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Reality TV Television Ratings News - February 2003

  • 'I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!' ratings flounder, but ABC holds out hope

    February 24, 2003
    Variety reports that the ratings for ABC's unprecedented every-night showing of I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here! had remained unimpressive through the first four nights of the show, but that ABC was hoping that Saturday's ratings might indicate that the series was picking up some momentum.
  • Second 'Survivor: The Amazon' episode wins timeslot with 20.34 million viewers

    February 23, 2003
    According to final National Nielsen ratings for Thursday, February 20th, the second episode of CBS "Survivor: The Amazon" was the ratings winner in viewers and households in an extraordinarily competitive night which included a two-hour Michael Jackson special, more from "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" and a double dose of "Friends," .
  • ABC's Bachelor 'Aaron and Helene Tell All' special draws 13.5mil viewers, pulls viewers from CBS' 'Survivor'

    February 23, 2003
    A follow-up special to the most recent edition of "The Bachelor" was a big draw for ABC from 8:00-9:00 p.m. "The Bachelor: Aaron and Helene Tell All" generated ABC's strongest viewer and young adult delivery in over 2 years with entertainment programming in the hour (13.5 million viewers & 5.8/14 in Adults 18-49) - since 12/7/00 and 11/16/00, respectively.
  • Second episode of 'I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here' up over debut -- even when facing 'E.R.' and 'Without A Trace'

    February 21, 2003
    Despite airing in a much more competitive Thursday 10PM timeslot versus original episodes of NBC's "ER" and CBS' "Without A Trace," the second installment of "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" continued to improve its time periods for ABC among young adult viewers. "I'm a Celebrity" bettered the Network's averages in the hour with non-sports programming this season by 24% in Adults 18-49 (3.6/9 vs. 2.9/7) and by 67% in Adults 18-34 (3.5/10 vs. 2.1/6).
  • Over 30 million viewers tune in to 'The Bachelorette' series finale

    February 20, 2003
    ABC reports that with Trista Rehn choosing Colorado fireman Ryan Sutter, the season finale for the "The Bachelorette" dominated its time period. Opposite stiff competition from Fox's "That 70's Show," followed by 90-minutes of "American Idol," "The Bachelorette" led its 2-hour time period by 3.7 million viewers (20.4 million vs. 16.7 million) and by 18% among Adults 18-49 (9.2/20 vs. 7.8/19). "The Bachelorette" stood as the most-watched program of the night and the top draw among Adults 18-49. ABC estimates that 30 million viewers tuned in to watch at least some portion of the season finale for "The Bachelorette."
  • 'Celebrity Mole Hawaii' series finale sets franchise ratings records

    February 19, 2003
    ABC reports that the network's "Celebrity Mole Hawaii" series went out with a bang, with the season finale drawing the series' largest audience (12.1 million) and highest Adult 18-49 rating (5.9/15). Winning its hour for the 5th consecutive week among Adults 18-34, "Celebrity Mole Hawaii" beat NBC's powerhouse drama, "Law & Order," by its largest margin ever, an impressive 28% (6.1/18 vs. 4.7/14). "Celebrity Mole" also held No. 1 ranks in the hour among Men 18-34 (4.3/13), Women 18-34 (7.7/21) and Teens 12-17 (4.8/19). The "Celebrity Mole" finale came within 11% in rating and 2 share of NBC's powerhouse drama in Adults 18-49 (6.6/17).
  • 'Joe Millionaire' two hour finale averages over 33 million viewers, record ratings

    February 18, 2003
    Never mind $1,000,000 for the two of them, maybe FOX should have given Evan and Zora a few million dollars each. Reuters reports that according to data from Nielsen Media Research, the two-hour finale of FOX's "Joe Millionaire" reality series was nothing less than a blockbuster for the network on Monday night, with an average of 34.6 million people tuning in. No other show on the other major networks drew more than about 18 million viewers in any one half-hour during the night, according to Nielsen data.
  • Survivor keys first CBS Thursday ratings sweeps win in 10 years

    February 18, 2003
    Evan and Zora may have made a tasty appetizer, but Survivor is still the main course in the world of reality TV. As previously reported here, the 90-minute premiere of Survivor: The Amazon, the sixth in the series, led CBS to its first victory on a Thursday night during February sweeps in 10 years -- and the last victory was achieved using specials instead of regularly-scheduled series.
  • Premiere of ABC's "Are You Hot?" draws 10mil+ viewers

    February 14, 2003
    ABC has announced that "Countdown to Hotness," the 1-hour lead-up special to the "Are You Hot? The Search for America's Sexiest People" series debut, featuring the search for contestants across the U.S., drew an average audience of 7.4 million viewers and a 3.1 rating, 8 share among Adults 18-49. "Countdown to Hotness" put ABC well ahead of Fox in the hour with its encore airing of "Joe Millionaire." "Countdown to Hotness" beat "Joe Millionaire" (5.1 million & 2.0/5) by 2.3 million viewers and by 55% in Adults 18-49.
  • 'Survivor: The Amazon' premiere draws 23.26mil viewers, outpaces debut of 'Survivor: Thailand'

    February 14, 2003
    CBS has announced that the February 13th premiere of "Survivor: The Amazon" won its 8:00-9:30 PM time period in households (13.3/20), viewers (23.26m), adults 25-54 (10.4/24) and in a virtual tie for first in adults 18-49 (9.1/24, -0.1 behind NBC). "Survivor: The Amazon" dominated the 8:30-9:30PM time period in households, viewers, adults 18-49 and adults 25-54.



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