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What Not to Wear is an American makeover reality television show based on a British show of the same name. The program premiered in 2003 and currently airs on TLC in the United States and Canada, and foreign versions in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Italy. It is also seen on Discovery Travel & Living Europe, on [[People+Arts]] in Spain (as ¡No te lo pongas!, "Don't Put it On!"), and in Portugal and Brazil (as Esquadrão da Moda, "The Fashion Police"). What Not to Wear is hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

Episode format

Episodes feature participants nominated by friends, co-workers, or relatives. Some episodes involve self-nominations, such as the class reunion specials or mall nominations. In the latter, What Not to Wear sets up a 360-degree mirror in various malls across the United States, allowing women to explain why they need fashion help. Early episodes featured both men and women; however, as the men's transformations did not prove to be as remarkable, all later episodes feature women exclusively. Some episodes featured a person being nominated with the nominator being selected for a makeover as well.

When a woman is selected, the show secretly follows and videotapes her for two weeks. Sometimes the nominee will be asked to participate in "market research," which is actually the What Not To Wear crew filming her for the show. Also, the nominators will sometimes gain access to the nominee's closet and point out specific items of clothing that they consider particularly bad.

While reviewing the secret footage, Stacy and Clinton comment in sometimes caustic style why the nominee's wardrobe is unflattering ("mom jeans") or out-dated (purchased in the 1980s) and usually meet with the nominators beforehand. Afterward, the entire group goes to meet the soon-to-be-surprised nominee. During the surprise visit, the nominee is offered a US $5,000 Visa debit card for the purpose of buying a new wardrobe if she will turn over her entire existing wardrobe to Stacy and Clinton and shop by their "rules" (guidelines tailored for her age, body shape, and profession); in later seasons, the card was an unbranded $5,000 gift card, to be used for shopping. If the nominee accepts the terms of the offer, Stacy and Clinton review the secret footage with the nominee at this point. However, nominees are sometimes very reluctant to agree and must be persuaded by Stacy and Clinton and the nominators. If she declines, nothing further is filmed and there is no show. After reviewing the secret footage, the nominee is brought to New York City for a week of evaluation, shopping, and hair and makeup styling. Throughout the week, the nominee frequently declares she is unable to find properly fitting clothes, she dislikes her body, or she doesn't care what people think.

On the first day, Stacy and Clinton sort through the wardrobe, and the participant steps inside the 360-degree mirror to explain what she likes about her outfit and why she thinks it looks good on her. After critiquing each outfit, Stacy and Clinton present a more "appropriate" outfit to the participant to help illustrate the rules for the participant to follow when shopping for new clothes. Throughout the sorting process, most of the clothes are symbolically tossed in a large garbage can, although they are actually donated to charity unless they are torn or damaged.

On the second day, the participant is filmed shopping on her own in various New York stores"?including Mexx, New York & Company, Ann Taylor, Filene's Basement, Searle, H&M, Bloomingdales, Macy's, and Montmartre. Stacy and Clinton watch the videotaped footage and comment for the benefit of the viewers, letting the audience know if the participant is following the "rules."

On the third day, Stacy and Clinton surprise the participant, comment on whether the previous day's purchases follow the "rules," and help her with the remainder of the shopping. If the participant has not followed the rules, the clothes may be returned.

On the fourth day, hair stylist Ted Gibson and make-up artist Carmindy transform the participant's appearance. At this stage, Stacy and Clinton are not present.

On the fifth and last day in New York, the participant shows off her new look to Stacy and Clinton, in three of her new outfits. Stacy and Clinton then comment on how her new "look" flatters her body and generally improves her appearance.

The last segment features a party in her hometown, where she shows off her new look to friends and family, who comment on how impressed they are and how happy she looks. With the credits rolling, the participant is shown in additional wardrobe items, commenting on what the experience did for her emotionally and how it improved her confidence.



  • Stacy London, fashion consultant
  • Clinton Kelly, fashion consultant
  • Ted Gibson, hair stylist
  • Carmindy, makeup artist


Season one was co-hosted by Stacy London and Wayne Scot Lukas, a celebrity stylist. In season two, he was succeeded by Clinton Kelly. In seasons one through six, Nick Arrojo was the hair stylist. In season seven, Ted Gibson replaced him beginning with the July 24 episode. In 2008, narrator Adam Harrington resigned; the show is now narrated by Stacy and Clinton.

Notable contributors

Former participants include independent singer/songwriter Megan Slankard, So You Think You Can Dance Latin ballroom choreographer Melanie LaPatin, world champion swimmer Tara Kirk, and actresses Mayim Bialik and Mindy Cohn.

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