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2 Broke Girls is an American television sitcom created for Warner Bros. Television by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. It premiered on CBS in the United States on September 19, 2011, during the 2011"12 television season. On March 27, 2013, CBS announced that 2 Broke Girls has been renewed for a third season, to air during the 2013"14 television season. The series is set in the Williamsburg neighborhood of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, United States. Its plot line follows the misadventures of the roommates Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), who are both financially poor, and their efforts to start a cupcake business. The first episode aired at 9:30 pm (E/P) after Two and a Half Men on September 19, 2011. Later episodes followed How I Met Your Mother on Monday nights at 8:30 pm (E/P).

The series has received a generally positive response since its debut. It was nominated for three 2012 Emmy Awards, winning for Art Direction.

Series synopsis

See List of 2 Broke Girls episodes for more information The series chronicles the lives of two waitresses in their mid twenties"?Max (Kat Dennings), who comes from a poor working-class family, and Caroline (Beth Behrs), who was born rich but is now disgraced and penniless due to her father, Martin Channing, getting caught operating a Bernard Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme"?working together at a Brooklyn restaurant. The two become friends and build toward their dream of one day opening a cupcake shop. Among those working with them at the restaurant are their boss, Han Lee (Matthew Moy); Oleg (Jonathan Kite), an upbeat but perverted Ukrainian cook; and Earl (Garrett Morris), a 75-year-old black cashier. Also featured starting late in the first season is their neighbor and part-time boss Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), a Polish immigrant who runs the housecleaning company Sophie's Choice. During most of the first season Max is also a part-time nanny for the twin babies of Peach Landis (Brooke Lyons), who during the season adopts Caroline's horse Chestnut. At the end of each episode a tally shows how much they have made toward their goal of $250,000 needed to open their business. Early in the second season, Sophie lends the girls $20,000, which is enough for them to start their business. However, the business fails, and in the 18th episode they are forced to give up the lease of their cupcake shop with just enough money to pay off Sophie's loan, resetting the end of episode tally to $1.00.


Main cast

  • Kat Dennings as Max Black, one of the waitresses at the Williamsburg Diner. She's a poor working class girl who has had a rough childhood and current adult life, riven by genuine poverty and a childhood raised by a mother who was usually absent and was dangerously incompetent when she was around. Han initially allowed her to sell homemade cupcakes in the diner, which led to Caroline's idea to go into the cupcake business.
  • Beth Behrs as Caroline Wesbox Channing, a new waitress at the Williamsburg Diner. She is a former rich, high society girl who lost all of her money when her father was jailed for a Ponzi scheme. She is forced to start over and becomes Max's co-worker, roommate and eventual best friend. She comes up with the idea of starting a cupcake business with Max.
  • Garrett Morris as Earl, the cashier at the Williamsburg Diner, an elderly former jazz musician. Max is very close to him, frequently claiming she wishes he was her father.
  • Jonathan Kite as Oleg, a Ukrainian cook at the Williamsburg Diner. He is an oversexed pervert who is always cracking sexist jokes, and he has repeatedly tried to hook up with the two waitresses to no avail. He later develops an attraction to Sophie, and has a sex-only relationship with her.
  • Matthew Moy as Han Lee, the owner of the Williamsburg Diner. A short Korean-American who is constantly a target for jokes involving his size and lack of knowledge of American culture, among other things.
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Sophie Kachinsky (season 1 recurring, season 2-present regular), a Polish lady who moves into the apartment above Max's. She owns a cleaning business that Max and Caroline sometimes work for, and is the object of Oleg's affections. She became a silent partner in the cupcake business.

Recurring cast

  • Brooke Lyons as Peach Landis (season 1), a high society mother who acts like the most clueless version of that. She is the woman whose babies, Brad and Angelina (a reference to real-life actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), Max babysits for. She fired Max from that job to appease an awful friend of her after a cupcake-catering mishap, and after she begged Max to return full-time, Max decided that she would only return in a part-time capacity. She only appeared in the show's first season and hasn't been seen or heard from since.
  • Nick Zano as Johnny, Max's on-again-off-again love interest. He told Max he broke up with Cashandra and was getting married to another women he just met a week ago in the season 1 finale. He was not seen again until the episode "And the Big Opening" of season 2, in which he and Max had sex. He and Max both agreed that they only wanted each other when they were taken by another person. He left at the end of that episode promising her he would see her again someday.
  • Ryan Hansen as Andy (season 2), a candy store owner whose business was across from the cupcake store, and Caroline's love interest in season 2.

Special guest stars

  • Martha Stewart as herself
  • Steven Weber as Martin Channing, Caroline's father, who is currently in prison for a ponzi scheme he masterminded
  • Cedric the Entertainer as Darius, Earl's estranged son
  • 2 Chainz as himself
  • Missi Pyle as Charity Channing, Caroline's rich and abusive aunt. She is Martin Channing's sister.
  • Debra Wilson as an exhausted employee at the temp agency where Max and Caroline worked. Her catchphrase, "Let me give you a 'for instance'", was used throughout the episode to illustrate violations to company policies.
  • Piers Morgan as himself

Development and production

Even before it went to series, the then-undeveloped pilot was the subject of a bidding war, with CBS landing the deal on December 10, 2010, and ordering it to series on May 13, 2011. It is one of two shows commissioned for the 2011"12 TV season in which Whitney Cummings is serving as producer and co-creator, the other being Whitney, which was picked up by NBC.

Dennings was the first to be cast in role of Max on February 18, 2011. A week later on February 25, 2011, Behrs won an audition to land the role of Caroline, beating out other established actresses. Moy, Morris and Kite were the last three to be cast on March 16, 2011.

Production for the second season began on August 6, 2012. On March 27, 2013, CBS renewed 2 Broke Girls for a third season.



The show has received generally positive reviews from critics, earning a score of 66/100 from review aggregator Metacritic, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Much criticism for the show was focused on the perceived overuse of sexually based jokes and offensive racial stereotypes. Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter said the show had potential but "squandered it away every week on cheap, predictable and unfunny jokes" and noted that many jokes were of a racist or sexual nature. New Zealand critic Chris Philpott was especially offended by the rape jokes in the first three episodes of the series, calling the series the worst new show of 2012, stating that it "display[ed] a lack of understanding and creativity on the part of the comedy writer." Andrew Ti, writing for Grantland.com, singled out the portrayal of Han Lee as "a fairly regressive portrayal" of the stereotypical Asian male: "a tiny, greedy, sexless man-child with infantilized speech patterns." Elliot B. Gertel at Jewish World Review similarly found that the show misrepresented "Orthodox" Jews in an episode. When asked about the racial stereotypes at a January 2012 press conference, Michael Patrick King said "I don't find it offensive, any of this".

Emily Nussbaum of The New Yorker wrote that while the way the supporting characters are written is "so racist it is less offensive than baffling", she noted that the show has "so much potential", and compared it favorably to Cummings' other show Whitney. Positive reviews such as one from Entertainment Weekly focused on the "potential" that the series has based on the acting and chemistry between Dennings and Behrs. The series also received a B+ from The Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert, who was impressed with the casting and production: "The actresses"?especially the Gwen Stefani-esque Dennings"?transcend their types, and the pop-savvy humor has spirit thanks to producer Michael Patrick King from Sex and the City. After the forced opening minutes, it's the best multi-cam-com of the season." The A.V. Club editor Todd VanDerWerff in writing his weekly reviews of the show, he hoped that the series would improve, but ultimately wrote: "Most of the problems"?weird story construction, stereotypical characters, bad jokes"?that have bedeviled the show have been there from the very beginning, though I will certainly say they've gotten worse as the season has gone along and the show hasn't bothered to diversify its rhythms at all."

On January 11, 2012, 2 Broke Girls won the award for Favorite New TV Comedy at the 38th People's Choice Awards. A spot ad during Super Bowl XLVII featured Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings pole dancing became a political scandal for Idaho state representative Raul Labrador when his press officer tweeted from Labrador's Twitter account: "Me likey Broke Girls." His Press Officer, Phil Hardy, was fired.


The series premiere was watched by 19.2 million viewers after its lead-in, the first episode of Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen. This marked the highest rating for a fall premiere of a comedy series since Fall 2001. It scored a 7.1 rating in Adults 18"49. With DVR viewers included, the premiere rose to over 21.5 million viewers and an 8.1 in adults 18"49. The show has done well in ratings with college students and young males.

Season Episodes Timeslot (ET) Premiered Ended TV season Nielsen ratings
Date Premiere
(in millions)
Date Finale
(in millions)
Rank U.S. viewers
(in millions)
(adults 18"49)
1 24 Monday 9:30 pm (premiere)
Monday 8:30 pm
September 19, 2011 19.37
May 7, 2012
8.99 2011"12 32 11.29 4.4/11
2 24 Monday 9:00 pm September 24, 2012 10.14 May 13, 2013 8.94 2012"13 32 10.63 3.7/9


Year Award Category Recipients and nominees Outcome
2012 People's Choice Awards Favorite New TV Comedy 2 Broke Girls
Excellence in Production Design Award Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety or Unscripted Series Glenda Rovello, Conny Boettger and Amy Feldman
Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Breakout Performance - Female Beth Behrs
Choice TV: Comedy 2 Broke Girls
Emmy Awards Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series Glenda Rovello and Amy Feldman
Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series Gary Baum
Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series Darryl Bates
Casting Society of America Announces Artios Awards Television Pilot Comedy 2 Broke Girls
2013 Excellence in Production Design Award Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety or Unscripted Series Glenda Rovello
NewNowNext Awards Coolest Cameo 2 Chainz
Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actor 11-13 Jake Elliott
Teen Choice Awards Choice TV: Comedy 2 Broke Girls
Emmy Awards Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series Glenda Rovello and Amy Feldman
Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series Gary Baum


On June 20, 2012, it was announced that TBS has secured the syndication rights to the sitcom, and will begin airing the series in 2015.

International broadcasts

The series has been picked up in the following countries:

Country Network Premiere date Notes
Warner Channel
Nine Network February 14, 2012 Season 2 currently fast-tracked 5 days after U.S. airing, Tuesdays at 9pm, with Season 1 being re-run on Nine's digital channel GO! weeknights at 6:30.
VIER September 1, 2012
Warner Channel
October 25, 2011
May 21, 2013
Also known as Duas Garotas em Apuros ("Two Girls in Trouble") and stylized as 2 Garotas em Apuros.
Warner Channel: Mondays, 9:30 pm.
SBT: Tuesdays, 3:30 am.
City September 19, 2011 Simulcast by CBS in Canada. Aires at the same time and date.
Warner Channel
Warner Channel
Warner Channel
TV 2 Zulu
Warner Channel
Sub Known as Tyhjätaskut ("Empty Pockets")
OCS Happy September 30, 2012
ProSieben August 28, 2012 9:15 pm, airing between Two and a Half Men and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
Warner Channel
TVB Pearl December 9, 2012 00:20pm, Brand new series premiere. Airing after Entertainment Tonight
Stöð 2 May 2012
Star World September 2012 Monday"Friday 11:30
RT"? Two January 19, 2012 Season 2 premieres Thursday 1 November 2012 at 7:30PM. Season 2 went on hiatus on 6 December 2012 finishing with "And the Candy Manwich" (2.6). It returned on 28 February 2013 with "And the Three Boys with Wood" (2.7), airing at the new time of 8:35PM on Thursday nights. 2 Broke Girls is part of the 'See It First' programming on RT"? Two, with the channel premiering new episodes before any other country in Europe.
Comedy Central Israel March 10, 2012
Mya May 21, 2012 10:15 pm, airing after Suburgatory
8TV September 30, 2012 10:30 pm, two episodes back to back, airing after Hole in the Wall: Family Edition. Aired only for 6 weeks, then give way to The Next Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 for 6 weeks. Episode 13 aired on December 23, 2012. Season finale for season 1 was on January 27, 2013.
Warner Channel 9:30 pm before, the past week episode is transmitted. and 2:30 pm on Mondays after The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Two and Half Man
Middle East OSN Comedy MBC 4 (Middle East) 2012"present
March 12, 2012
October 18, 2012
NET 5 only aired the first seven episodes in March and April 2012. Veronica is broadcasting the series since October 18, 2012, from the pilot episode onwards.
TV2 February 8, 2012 8:00 pm, airing after Two and a Half Men
Warner Channel
Warner Channel
ETC September 20, 2011 - Present Wednesdays, 9:00 PM, currently airing Season 2
Comedy Central March 1, 2012
Paramount Comedy July 15, 2012
Markíza January 7, 2013
M-Net March 14, 2012
TNT España October 28, 2011
TV4 September 13, 2012 Known as Två panka tjejer. Airing 21:30 after New Girl
ComedyMax / CNBC-e November 11, 2011 / April 2, 2013
E4 /Channel 4 April 19, 2012
Warner Channel
Warner Channel

Home media

The Complete First Season
Set Details Special Features
  • 24 Episodes
  • 3-Disc set (DVD)
  • 2-Disc set (Blu-ray)
  • 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Swedish
  • English: Dolby Digital 5.1 (DVD)
  • English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (Blu-ray)
  • 2 Girls Going 4 Broke
    • Behind the scenes with cast and creators as they
      discuss the show's origins
  • Unaired Scenes
Release date
United States Australia United Kingdom
September 4, 2012 October 17, 2012 October 22, 2012 (DVD only)
The Complete Second Season
Set Details Special Features
  • 24 Episodes
  • 3-Disc set (DVD)
  • 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Subtitles
  • English: Dolby Digital 5.1


Release date
United States Australia United Kingdom
September 24, 2013 September 18, 2013 October 7, 2013

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