Bachelor in Paradise's Season 5 finale featured two couples getting engaged, heartbreak for Annaliese Puccini, and two broken Paradise couples getting back together during Tuesday night's broadcast on ABC.

The finale featured Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson getting engaged, as well as Jordan Kimball popping the question to Jenna Cooper.


While Annaliese and Kamil Nicalek did not get engaged, they left Paradise still dating. However, the male model blindsided and broke up with Annaliese in front of a shocked studio audience during the reunion show hosted by Chris Harrison.

In addition, Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt decided to reconcile during the reunion show, while Kendall Long and Joe Amabile revealed they had worked on their issues post-filming and sparked a romance again.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Annaliese saying she was in love and so happy with Kamil. She didn't know what Kamil was going to do in regards to an engagement, but she hoped he'd get down on one knee.

Kamil said he was very compatible with Annaliese and was falling in love with her, but it was clear to viewers this season Annaliese was always a few steps ahead of him.

Annaliese then approached Kamil, who was waiting for her on the beach with his rose.

Annaliese told Kamil she was instantly intrigued by his good looks and charm, but she what she "really fell in love with" was his soul. She felt safe and trust when she looked into his eyes.


"I know that not only am I the one for you, but you're the one for me. I just know I want to wake up next to you every morning for the rest of our lives... I love you," Annaliese said.

In reply, Kamil said he knew she was a very special moment from their first date together. She found a place in his heart and he soon discovered he couldn't live without her.

"Annaliese, I love you, and I want to have a future together. I know you're ready for an engagement, but right now, I am not. I need to move at a pace that is long-term for us. The love I have for you is very strong and I want it to blossom outside of Paradise," Kamil explained.

Annaliese said she totally agreed, and then the pair kissed and left Paradise together. Annaliese said she wasn't worried about the engagement because she knew Kamil wanted to marry her.

"It may not be today, but it may be in a couple weeks or a couple months, but we're on that path. I am so in love with Kamil and I am so excited to start my life with him," she said.

It was then Jenna and Jordan's turn to express their feelings to each other. Jordan fell in love at first sight, but he and Jenna had to overcome a lot of drama and obstacles to end up with each other.


Jordan felt lucky to have Jenna and said she had changed his life for the better. He acknowledged Jenna definitely wanted to get engaged and it would be hard for him not to give that to her, but he was nervous and unsure whether he was truly ready.

Jordan was about to be extremely vulnerable with the girl he loved, who feared the male model might crush her heart after what happened to Astrid and Kevin.

Once Jenna approached Jordan on the beach, she had to relax for a moment and gather her thoughts.

Jenna then opened up to Jordan about how she was scared of love when she first met him, but his love made her feel alive again and willing to show all of her true colors.

"You swept me off my feet and slayed all of my demons without hesitation, and you patiently waited for me to come to the realization that you're all I ever wanted -- the one person that could inspire me to open my heart again. I love you so much, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you," she said.

Jordan countered by saying Jenna was the prettiest girl in the world and fighting for her was the most confident thing he had ever done.


"I feel we can take on the world together... I can't wait to build a family and make all of your dreams come true. I'm a one-girl type of guy, and that one girl for me, is you," Jordan told the blonde beauty.

Jordan then got down on one knee and presented Jenna with a ring, saying, "I'm madly in love with you. Will you marry me?"

"Yes, yes!" Jenna replied.

The couple then exchanged a series of kisses, and Jenna gushed about how she got exactly what she wanted out of Paradise -- a lot more than just a rose!

It then became time for viewers to find out what happened between Chris and Krystal.

The morning after their Fantasy Suite together, Chris admitted he was fearful his romance with Krystal might not work out in the real world or that he would commit to her before she even got to meet his family. Chris was afraid of the unknown, but he said his feelings for Krystal were real and sincere.

Krystal was also extremely nervous about the idea of getting engaged, but Chris had managed to break down her walls. Krystal loved Chris and said her heart had led her to him throughout her journey in Paradise. She thought they were "a perfectly perfect pair."


Once Krystal joined Chris on the beach, both individuals -- who were afraid of commitment -- smiled at each other and held hands.

Chris confessed to Krystal his experience in Mexico wasn't smooth sailing and there was even a moment when he wanted to give up, but Krystal changed his mind and changed him into a better version of himself.

"I have to be honest with myself, and I have to be honest with you. I'm so sorry, Krystal, but it would be unfair to the both of us if I left here today holding your hand -- because I want to leave her holding your heart. I want to give you my heart today, tomorrow and forever. I love you so much," Chris told her.

"I can't picture a life without you and I know you're the woman I want to be with... Will you marry me?" he asked while down on one knee.

Krystal jumped up and down and yelled, "Yes!" She then gushed about how she loved her Neil Lane diamond engagement ring.

Shortly after sharing a hug and kiss, Chris called his mother on the phone and told her the big news of his engagement.

"I'm going to be Mrs. Goose!" Krystal exclaimed.


The reunion special then commenced with the Bachelor in Paradise host interviewing the fifth season's cast members in front of a screaming studio audience.

There was "a lot to unpack," according to Harrison, and he started with John Graham and Olivia Goethal's relationship.

Olivia said she stayed in touch with John after the show wrapped and they communicated often, but she said John asked to just be friends several weeks prior since their long-distance relationship was becoming increasingly more difficult.

"I agree long distance sucks. But I feel like if you wanted to make it work, you would have made that effort," Olivia said.

John said their different lifestyles wouldn't work, but then Olivia argued, "I saw you were publicizing how you were developing other relationships, and that was with [Chelsea Roy], that you were like FaceTiming her. That could've been time you were FaceTiming me! I guess that was a slap in my face."

Eric Bigger then explained himself in regards to his failed romance with Angela Amezcua. He said he put "so much effort" into their romance but it never moved forward from a friendship. Eric claimed he didn't know where Angela stood, but Angela argued she couldn't have made her feelings more clear for him.


"You did know. I just feel you keep trying to downplay what we were when we were something the whole time," Angela noted.

Eric said Angela had walls up and she was blocking him, but then he apologized for not confronting her about the situation earlier and talking things through.

After a meaningless squabble broke out Jordan and Benoit Beausejour-Savard in which Jordan accused him of being a fly in front of his face on Paradise, Tia Booth revealed she's finally on the same page as Colton Underwood, who has been chosen to star on The Bachelor's 23rd season next year.

"Despite all of the crying and everything that happened, I think it was all worth it to get to this point where we know that we tried and it didn't work. I wish Colton the best and I know he wishes that for me," Tia told Harrison.

Astrid then joined Harrison in the hot seat. Astrid said she replayed her final day in Paradise over and over again in her head but she was still confused about her failed relationship with Kevin and what went wrong.

Astrid revealed Kevin had reached out to her once he received his phone back.

"Are you guys dating?" Harrison asked.


"I mean, we care about each other, but the trust has been broken. It's weird. We've been in limbo almost in a sense, because I feel like I can't totally move on until I make sense of everything that happened," Astrid told the host, adding, "I need to get that from him."

Astrid wanted Kevin to take responsibility for his actions, and he did just that.

Kevin explained the Fantasy Suites had scarred him before and he really regretted doing an overnight date with Ashley Iaconetti.

Kevin admitted the Fantasy Suite was a trigger that made his confidence crumble in Mexico but he only had eyes for Astrid and was hoping to see where things could go between them.

Astrid said her breakup with Kevin made her question her own intuition, so she was wondering what had changed for Kevin.

Kevin revealed he went home, spoke to his family and went to therapy, which made him realize that he brought his own baggage to Paradise and his issues had nothing to do with Astrid or anything she did.

"It was my own stuff I was dealing with, and I still love her. I'm just hoping we can progress. She is one of the coolest people I've ever met. She has qualities none of you even know about that are incredible. I am definitely madly in love with her," Kevin confessed.

Astrid then confirmed she's still in love with Kevin, and so the pair reconciled right on the stage.

Kendall was then called up onstage to share her story about Joe, with whom she broke up with on Bachelor in Paradise.

"I was extremely terrified. I tend to run away from relationships that are serious and I let my insecurity and my fear take over," Kendall admitted to Harrison.

Kendall said she realized she had made a huge mistake right after Joe walked away. She knew Joe could've been the best thing to ever happen to her.

"I could have chased after him and I just didn't... and it's one of the biggest things I regret," Kendall said.

Once Kendall left Mexico, she apparently decided to fly straight to Chicago, IL, to talk to Joe again.

Kendall and Joe's reunion was taped, and she explained to him that she was holding back with him and ran away from her feelings. Kendall wasn't trying to justify her behavior, but she told the grocer, "I am in love with you."

Joe said there was a part of him that loved her but he had shut those emotions out after getting hurt.

"Could I get there again? I don't know. I thought it was over, so there's a lot I need to feel again," Joe reasoned in the footage. "And I don't know if that's going to happen or not. I just need to be able to trust you."

Since that conversation, Joe and Kendall have gotten back together. Although Joe wasn't ready to jump back into a romance with her immediately, it didn't take long for Kendall to win him back.

"We went to dinner in Chicago after and then I went out to [Los Angeles] a few times and it's good. She really makes me laugh. I love her. I do," Joe revealed.

Joe said he likes waking up next to Kendall and loves how she thinks she's "a know it all." Joe also noted he enjoys it when Kendall gets mad. Joe said their relationship just works and now they're in "a good spot." Kendall also appeared completely happy and smitten.

"Would you guys like to be in the same place at the same time?" Harrison asked.

"Eventually, yes," Joe said.

"What if I can help you guys be together in the same city?" Harrison asked. "Joe, I know some people and I pulled some strings. I have procured you a spot on Dancing with the Stars."

Joe yelled, "Oh no! I don't know how to dance!" But Kendall was clearly thrilled.

"Okay, yeah, I'll do it," Joe said.

Up next was Annaliese, who was smiling ear to ear while sitting next to the Bachelor in Paradise host. Annaliese said long distance had been hard and things weren't always easy but they were in a good spot.

Annaliese confirmed they had not gotten engaged and that would probably be "down the road a bit." Annaliese seemed happy, but the conversation took a drastic turn once Kamil joined them in the hot seat.

Kamil gushed about his chemistry with Annaliese and revealed she had met his friends and family once they returned home from Mexico. He admitted Annaliese deserves the best, like an engagement.

"But I think I might not be the right guy for you," Kamil said, as people's jaws dropped all around the room. "Because I feel like we kind of lost that spark we had in Paradise after leaving and experienced it in the real world."

"This is f-cked up," Astrid announced.

Annaliese's face looked horrified and stunned as Kamil continued, "You're great. You're an amazing woman, but I don't want to string you along and make you think we have something special still. It's just not working out for me, and I think it would be best for us to slowly part ways."

Annaliese didn't know what to say, especially since Kamil had just booked an AirBnB for them to spend the weekend together.

"After New York, you shut off and you know it," Annaliese said.

Kamil said things just didn't click between them at that point and he didn't mean to shock her. Kamil explained he had been feeling like this for several days, and Annaliese confessed she felt "empty" inside and was speechless.

Annaliese bawled backstage as Kamil discussed with Harrison how it was difficult to make things work when Annaliese lived in San Francisco and he currently resides in New York. He told Harrison that he didn't break up with her before the show because he wanted to do it in person -- face to face.

"I literally tried to break up with you two weeks ago and you said, 'I don't want to lose you and I'm going to fight for you,'" Annaliese recalled as she stormed back onto the stage.

"And I have been," Kamil said.

"You have not... You have not stepped it up. And here you are, breaking up with me in front of everyone... You're not trying," Annaliese yelled.

Kamil said he was just following his heart, and he wished he wasn't breaking up with her in such a public and shocking way.

The audience booed Kamil right out of the studio, and Annaliese had the last word. She said she tried with Kamil but it was an uphill battle of which she had seen a light at the end of the tunnel.

Annaliese didn't know what to do -- or even where to stay in the near future since she was supposed to spend the week with Kamil in New York.

Kamil was then heard venting backstage about how he "looked like a douchebag" again on television. Annaliese accused Kamil of being cold backstage, and he noted, "I'm not feeling the way you are feeling towards me. It's just not there and I think we have to move on from this."

Moving on to Jordan and Jenna, the couple disclosed life had been good, but the distance has been hard. Jordan said they've gotten through difficult times together, however, and are so similar.

"As soon as I saw her, I couldn't take it back," Jordan said, before Jenna confirmed they are both still in love.

Jordan was shown talking about how he'd like to get married and pregnant before he turns 28. Jenna couldn't believe she met someone so brilliant, funny, wonderful, quirky and terrible all at the same time.

"He's terrible because he broke down all my walls and made me fall so hard, and he's also terrible because he made me realize I don't want to live without him," Jenna gushed to Harrison.

Jordan then asked Harrison to officiate their wedding next year on June 9. Jordan said they're definitely getting married next summer on the beach in Mexico where they first met. When the was announced, Benoit was shown shaking his head in disbelief and disappointment.

The reunion show then concluded with Chris and Krystal talking about their relationship. They said they were doing "awesome" and "incredible."

Krystal was excited to come out as a couple to the public. Chris was so happy that he started to cry.

"It's been a tough journey, and I'm crying not only because I'm happy but because I'm grateful to have had such an incredible woman who saw potential in me and helped transform me in Paradise," Chris explained.

Krystal said she saw through Chris' tough exterior and found a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Chris had been through a lot to get to this point, and he attributed his growth to Krystal, who demanded he drop his hard shell and stop the act. Krystal told him to become "self aware" and "right [his] wrongs."

Chris recently met Krystal's two dogs in San Diego, CA, and they liked him a lot. She said he was going to be "the best doggy Daddy ever."

Chris revealed they'll be moving in together soon and their families have already met each other. Chris and Krystal's mothers have become like sisters and said their children are a perfect match and fate brought them together.

"I almost didn't go to Paradise, and I can't imagine if I had let fear get in the way," Krystal noted.

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