American Idol 10

American Idol 10 News

Scotty McCreery: I forgot there was a gun in the backpack I took to airport
Former 'American Idol' contestant Haley Reinhart arrested after alleged bar brawl and charged with battery
Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina and Jason Derulo win big at 2017 CMT Music Awards
Pia Toscano, former 'American Idol' finalist, marries Jennifer Lopez's backup dancer Jimmy R.O. Smith
Former 'American Idol' in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine marries Liberty Ross
Former 'American Idol' finalist James Durbin welcomes a daughter into the world
Nikki Reed files for divorce from former 'American Idol' finalist Paul McDonald
Former 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery and friends robbed in gun-point home invasion
'Dancing with the Stars' pro Derek Hough reportedly hooking up with actress Nikki Reed
Former 'American Idol' finalist Paul McDonald and wife Nikki Reed announce divorce, but plan to continue professional relationship
Jennifer Lopez will return to judge 'American Idol,' boyfriend Casper Smart confirms
Scotty McCreery falls off the stage while performing concert
Scotty McCreery graduates high school and will attend college this fall
'American Idol' finalist Stefano Langone inks Hollywood Records deal
Paula Abdul and boyfriend Jeff Bratton call their relationship quits
Steven Tyler confirms engagement to longtime girlfriend Erin Brady
'American Idol' finalist James Durbin marries girlfriend Heidi Lowe
Steven Tyler reportedly engaged to longtime girlfriend Erin Brady
Nikki Reed and 'Idol' finalist Paul McDonald record song together
Steven Tyler: I'm still sober, my shower fall wasn't due to relapse
Steven Tyler rep: Food poisoning responsible for shower fall injuries
Steven Tyler suffers facial injuries and loses teeth in shower fall
Jennifer Lopez: I bared a little bit of my thoughts in onstage moment
Julianne Hough denies cheating on Ryan Seacrest with co-star
Nikki Reed and 'American Idol' finalist Paul McDonald get married
Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper reportedly casually dating
Julianne Hough: I knew intentions of beau Ryan Seacrest right away
Scotty McCreery's album debuts at No. 1 and makes chart history
Pia Toscano and Mark Ballas reportedly split due to busy schedules
'American Idol' finalist James Durbin lands record deal with Wind-up
Marc Anthony: Jennifer Lopez split was a mutual decision
Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest photos released after phone hack
Jennifer Lopez reportedly "very relieved" Marc Anthony marriage over
Jennifer Lopez: I love myself enough to walk away from Marc Anthony
Haley Reinhart signs record deal with 'Idol' partner Interscope Records
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had reportedly been arguing nonstop
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ending their marriage and splitting
Pia Toscano signs recording deal, debut single to be released July 12
'American Idol' finalist Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed get engaged
'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery debut song sets chart records
'American Idol' runner-up Lauren Alaina: I'm not a "dumb blonde"
Scotty McCreery: I thought Lauren Alaina would win 'American Idol'
'American Idol' Scotty McCreery: Lauren Alaina and I aren't dating
'American Idol' finale draws 21% more viewers than last year's finale
'American Idol' crowns Scotty McCreery champion over Lauren Alaina
'Dancing with the Stars' beats 'American Idol' in ratings showdown
Lauren Alaina becomes 'American Idol' frontrunner despite vocal issue
Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery bring country to 'American Idol' final
'American Idol' creator Simon Fuller gets Hollywood Walk of Fame star
Haley Reinhart: Casey and I "played the game" with dating rumors
'American Idol' ousts Haley Reinhart, leaving Lauren vs. Scotty finale
James Durbin getting big homecoming despite 'American Idol' exit
James Durbin: I really feel I accomplished a lot on 'American Idol'
'American Idol' ousts James Durbin and determines Top 3 finalists
'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler to debut single's video on show
Jacob Lusk: I had expected to be eliminated from 'American Idol'
Lady Gaga to serve as mentor for 'American Idol' Top 4 finalists
'American Idol' ousts Jacob Lusk and determines Top 4 finalists
'American Idol' Casey Abrams: Haley Reinhart has good chance to win
Steven Tyler rips 'Celebrity Rehab' and Drew Pinsky in his new book
Steven Tyler talks drug addiction, alcoholism and more in new book
'American Idol' summer concert tour dates and locations announced
Pia Toscano lands $100,000 gig for private birthday party performance
Casey Abrams: Haley Reinhart and I aren't dating and never were
'American Idol' ousts Casey Abrams and determines Top 5 finalists
Steven Tyler: I joined 'American Idol' to prove point to Aerosmith
Stefano Langone: I never really wanted to win 'American Idol'
'American Idol' ousts Stefano Langone and determines Top 6 finalists
Pia Toscano looking to compete on next 'Dancing with the Stars'
Pia Toscano album could receive early release, 'Idol' producer says
'American Idol' will consider changing voting rules for next season
Pia Toscano reportedly has pre-'American Idol' boyfriend back at home
Paul McDonald: Guys do have advantage, yes I'm dating Nikki Reed
'American Idol' ousts Paul McDonald and determines Top 7 finalists
'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez: I didn't swear during the show
'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler promises debauchery in memoir
Jennifer Lopez crowned 'Most Beautiful Woman' by People magazine
'American Idol' finalist Pia Toscano's record deal "just a rumor"
Pia Toscano denies dating Mark Ballas, says they're "just friends"
Pia Toscano never was a frontrunner, 'American Idol' producer says
'American Idol' finalist Toscano reportedly already inked to record deal
Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol' ouster: I don't know what happened
Pia Toscano: Casey deserved to be saved by 'American Idol' judges
'American Idol' eliminates Pia Toscano and determines Top 8 finalists
Thia Megia: 'American Idol' girls "a bit worried" about female viewers
Naima Adedapo: Teeny-boppers are wiping out 'American Idol's girls
'American Idol' ousts Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia, reveals Top 9
'American Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez: We had to save Casey Abrams
'American Idol' finalists: 'Idol' mansion wasn't haunted, just dusty
Casey Abrams' save not why 'American Idol' tour will feature Top 11
'American Idol' judges use one-time save to keep Casey Abrams
'American Idol' finalists reportedly moved due to haunted mansion
Detroit residents correct 'American Idol' error about Hitsville USA
Karen Rodriguez: I can scratch 'American Idol' off my to-do list now
'American Idol' cuts Karen Rodriguez and determines Top 11 finalists
'American Idol' DUI victim Stefano Langone reportedly has own DUI
Ashthon Jones: I'd sensed I would be ousted from 'American Idol'
Casey Abrams "feeling better" after missing 'American Idol' show
'American Idol' eliminates Ashthon Jones, determines Top 12 finalists
'American Idol' is better now than it was with me, Simon Cowell says
'American Idol' ousts 11 semifinalists and determines Top 13 finalists
Lauren Alaina deemed the oddsmakers' favorite to win 'American Idol'
Chris Medina talks about 'American Idol' and his post-show plans
'American Idol' reveals remaining tenth-season Top 24 semifinalists
'American Idol' announces new online voting via Facebook accounts
'American Idol' reveals five tenth-season Top 24 semifinalists
Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' music video to debut on 'American Idol'
'American Idol' adding online voting for new season, producer says
'American Idol' narrows Hollywood Week contestants to 60 hopefuls
'American Idol's new feel-good approach right for times, producer says
'American Idol' narrows Hollywood Week contestants to 100 hopefuls
'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler to release 'Noise' memoir
'American Idol's narrows the field to 168 Hollywood Week hopefuls
Paula Abdul: Simon Cowell and I always talk about working together
'American Idol' hopeful John Wayne Schulz released album as teen
'American Idol' producer to upset "apology" viewers: "Go **** a duck"
'American Idol' to issue an "apology" for Steven Tyler's behavior
'American Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe: Show is back from dark side
'American Idol' dominates ratings in second week, draws 25.2 million
'American Idol' premiere draws 26 million viewers but ratings still slide
'American Idol' returns revamped and seeking to regain its mojo
Randy Jackson gives new 'American Idol' judge J-Lo's singing a '7'
'American Idol's tenth season something new, Steven Tyler promises
Kara DioGuardi booed for not answering 'American Idol' question
Ryan Seacrest reportedly preparing to propose to Julianne Hough
'American Idol' will have single semifinals round, judges' pick finalists
'American Idol' and 'Kardashians' win at People's Choice Awards
Ryan Seacrest: I'm "very happy" but not engaged to Julianne Hough
'American Idol' cuts tenth-season contestants from 60 to 40 in Vegas
Jennifer Lopez named global brand ambassador for L'Oreal Paris
Ryan Seacrest puts on 'no airs' in Paris with Julianne Hough
Simon Cowell says Steven Tyler is perfect 'American Idol' replacement
'American Idol' moving to Wednesdays and Thursdays for new season
'American Idol' dumping semifinals, adding challenges next season
Julianne Hough confirms relationship with 'Idol' host Ryan Seacrest
Julianne Hough brushes off rumors of Ryan Seacrest engagement
'American Idol' adding in-house mentor, making performance changes
Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler announced as 'American Idol' judges
Fox to announce 'American Idol' tenth-season judges next week
'American Idol' launches tenth-season MySpace online auditions
Ryan Seacrest all but confirms he's dating ex-dancer Julianne Hough
Jennifer Lopez will reportedly get $12 million to judge 'American Idol'
Aerosmith bandmate blasts Steven Tyler's 'American Idol' addition
Kara DioGuardi's 'American Idol' departure announced by Fox
Jennifer Lopez reportedly close to inking 'American Idol' judging deal
'American Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe still hoping to land Elton John
'American Idol' pre-emptively denies autotuning after 'X Factor' uproar
Steven Tyler's 'American Idol' judge addition confirmed by bandmate
Steven Tyler reportedly officially signs on as an 'American Idol' judge
Jennifer Lopez reportedly not becoming 'American Idol' judge after all
Dad: Kara DioGuardi hasn't heard anything about 'American Idol' axing
'American Idol' drawing larger crowds for tenth-season auditions
Fox officially announces Nigel Lythgoe returning to 'American Idol'
'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest: Could be weeks before judges set
Steven Tyler bandmate Joe Perry upset by 'American Idol judge talk
'American Idol' dumping Sony Music as label partner for Universal
Fox: 'American Idol' hasn't signed deals yet but much info 'accurate'
Steven Tyler: I'm probably going to be a judge on 'American Idol'
Kara DioGuardi reportedly axed by 'American Idol,' Steven Tyler joining
Jennifer Lopez reportedly becoming new regular 'American Idol' judge
Ellen DeGeneres "bowing out" of 'American Idol' after just one season
Sean "Diddy" Combs interested in becoming 'American Idol' judge
Jessica Simpson reportedly being considered for 'American Idol' role
Former 'American Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe near deal to return
Report: 'American Idol' shopping around for new record label partner
Report: Fox weighing Chris Isaak for 'American Idol', Bret Michaels out
'American Idol' draws 16,000 for tenth-season auditions in Nashville
'American Idol' kicks off tenth-season audition tour in Nashville
Bret Michaels: I'm meeting with 'American Idol' about judging role
Wife: Howard Stern as 'American Idol' judge not going to happen
'American Idol' announces audition dates, lowers minimum age to 15
Kara DioGuardi: Harry Connick Jr. would be a good 'American Idol' fit
Lythgoe: 'American Idol' lost focus, shouldn't replace Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres: I'll probably become a tougher 'American Idol' judge
Bret Michaels: Fox has asked I possibly be an 'American Idol' judge
Report: Madonna 'American Idol' creator's top replacement choice
Simon Cowell: I was "bored" during past few 'American Idol' seasons
Report: Elton John rejected $33 million offer to be 'American Idol' judge
Harry Connick Jr.: I don't know if I'd be a good 'American Idol' judge
Ex-'American Idol' producer: I'd dump all the judges and start over
Ex-'Idol' producer: Elton John best choice to replace Simon Cowell
Ellen DeGeneres: I'll have a say in Simon Cowell's 'American Idol' replacement
Simon Cowell: Howard Stern doesn't fit criteria as his 'Idol' replacement
Parents group demands Fox deny Howard Stern 'American Idol' talk
Kara DioGuardi: Howard Stern not qualified for 'American Idol' role
Report: 'American Idol' has never even considered Howard Stern
Howard Stern confirms 'American Idol' Simon Cowell replacement talk
Report: 'American Idol' seeking Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell
Allison Iraheta: 'American Idol' will "do well" without Simon Cowell
Randy Jackson didn't know Simon Cowell was leaving 'American Idol'
Report: 'American Idol had told Simon Cowell to name his price
Randy Jackson: Simon Cowell may decide to return to 'American Idol'
Simon Fuller won't let 'The X Factor' take 'American Idol' "into the mud"
Elton John denies he may replace Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'
'American Idol' creator: Superstars lining up to replace Simon Cowell
Report: 'American Idol' considering Ryan Seacrest join judging panel
Ellen DeGeneres "Very, very sad" about Simon Cowell's 'Idol' exit
Fox and Simon Cowell confirm 'American Idol' exit, 'X Factor' launch
Piers Morgan: I won't be replacing Simon Cowell on 'American Idol'
Ellen DeGeneres on possible Cowell 'Idol' exit: "If Simon goes, I go!"
'American Idol' judge Randy Jackson: Simon Cowell talk distracting
Piers Morgan dodges talk about replacing Simon Cowell on 'Idol'
Fox inking deal for more 'American Idol' -- with or without Simon Cowell
Brother: Simon Cowell will leave 'American Idol' following ninth season
Report: Simon Cowell inking 'X Factor' deal with Fox, may leave 'Idol'

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