continuing to fight for Jenna. He was looking for sincere love and told Jenna he wanted to get married.

"I think I could fall for you, like, within days. And I'm not afraid to say it because I really believe it," Jordan told Jenna. "You're not meant for anybody else."

Jordan told Jenna that he brought out the best in her. He said if she picked Benoit, he'd call her after the show to find out how things went. But Jenna felt secure with Benoit and called him the "logical decision" because investing in Jordan scared her.

Jenna said Jordan didn't just look at her -- he looked into her. She feared having a very deep connection with him, but Jordan promised he wasn't playing games.

"I'm afraid of falling in love with somebody who gets me so well they could just destroy me," Jenna said in a confessional. "My heart tells me, 'Choose Jordan.'"

Jenna then cut Benoit loose, saying she wouldn't be able to make him happy and he deserved someone 100 percent invested in a relationship with him.

Benoit didn't understand why Jenna was into Jordan. Benoit felt like he's never enough for the women he's interested in, and he hated the feeling of getting rejected again.

Meanwhile, Kendall was in a predicament with her two guys. While she could laugh with Joe, Kendall thought she had depth with Leo and could really envision a relationship with him outside of Bachelor in Paradise.

Kendall then admitted her heart was with Leo and she "craved" him, which really freaked her out.

Kendall explained to her friend Kevin that she was "stimulated" by Leo, but then Kevin accidentally spilled the beans Leo had kissed Chelsea. Kevin thought for sure Kendall had known about this, but she was shocked to find out he was exploring other romances.

Kendall's eyes immediately watered, and Kevin could tell her heart was beating out of her chest.

Kendall then confronted Leo about the kiss with Chelsea. Leo said it was just a "peck," not a makeout session. But Kendall wondered why Leo wasn't transparent with her, and he explained that he felt guilty about it.

Kendall said Leo showed signs of being a cheater and it wasn't a good way for them to start off a romance. She said Leo had established mistrust between them, and then she walked away.

Leo was angry he lost his "phenomenal" connection with Kendall, and he grew pissed off at the person who "snitched." Leo thought a kiss in Paradise was the equivalent of a handshake, and so he went "on a war path," according to Colton, to find "the rat."

Kevin therefore decided to rip the band-aid off and let Leo know he was the culprit. Kevin said it was a total accident but Kendall deserved to know, and Leo wondered if Kevin's actions were intentional. Leo said he planned to tell Kendall about the kiss, but Kevin didn't believe him.

Kevin and Leo then argued, and things got loud. Kevin called himself polite and reasonable but said he would not be pushed around.

Leo called Kevin a "Canadian brat" and bragged Kendall would think about their date forever because she clearly liked him a lot given she was so upset about his kiss with another woman.

And he was right. Kendall allowed herself to be vulnerable with Leo, and so his betrayal really hurt her. She was the only person who didn't know he kissed Chelsea, and that's the part that bothered her the most.

Leo then wished Kendall the best of luck in her relationship with Joe, but Kendall didn't appreciate his attitude or the fact he was being condescending.

Leo then called Kendall "a phenomenal actress," saying she had fooled him into thinking her feelings for him were real and strong. But then he said he didn't understand how she was still single. Kendall accused Leo of messing with her head after insulting her.

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