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  • Joe Millionaire - Series Finale summary, part 2

    February 22, 2003
    Part 1 of our episode summary for the series finale of FOX's "Joe Millionaire," entitled "But First, A Crapisode to Beat All Crapisodes," written by AMAI, has been posted. Click here to read it.
  • Joe Millionaire - Series Finale summary, part 1

    February 21, 2003
  • 'Joe Millionaire' Evan Marriott implies Sarah Kozer was a gold digger

    February 20, 2003
    Reuters reports that Evan Marriott, the shaggy 28-year-old construction worker who pretended to be heir to a $50 million fortune for FOX's "Joe Millionaire" reality show, lavished praise on runner-up Sarah Kozer in a People magazine interview amd implied he believes she might very well have been a gold digger. And for her part, Zora confessed that she did fall in love during her stay at the rented French chateau... but it was with a horse.
  • 'Joe Millionaire' Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich already broken up?

    February 20, 2003
    The Contra Costa Times reports that in a recent interview with People magazine, the relationship between "Joe Millionaire" Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich came across as -- prepare yourself for the shock -- anything but starry-eyed soul mates.
  • 'Joe Millionaire' two hour finale averages over 33 million viewers, record ratings

    February 18, 2003
    Never mind $1,000,000 for the two of them, maybe FOX should have given Evan and Zora a few million dollars each. Reuters reports that according to data from Nielsen Media Research, the two-hour finale of FOX's "Joe Millionaire" reality series was nothing less than a blockbuster for the network on Monday night, with an average of 34.6 million people tuning in. No other show on the other major networks drew more than about 18 million viewers in any one half-hour during the night, according to Nielsen data.
  • Joe Millionaire - Episode 6 summary

    February 17, 2003
    Our episode summary for Episode 6 of FOX's "Joe Millionaire," entitled "The Recrap Revue," written by PepeLePew13, has been posted. Click here to read it.
  • 'Joe Millionaire' to end with two hour February 17th finale, followed by 'Aftermath' special on February 24th

    February 6, 2003
    FOX has announced that their ratings-breaking "Joe Millionaire" reality series will conclude in an exciting two-hour finale, airing Monday, Feb. 17 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. After weeks of wining and dining 20 beautiful women who believe he is a millionaire, Evan Marriott a.k.a. “Joe Millionaire,” must reveal to “The One” that he is really a construction worker with a limited income, not a dashing playboy with wealth beyond her dreams. Who is the woman that Evan ultimately chooses? Will she accept him for whom he really is, or reject him in search of greener pastures? Plus, find out what the other single women think now that they know the truth.
  • Joe Millionaire - Episode 5 summary

    February 6, 2003
    Our episode summary for Episode 5 of FOX's "Joe Millionaire," entitled " The Mercenary Blues," written by Silvergirl1, has been posted. Click here to read it.
  • 'Joe Millionaire' Sarah Kozer stands by fetish and bondage films

    January 31, 2003
    The New York Daily News reports that "Joe Millionaire" finalist Sarah Kozer said Thursday she has no regrets about appearing in kinky foot-fetish and bondage flicks. "I'll stand by anything I have ever done," say the 29-year-old "Joe Millionaire" finalist. "My checkpoint living in L.A. as a young woman for the last few years has been ... I would never do anything that I wouldn't call and tell my mother about." Kozer said she wasn't roped into the roles - she auditioned for them after she quit law school and was saddled with huge loans while studying real estate.
  • Joe Millionaire - Episode 4 summary

    January 30, 2003
    Our episode summary for Episode 4 of FOX's "Joe Millionaire," entitled "Four Dates and a Funeral," written by FesterFan1, has been posted. Click here to read it.


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