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Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd avoid 'The Amazing Race' elimination

By Reality TV World staff, 03/08/2010 

Newly dating former Big Brother houseguests Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd's The Amazing Race journey appeared over when they fell into last place due to a lost taxi driver during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

However once they arrived at the Race's fourth Pit Stop they discovered they had managed to avoid elimination due to the sixteenth season's first non-elimination leg.

Instead of being booted, Jeff and Jordan will get to continue in the Race's fifth leg but will have to overcome a Speed Bump, a special task that only they will have to complete.

"I feel like we're going to rebound from this and it should make us a stronger team," Jeff said.  "When you're down and out and you have nobody or nothing and you have to do the rest on your own, that's when your true personality comes out."

The Amazing Race's fourth sixteenth-season episode began with the eight remaining teams departing Bariloche, Argentina and leaving Estancia Fortin Chacabuco, an enormous ranch that had served as the site of the Race's third Pit Stop.

Since they had been the first team to arrive, the "Brothers/Cowboys" team of Jet McCoy and Cord McCoy were the first team to depart at 10:57PM.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to fly more than 8,000 miles to Frankfurt, Germany and then take a train to the city of Hamburg.  Once there, they would have to race on foot to Jungfernstieg Street where they would find their next clue.

Jet and Cord immediately found a local travel agency and booked tickets on the first available flight.  However the flight -- which would connect them through Paris  -- wouldn't leave until 11:10AM the following day, giving the rest of the teams plenty of time to catch up and book similar flights.

"We've got 11 hours until our plane leaves," Jet noted.

"Pretty much most of us are going to be on the same flight or one or two," Cord predicted.

While he was off by one flight, Cord's prediction was otherwise accurate.

"Detectives" Louis Stravato and Michael Naylor joined the cowboys on the Paris-connecting flight which arrived in Frankfurt at 2:35PM, while "Dating Couple" Carol Rosenfeld and Brandy Snow and "Brothers" Dan Pious and Jordan Pious booked tickets on a direct flight that got into Frankfurt at 3:00PM.

"Married Couple" Joe Wang and Heidi Wang, "Father/Daughter" Steve Smith and Allie Smith, "Dating Models" Caite Upton and Brent Horne, and Jeff and Jordan ended up on a third flight that connected through San Paulo, Brazil and arrived in Frankfurt at 3:40PM.

Due to their earlier flight, Jet and Cord and Louis and Michael were able to get on an earlier train to Hamburg, allowing them to open up a lead over the six other teams, who all ended up taking the same train.

Once they arrived at Jungfernstieg Street the teams learned it was time for an Intersection, a special twist that required the teams to pair up and work together to complete a Roadblock. 

After selecting their partners, the teams learned that the Roadblock would require the two newly merged teams to each select one member that would leave the Intersection location and take a subway train to Hamburg harbor with the other team's selected member as the remaining two racers stayed behind.  Once at the harbor, they would have complete a 150-foot tandem bungee jump in order to receive their next clue.

Since they were the only two teams on the first train, Jet and Cord and Louis and Michael quickly partnered, with Jet and Michael deciding to do the Roadblock task together.  Joe and Allie then partnered next and were followed by Dan and Brandy and Caite and Jordan.

Although Brandy was nervous about the jump, Jet and Michael, Joe and Allie and Dan and Brandy all appeared to complete the Roadblock without any errors, but Caite and Jordan initially got on a subway train heading in the wrong direction and slipped further behind the other teams.

"We got on the wrong train.  We need to go that way and we're going this way," Jordan explained.

While none of the other teams seemed to have any problems reading them, Caite blamed the women's confusion on difficult subway maps.

"I'm like used to being in New York and doing the whole train system, and the [Hamburg] metro maps weren't too specific on which direction it goes in," Caite said.  "It's just like, 'Okay, here's all the places that you can stop at, now figure out which one goes that way!'"

Once the racers completed their bungee jumps they were given their next clues but instructed to travel back to Jungfernstieg Street and reunite with their teammates before opening them.  Upon opening their clues, the teams learned they were no longer intersected and told to travel to a statue of Kaiser Wilheim, Germany's first emperor.

Louis and Michael were the first team to arrive at the statue, where they received a clue which told them it was time to complete one of two Detour tasks: "Soccer" or "Sauerkraut."

"Soccer" required the teams to travel to a 100-year-old soccer stadium and then take penalty shots until they managed to kick a soccer ball through five targets suspended in the goal. 

"Sauerkraut" required the teams to travel to a restaurant and then eat a plate full of sauerkraut before a band finished playing a sauerkraut polka song.  If they failed, they would have to start all over again with a new plate of sauerkraut.

Louis and Michael chose "Sauerkraut" and completed the task quickly.

Jet and Cord were the second team to arrive at the statue but had problems finding a taxi and slipped into fourth place behind Steve and Allie and Joe and Heidi as all three teams raced to the soccer stadium.

Jeff and Jordan were the fifth team to arrive at the statue and selected "Sauerkraut," while Caite and Brent arrived sixth and opted to do "Soccer."  Carol and Brandy and Dan and Jordan were the last two teams to arrive. Both selected "Sauerkraut."

Most of the teams arrived at their Detour options in an order close to their statue departures, however Jeff and Jordan were the seventh team to arrive at their selected Detour location when their taxi driver entered the wrong destination on his GPS navigation system.

"Dude, there is no way this is right," Jeff told the driver as they continued to pass one dark building after another.  "We're in the middle of nowhere."

"Yes, I know now," the driver replied.

Steve and Allie were the second team to complete the Detour task and were followed by Jet and Cord, however Joe and Heidi struggled to complete the soccer task and eventually decided to switch to "Sauerkraut" instead.

Despite switching to "Sauerkraut," Joe and Heidi still managed to be the fourth team to complete the Detour.  They were followed by Carol and Brandy, who even licked their sauerkraut plate spotless, and Dan and Jordan, who were thrilled to find Dan's soccer skills came in handy during the Race.

After finally arriving at the restaurant and attempting the "Sauerkraut" task, Jeff and Jordan determined there was no way they were going to be able to do it and decided to switch to "Soccer" -- which Caite and Brent, who had slipped to last place due to some direction issues of their own, had also just begun attempting.

"See you later sauerkraut," Jeff said as the couple left the restaurant.

"That was the nastiest stuff ever!" Jordan added.

"We're so stupid," Jeff said.

"Well you acted confident that you could eat it.  Hopefully somebody got a penalty," Jordan replied.

"Hopefully somebody fell off a bridge, with cement shoes.  That's our hope right now," Jeff vented.

And while it didn't include a bridge, Jeff's ill will wish did appear to come true when Caite, despite being a self-professed "realllyyyy good" life-long soccer player, suddenly began experiencing thigh pain while kicking.

"I don't want to switch because I know I can do this," Caite told Brent when he suggested they switch to "Sauerkraut" in light of her pain. 

"Well, don't hurt yourself, just kick the ball," Brent urged.

However Brent and Caite still managed to complete the soccer task before Jeff and Jordan arrived at the stadium, leaving the Big Brother couple in last place.

"We should have gone to soccer... if we get another chance we need to take the easy routes, that's my fault," Jeff said after the couple completed the soccer task.

After completing their Detour tasks the teams received clues that instructed them to travel to Haifisch Bar.  Once there, they learned that they would have to drink a glass boot filled with beer in order to receive their next clue.

Louis and Michael maintained their lead on the way to the bar and were also the first team to down their beer.  Steve and Allie were next and also drank their beer quickly, however Jet and Cord and Joe and Heidi both struggled a bit.

"I like drinking beer, but I don't know if I like this," Joe said.

"I've never drank a beer in my whole life, you're going to have to get it!" Cord told Jet.

Carol and Brandy arrived at Haifisch Bar shortly after Joe and Heidi completed the beer and departed but were happy to see the cowboys were still there.

"Bye cowboys," Carol said as Jet and Cord left in fourth place.

"Clue please," Carol asked the bartender after the women became the fifth team to complete their beer.

Dan and Jordan were the sixth team to complete their beer and were followed by Caite and Brent, who managed to complete the task before Jeff and Jordan's arrival even though Brent needed to take a break to go outside and vomit on the sidewalk.

However given they had never overlapped with Jeff and Jordan at the soccer field or the bar, Caite and Brent incorrectly believed they were in last place.

"Baby you did an awesome job [but] we're in last anyways," Caite lamented as the couple left the bar.

"I just want a shot at getting there before one other team," Brent said.

Once they were done with their beers, they received clues that told them to make their way to Beatles-Platz, a Beatles monument, and then wander through Hamburg's red light district until they located Indra, a small bar that would serve as the site of the Race's fourth Pit Stop.

Louis and Michael were the fist team to arrive at the Pit Stop.

"You guys went from the back of the pack [and] you're now leading the pack!" The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan said before adding they had each won $5,000 credit card gift card for finishing first.

Steve and Allie arrived at the Pit stop in second place and were followed by Joe and Heidi, Jet and Cord, Carol and Brandy, and Dan and Jordan.

Caite and Brent then arrived at the Pit Stop and were surprised to discover they were in seventh place.

"Oh my god, are you serious!" Caite shouted.

"Holy, are you serious?" Brent asked.

However their surprise was later overshadowed by that of Jeff and Jordan, who seemed to assume they had been eliminated once Phil revealed they were the last team to arrive.

"Yeah?" Jeff asked when Phil revealed the leg was a non-elimination leg.

"You are definitely the underdogs right now," Phil said after explaining the couple would have to do a special Speed Bump task during the next leg.

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