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Hope & Faith is an American sitcom, starring Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa. It originally aired on ABC from September 26, 2003 to May 2, 2006. During the first and second seasons, the series was part of a revived TGIF comedy block.

The series followed Hope Shanowski (Ford), a homemaker living with her husband Charlie (Ted McGinley) and three children. Faith Fairfield (Ripa) is Hope's sister and a soap opera star whose character was killed off, leading her to move in with Hope's family.

The series was loosely based in part on the life of its creator, Joanna Johnson, a former cast member of The Bold and the Beautiful. The series was primarily filmed at New York City's Silvercup East, a sister studio to Silvercup Studios.

In May 2006, ABC announced that Hope & Faith had been cancelled after three seasons.


ABC announced on January 18, 2006 that it was benching Hope & Faith for the February sweeps to make room for an expanded edition of Dancing with the Stars. The show began to air its remaining episodes from March 21, 2006 on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET against American Idol. In May 2006, ABC announced that the show would be cancelled when it unveiled its Fall 2006 lineup.

All 73 episodes were picked up by the U.S. television network WE tv.

Hope & Faith was shown for a short time in the UK on the digital-only channel ABC1, which closed in 2007. The show is also shown in Latin America, Fiji, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark and in Ireland on RT"?. In Australia, Hope and Faith airs reruns on Channel Ten's Afternoon schedule.

US Ratings
Season Episodes Premiere Season finale Viewers
(in millions)
1 2003"2004 25 September 23, 2003 May 14, 2004 8.2 #77
2 2004"2005 26 September 24, 2004 May 6, 2005 6.9 #98
3 2005"2006 22 September 30, 2005 May 2, 2006 5.8 #103


  • Hope Fairfield-Shanowski (Faith Ford). Hope is the matriarch of the family. She is usually the most sensible one, and is always reluctant to go along with her sister's schemes. She is married to Charlie and has 3 kids, Sydney, Hayley, and Justin. She likes to bake and garden, and eventually has her own catering business;
  • Faith Fairfield (Kelly Ripa). Faith is Hope's celebrity sister. She was on Star Search, and starred as Ashley Storm and has an evil twin Angela on the fictional soap opera The Sacred and the Sinful. Faith is lazy, and makes Hope wait on her. She always hatches a scheme and involves her sister. She has tried many times to get an acting job, but always fails. In season two, one of her acting schemes involved her and her sister creating a catering business, and she ends up being professional caterers, she also claims to be the one to have come up with the idea of the internet as she has the sketches;
  • Charlie Shanowski (Ted McGinley). Charlie is Hope's husband. He dislikes Faith, and is always trying to get her to leave. He is an orthodontist. He likes watching sports and is a fan of Faith's former baseball playing boyfriend The Gooch;
  • Sydney Shanowski (Nicole Paggi, 2003"2004; Megan Fox, 2004"2006). Sydney is Hope and Charlie's elder daughter. She particularly likes spending time with her aunt Faith, whom she sees as way cooler than her mother and gets sucked into Faith's schemes. She is portrayed as popular, vain, boy crazy, mean and kind of ditzy. Paggi's version was fairly wholesome but Fox's version was more promiscuous;
  • Hayley Shanowski (Macey Cruthird). Hayley is Hope and Charlie's younger daughter. She is portrayed as the smart child who gets promoted to high school in season two. She is also caring and an animal activist. Sometimes she belittles her older sister because Hayley is smarter than her;
  • Justin Shanowski (Jansen Panettiere, pilot episode only; Paulie Litt). Justin is Hope and Charlie's only son. He is smart and is known to act like an adult with his mature interests (such as Frank Sinatra). He usually pals around with his dad and likes his aunt.

Recurring characters

  • Jack Fairfield (Robert Wagner). Jack is Hope and Faith's father and ever since his wife (Hope and Faith's mother) Mary Jo died, he has dated women half his age. The reason he married Hope and Faith's mother is because she was pregnant with Hope. He also had an affair with another woman when his marriage with Mary Jo was on the rocks and had an illegitimate son named Jay;
  • Gary "The Gooch" Gucharez (Mark Consuelos). The Gooch is a baseball player, who was a former hot-shot major league baseball player who ruined his career by failing to catch a slow moving ball. Upon meeting, he and Faith bump heads, but the pair eventually have the hots for each other and start dating. Later on, the Gooch gets a job offer to play baseball in Japan and leaves their love behind. However, he moves back to the States in hopes of declaring his love for Faith and they eventually elope in the season three première. Although their marriage is short-lived, he comes back in a later episode and he and Faith re-unite;
  • Edwin (Brett Murphy). Edwin plays Haley's boyfriend. He is portrayed as a smart nerd who has many allergies and asthma. He appeared in five episodes; "Hope Has No Faith", "Silent Night, Opening Night", "Mismatch", "Faith Scare-Field", and "The Gooch";
  • Mandi Ragner (Jenny McCarthy). Mandi has been Faith's best friend since they were in school. Mandi dates Hope and Faith's father Jack for one episode. She comes back in a later episode and tells their father that she is pregnant with his child. He planned to marry her, but when the baby was born it was obvious it wasn't his. She appeared in three episodes; "Jack's Back", "Natal Attraction", and "Stand By Your Mandi";
  • Handsome Hal Halverson (Regis Philbin). Handsome Hal is a successful used car salesman. He uses celebrities and makes fools of them in his commercials. In his first episode he makes a fool out of Faith in his commercials. In his second episode he makes a fool out of the Gooch in his commercials. And in his final episode he loses his car dealership and becomes broke. Faith decides to be nice and invites to stay with him. He has a scheme for him and Faith to host a morning talk show. The producers love him, but they tell him to dump Faith. He appeared in one episode each season; "Car Commercial", "Another Car Commercial", and "Homeless Hal";
  • Nancy Lombard (Susan Sullivan). Nancy is Faith's therapist. She helps Faith after Charlie and Hope force her to see her. In one episode she tells Faith to do something fun, which she drags Hope into. She can also be very sensible towards Faith and usually tells her the right thing to do, but can cause some backfire for both Hope and Faith. She appeared in four episodes in Season 3 "Faith's Therapy", "Hope in the Middle", "The Restaurant", and "Old Faithful";
  • Brooke Spencer (Rebecca Budig). Brooke is Faith's replacement on The Sacred and the Sinful. Many think that Brooke is a better fit as Ashley Storm, but some still think Faith is better. She has a dislking to Faith and always tries to out stage Faith. At the Daytime Emmy's, it is revealed that Brooke Spencer is a man and Jacqueline Karr is her mother, another famous soap star. She appears in 4 episodes in Season 1, which are, "Silent Night, Opening Night", "Trade Show", "Daytime Emmy's: Part 1", and Daytime Emmy's: Part 2".

Notable guest stars


See List of Hope & Faith episodes for more information

Reruns and syndication

Shortly after the series was canceled, WE tv acquired the cable syndication rights to Hope & Faith and it debuted in August 2006, lasting through May 2010. It can be seen on CMT and ABC Spark in Canada. The show had also been aired on RT"? One and RT"? Two in Ireland, and ABC1 in the UK

DVD release

On March 31, 2009, Lionsgate Home Entertainment (under license from ABC Studios) released Season 1 of Hope & Faith on DVD in Region 1.

Season Ep Release date
Season 1 25 March 31, 2009
Season 2 26 TBA
Season 3 22 TBA

International versions

A Turkish adaptation of the series, titled Belal? Bald?z, began in September 2005 on ATV. Lead actors and actresses are Berna Laçin (Hope), Nurgül Ye?ilçay (Faith) and Kenan I??k (Charlie). Reruns began in July 2008 on TürkMax.

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