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Fraggle Rock is an American animated television series based on the original live action version of the same name created by Jim Henson. NBC aired this spin-off program on Saturday mornings for one season during 1987.


The animated series followed the same formula as the HBO original live-action series, including the same theme song. Many episodes consisted of two 15-minute stories; however, a few presented a single full 30-minute plot. The animated version carried on the tradition of original songs, with at least one tune per episode (including a few recycled from the puppet version, such as "Let Me Be Your Song").

In its original run, the animated episodes were book-ended by footage of the original puppet version of Uncle Traveling Matt, introducing the show from Doc's workshop. The animated version of Fraggle Rock was cancelled after only one season (13 episodes).

The most noticeable difference is that unlike the live-action version, the animated version of Doc is shown from the neck down, much like Nanny was on Muppet Babies.


See List of Fraggle Rock characters for more information


"?- Title Story By Writer Initial airing


  • Bob Bergen " Wembley Fraggle, Cantus the Minstrel, The World's Oldest Fraggle, Archbanger Fraggle, Gunge (in some episodes), Furious Garboil, Lugnut Doozer, Additional Voices
  • Townsend Coleman " Gobo Fraggle, Wrench Doozer, Architect Doozer, Additional Voices
  • Barbara Goodson " Red Fraggle, Wingnut Doozer, Additional Voices
  • Michael Laskin - Junior Gorg
  • Mona Marshall " Mokey Fraggle, Cotterpin Doozer, Additional Voices
  • Patricia Parris - Ma Gorg, Additional Voices
  • Rob Paulsen " Boober Fraggle, Sprocket, Marjory the Trash Heap, Henchy Fraggle, Rhinestone Doozer, Additional Voices
  • Patrick Pinney " Uncle Traveling Matt, Pa Gorg, Flange Doozer, Additional Voices
  • Stu Rosen - Storyteller Fraggle
  • John Stephenson " Jerome "Doc" Crystal, Philo, Gunge, Additional Voices


  • Stu Rosen - Voice Director

DVD releases

Lionsgate Entertainment released the complete series on January 19, 2010.

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