The X Factor (Season 1)

The X Factor (Season 1) News

Simone Battle's death officially ruled a suicide
Simone Battle, former 'The X Factor' finalist, found dead from apparent suicide
Cheryl Cole suing 'The X Factor' producers for at least $2.3 million
Rachel Crow inks TV and recording deals with Nickelodeon and Sony
Simon Cowell says he and fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy are 'on a break'
'The X Factor's Chris Rene, Marcus Canty and Astro ink record deals
Paula Abdul and boyfriend Jeff Bratton call their relationship quits
'The X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro signs contract with Epic Records
'The X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro samples her namesake pizza
'The X Factor' runner-up Josh Krajcik: Ohio will always be home
Simon Cowell reportedly made $42 million with Sony Music in 2011
Melanie Amaro: I was miserable after being cut from 'The X Factor'
Melanie Amaro crowned 'The X Factor' winner, defeating Josh Krajcik
'The X Factor' Top 3 finalists take the stage and sing for the final time
Marcus Canty: L.A. Reid was the perfect 'X Factor' mentor, no regrets
'The X Factor' cuts Marcus Canty and determines Top 3 finale acts
Simon Cowell: I considered hooking up with Paula Abdul
Rachel Crow: No one should blame Nicole Scherzinger for my ouster
Nicole Scherzinger: I thought Marcus Canty would go, not Rachel Crow
Nicole Scherzinger reportedly "inconsolable" after Rachel Crow ouster
'The X Factor' eliminates Rachel Crow and determines Top 4 acts
'The X Factor' host Steve Jones asks viewers to chill out the hate
Drew Ryniewicz: 'X Factor' judges' rivalry could have been my demise
"Astro" Brian Bradley: I still don't get how I got voted off 'The X Factor'
'The X Factor' eliminates Drew Ryniewicz and "Astro" Brian Bradley
Nicole Scherzinger reportedly dating ex-'Dancing' partner Derek Hough
Lakoda Rayne: We found our voice too late in 'The X Factor' finals
Melanie Amaro: I didn't plan to reveal Caribbean accent on 'X Factor'
'The X Factor' eliminates two acts, Lakoda Rayne and LeRoy Bell
'The X Factor's Astro: Bottom-two finish was rigged by the producers
Stacy Francis: Without Simon Cowell on 'X Factor' I crashed, burned
'The X Factor' eliminates Stacy Francis and determines Top 9 acts
'The X Factor' acts reportedly forced to change hotels over bed bugs
Stereo Hogzz: We worked harder than any other 'The X Factor' act
'The X Factor' eliminates the Stereo Hogzz and determines Top 10 acts
InTENsity: We felt we could beat Stereo Hogzz and survive on 'X Factor'
'The X Factor' eliminates InTENsity group and determines Top 11 acts
'The X Factor' renewed for a second season by Fox
'The X Factor' judges eliminate five acts and determine Top 12 acts
'The X Factor' judges to cut five acts and decide the Top 12 acts live
L.A. Reid: Simon Cowell's 'X Factor' ratings goal was "aspirational"
'The X Factor' reveals Top 17 acts advancing to live performances
'The X Factor' reportedly may replace Steve Jones or add new co-host
'The X Factor' completes Boot Camp phase and reveals Top 32 acts
'The X Factor' begins Boot Camp phase, narrows field to 100 hopefuls
'The X Factor' auditioner Geo Godley: I wasn't naked, but I'm still sorry
'The X Factor' pant-dropping audition prompts indecency complaint
'The X Factor' debut thumped in ratings, draws only 12 million viewers
Hollywood rolls out red carpet for Simon Cowell's new 'The X Factor'
Simon Cowell talks about his new 'The X Factor' reality competition
VIDEO: Watch an eight-minute extended preview of Fox's 'The X Factor'
Simon Cowell planning to have his body be frozen when he dies
Simon Cowell: Pippa Middleton "has the X Factor," I'd sign her
Simon Cowell predicts 'X Factor' will thrash rivals, topple 'American Idol'
Fox's 'X Factor' winner star in Pepsi Super Bowl commercial on NBC
'American Idol' creator Simon Fuller sues Fox over 'The X Factor'
'The X Factor' judge L.A. Reid named Epic Records chairman and CEO
VIDEO: Simon Cowell spoofs 'American Idol' in 'The X Factor' preview
Cheryl Cole's 'The X Factor' replacement by Nicole Scherzinger official
Cheryl Cole not the only sour note for Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor'
Cheryl Cole still out of U.K. 'X Factor' despite reported U.S. dropping
Cheryl Cole reportedly dropped as judge of U.S. 'The X Factor' edition
Paula Abdul formally announced as the fourth judge of 'The X Factor'
Paula Abdul reportedly strikes deal to join 'The X Factor' judging panel
Nicole Scherzinger, Steve Jones announced as 'The X Factor' co-hosts
Cheryl Cole to serve as judge on Fox's new 'The X Factor' edition
Simon Cowell will no longer judge British edition of 'The X Factor'
'The Voice' coach Cee Lo Green: 'The X Factor' not distinctive enough
Fergie being considered for 'The X Factor' role, Simon Cowell confirms
Simon Cowell: 'The X Factor' will have male and female co-host team
Simon Cowell announces L.A. Reid to serve as 'The X Factor' judge
'American Idol' is better now than it was with me, Simon Cowell says
Paula Abdul: Simon Cowell and I always talk about working together
Simon Cowell: 'The X Factor' judging panel still yet to be determined
'The X Factor' announces $5 million record deal prize and auditions
British 'X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole: 2010 the worst year of my life
Simon Cowell fighting ousted 'The X Factor' contestant's deportation
British 'The X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole divorces husband Ashley Cole
Simon Cowell orders U.K. 'X Factor' overhaul after autotune brouhaha
'American Idol' pre-emptively denies autotuning after 'X Factor' uproar
Britons up in arms over claims 'The X Factor' tuned contestants' voices
Simon Cowell says British 'X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole "on the mend"
British 'The X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole hospitalized with malaria
Simon Cowell to receive special BAFTA award for talent development
Simon Cowell: I was "bored" during past few 'American Idol' seasons
British 'The X Factor' judge Cheryl Cole splitting from her husband
Paula Abdul hints at 'The X Factor' judging role with Simon Cowell
Report: 'American Idol' and 'The X Factor' both seeking Tommy Mottola
Simon Fuller won't let 'The X Factor' take 'American Idol' "into the mud"
Cheryl Cole's mom: She's not going to America as 'The X Factor' judge
Simon Cowell: Tommy Mottola would be a good 'The X Factor' judge
Report: U.K. network upset about Simon Cowell' s Fox 'X Factor' deal
Simon Cowell: 'X Factor' agreement with Fox "wasn't going to happen"
Fox and Simon Cowell confirm 'American Idol' exit, 'X Factor' launch
Report: Simon Cowell inking 'X Factor' deal with Fox, may leave 'Idol'
Simon Cowell in talks to launch global Internet 'The X Factor' from Vegas
Simon Cowell's 'X Factor' voting decision sparks rigging accusations
Report: Simon Cowell near new 'Idol' deal that will add U.S. 'X Factor'
Report: Simon Cowell already in talks to launch 'The X Factor' in U.S.
Report: Simon Cowell to stop judging his U.K. 'The X Factor' series
British 'X Factor' winner Leona Lewis debuts atop U.S. album chart
Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne save the life of 'X Factor' contestant
Report: Randy Jackson to join Simon Cowell as 'The X Factor' judge

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