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I Hate My 30s is a television sitcom that debuted on VH1 on July 26, 2007. It focuses on a cast of characters in the fourth decade of their lives who work together in a nondescript office environment. A common theme is the grudging realization by the characters that they are well into adulthood and need to grow up. Dr. Rod (Ric Barbera) guides each episode, presenting a common issue or obstacle facing these frustrated folks and providing commentary.


  • Megahn Perry as Carol
  • Liam Sullivan as Kyle
  • Brice Beckham as Corey
  • James Mathis III as Bruce
  • David Fickas as Chad
  • Jill Ritchie as Mandy
  • Mark Kelly as Travis
  • Michele Specht as Katie
  • Rachael Lawrence as Vicki
  • Pam Cook as The Intern
  • Ric Barbera as Dr. Rod


  • Dr. Rod - Dr. Rod is the narrator of the show and is your guide through the lives of the main characters. In the beginning of every episode he tells you about a stage of your 30s which helps you grasp what's going to happen in the episode. He also owns the coffee shop, a jewelry shop and a pizza shop/pharmacy.
  • Carol - Carol is a woman who just turned 30 and is dealing with the many stages of turning 30. She also has feelings for her co-worker, Chad, but believes that if she pursues them it would complicate her career. Her best friends are Vicki, Mandy, and her grandmother (who is never shown, but Carol is often seen talking on the phone with her).
  • Chad - Chad is one of Carol's co-workers who also has feelings for Carol, but knows Carol doesn't want a relationship for the time being. In the episode 'Owe Boy', it's revealed that he does not know how to manage his money. He buys whatever he sees on television, leading to a serious debt problem, which gets resolved when his grandparents die in a buffalo stampede and he inherits 1.2 million dollars.
  • Corey - Corey is Carol's boss, whose wife, Lori, recently divorced him. He often talks about her rudely, but ends the sentence with "God, I miss her." He is also obsessed with the fictional book series Wizard Larry (a parody of Harry Potter).
  • Bruce - Bruce is the computer expert at Carol's job. He also is obsessed with his health and weight so he constantly works out. He knows a lot about the fat contents of food and other health details.
  • Mandy - Mandy is the another one of Carol's co-worker and she is completely self-obsessed. She constantly gloats about how pretty she is. Kyle (see below) has feelings for her, so Mandy often uses Kyle to run her errands.
  • Travis - Travis is a somewhat violent co-worker of Carol's. He has anger-management issues, and often hurts his co-workers (with no feelings of remorse). He also has relationship problems with his son, Bickle, but those end once he finds some things they have in common.
  • Vickie - Vicki is another one of Carol's co-workers who is in her late 20s. She is constantly late for work, and like to gloat about her young age to make her co-workers feel bad. She is in a band and in the show they play two of her songs, 'the carol of carol's career' and 'I want the 411 on stickbone12'.
  • Kyle - Kyle works in the mailroom at Carol's job, and is somewhat dimwitted. He often doesn't take his job seriously, and throws some letters up in the air or simply forgets about the mail all together.
  • Katie - Katie is Kyle's crazy roommate. She often shows up at Kyle's job unnexpectedly and sneaks up on people. She sometimes stalks her 'friends' and all her 'friends' are afraid of her intensity.
  • Crazy Lyca Fox - Crazy Lyca Fox (whose name is often shortened to C.L. Fox or simply C.L.) hosts the ending skit, 'the safety place with C.L. Fox, by giving the main characters advice on how to stay out of trouble based on personal experiences.


  1. "I Have to Go No. 30"
  2. "Always a Bridesmaid To Order"
  3. "Try to Understand...He's a Magic Man"
  4. "Daydream Bereaver"
  5. "Owe Boy"
  6. "Out of Cervix"
  7. "Promotion Commotion What's Your Notion"
  8. "Between a Rock and a Cyberspace"

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