The Apprentice 3

The Apprentice 3 News

Fired 'Apprentice' women release 2006 charity pinup calendar
Donald Trump planning Chinese version of 'The Apprentice'
Fired female 'Apprentice' contestants doing charity pinup calendar
Report: Donald Trump considering race-divided 'Apprentice' teams
'Apprentice' star Donald Trump sues New York golf course contractor
'Apprentice 3' runner-up Tana Goertz: "It was all bull****"
Mark Burnett and firm settle 'Apprentice' product placement lawsuits
Kendra Todd defeats Tana Goertz to become Donald Trump's third 'Apprentice'
Donald Trump chooses Kendra Todd as his next 'Apprentice'
Kendra Todd and Tana Goertz face off in 'The Apprentice 3's final task
Craig Williams gets fired as NBC's 'The Apprentice 3' selects its final two contestants
'Apprentice 3' finalist Tana Goertz hopes to be first female winner
Alex Thomason becomes the fifteenth contestant eliminated from NBC's ‘The Apprentice 3’
Bren Olswanger becomes the thirteenth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
Chris Shelton becomes the twelfth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
Trump says he'll "be there" for 'Apprentice' contestant Chris Shelton
NBC announces 'Apprentice 3' finale to air May 19, Trump's "rehiring" of Bill Rancic
'Apprentice 3' hothead Chris Shelton arrested for disorderly conduct
Angie Harper becomes the eleventh 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
Stephanie Myers becomes the tenth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
Erin Elmore wisecracks her way into becoming the ninth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
John Gafford negotiates self into firing on eighth episode of 'The Appentice 3'
Mark Burnett sues firm over 'The Apprentice' product placement deals
Audrey Evans becomes the seventh ‘The Apprentice 3’ contestant to be fired
Tara Dowdell becomes the sixth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
'Apprentice 3' firee Danny Kastner desperately seeks to extend fame
Michael Tarshi becomes the fifth 'Apprentice 3' contestant to be fired
Kristen Kirchner becomes the fourth 'The Apprentice 3' candidate to be fired
ABC planning unauthorized Donald Trump TV movie
Quadriplegic files discrimination lawsuit against 'The Apprentice'
Danny Kastner becomes the third 'Apprentice 3' candidate to be fired, Verna quits
Brian McDowell becomes the second 'Apprentice 3' candidate to be fired
NBC's 'The Apprentice' to begin nationwide casting tour on January 29
Donald Trump marries Melania Knauss in Palm Beach ceremony
Donald Trump lands million dollar a speech speaking contract
"Street smarts" wins first 'Apprentice 3' task, Magna's Todd gets fired
Palm Beach rejects Donald Trump's wedding fireworks request
Donald Trump's upcoming wedding said to cost millions
'Apprentice's Donald Trump preparing for January 22 wedding
NBC's 'The Apprentice 3' to feature former 'Murder In Small Town X' contestant
NBC announces identities of 'The Apprentice 3' contestants
NBC's 'The Apprentice 3' to premiere January 20, pit "street smarts" vs. "book smarts"
NBC announces nationwide casting tour for 'The Apprentice 3'

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