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The Glades is an A&E Network drama television series created by Clifton Campbell. The one-hour drama premiered on Sunday, July 11, 2010. The series stars Matt Passmore as Det. Jim Longworth, a Chicago detective who took a South Florida job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain's wife. The Glades was renewed by A&E for a third season on October 18, 2011, which aired from June 3 to August 12, 2012. The show has been renewed for a fourth season.


The show's premise involves a Chicago detective taking a South Florida job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain's wife. He assumes it will afford him a more relaxing lifestyle, but he finds things are more complicated than he had imagined.

Cast and characters

  • Matt Passmore as Det. Jim Longworth " a homicide detective from Chicago who leaves the city after being shot in the buttocks by his captain, who had wrongfully accused Longworth of having sex with his wife. Using the payout he received from the Chicago PD, Longworth searches for the simple life and moves to the (fictional) resort town of Palm Glade, Florida, joining the local bureau of the FDLE, hoping that the area will help him relax and "work on [his] tan". Longworth is surprised at the high murder rate in southeastern Florida, making his job there perhaps more stressful than it was in Chicago. His cockiness, annoying self-confidence, dry wit and self-serving humor rubs almost everyone around him the wrong way. Nonetheless, he is very intelligent and solves murders, making him a valuable addition to the FDLE. He has strong feelings for Callie but does not wish to break up her family.
  • Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill " a thirty-something mother who leads a very complicated life. She is a registered nurse simultaneously attending medical school and is completely devoted to her studying and to her 13-year-old son, Jeff, whom she has been raising alone since her husband Ray was sent to prison. She is amused and annoyed by Longworth's pursuit of her, but is also intrigued by him and perhaps interested in a relationship, despite her general dislike of cops. She has mentioned having the desire to leave Ray but does not want to be "that woman" who gives her husband divorce papers while he is in jail. At the beginning of season 2 Callie has decided to ask Ray for a divorce.
  • Carlos Gómez as Dr. Carlos Sanchez " Longworth's friend and colleague, a forensic pathologist who works the crime lab, supervising toxicology screens and autopsies. Longworth's persistence and intuition when it comes to crime-solving skills usually bothers him, especially since he often is forced into compromising positions to try and prove one of his partner's theories. He is also a devoted husband and father.
  • Jordan Wall as Daniel Green " a nerdy 23-year-old grad student at Tampa Tech who gets an internship working for Carlos in the medical examiner's office. His expertise of all things science-related comes in handy in surprising ways for Longworth as he helps him crack cases. Daniel is overzealous in helping Longworth on cases, especially if it means he gets to be involved with other police work that he finds cool and interesting.
  • Michelle Hurd as Colleen Manus " the smart and tough regional director for the FDLE. She reluctantly hired Jim Longworth and, like Carlos, is frequently annoyed by his antics. Because of Longworth's track record and rate of closure, she gives him a lot of slack, but she has no problem yanking him back if he gets out of line " which is pretty much an everyday occurrence.
  • Uriah Shelton as Jeff Cargill " Callie's son. He is a smart 13-year-old who struggles to reconcile his parents' odd and up-for-grabs marital status. With his father in prison, Jeff constantly tests his boundaries with his mother. He takes a quick liking to Longworth. In season 2 his father is out of jail and Jeff spends a lot of time with him. Not knowing of his mom's desire for a divorce, he wants his family to be together again.


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As of August 12, 2012, the third season's finale, 36 episodes of The Glades have aired.

Development and production

The series was originally titled Sugarloaf, and was set to take place in the Tampa Bay metro area. It is filmed in a former carpet warehouse in Pembroke Park, Florida and in the Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Metro area, making it one of the four current series, along with Burn Notice, Retired at 35, and Impact Wrestling, to be filmed exclusively in the state.

Matt Passmore was the first actor cast in the series; he plays the lead, Det. Jim Longworth. Kiele Sanchez, Uriah Shelton and Carlos Gómez were cast next, as Callie Cargill, Jeff Cargill and Dr. Carlos Sanchez, respectively. On February 25, 2010, The Glades was given a series order of 13 episodes.

Though A&E advertises the show as a "CSI"-type series, it is more of a standard police procedural, with forensics playing only a peripheral role in the stories. On September 13, 2010, A&E announced that the show had been renewed for a second season. Season 2 of the series premiered on Sunday, June 5, 2011. On October 18, 2011, The Glades was renewed for a third season, which premiered June 3, 2012. With a five percent increase in viewership, A&E renewed The Glades for a fourth season.


The Glades debuted with 3.6 million viewers, breaking A&E's records for most-watched and highest-rated original drama series telecast ever according to Nielsen Fast Nationals numbers. The show has been met with positive reviews, with an initial score of 64 out of 100 from Metacritic.


Season Timeslot (ET/PT) # Ep. Premiered Ended TV Season Viewers
(in millions)
Date Premiere
(in millions)
Date Finale
(in millions)
Season 1
Sunday 10 pm
July 11, 2010
October 3, 2010
2.69 2010 3.8
Season 2
Sunday 10 pm
June 5, 2011
September 5, 2011
2.38 2011 3.0
Season 3
Sunday 9 pm
June 3, 2012
August 12, 2012
3.10 2012 3.0

DVD release

The Glades: Season One was released on DVD in region 1 on June 14, 2011, and region 4 on March 7, 2012. It contains all thirteen episodes of season one. Special features include, Deleted scenes, Gag reel, Behind-the-scenes footage, "Sunshine State of Mind: Casting The Glades" and "A Location for Murder: Filming in The Glades" featurettes and Cast commentaries.

The Glades: Season Two was released on DVD in region 1 on July 10, 2012, and is set to be released in region 4 on February 27, 2013. It contains all thirteen episodes of season two. Special features include, Deleted scenes, Commentary, "Jim Longworth's Guide to Police Work" and "Love Triangles: Relationship Complexities and The Glades" featurettes and Gag reel.

International broadcasts

Country Network(s) Series premiere Timeslot
Alibi September 11, 2012 Tuesdays at 9:00pm
W December 5, 2010
M6 January 28, 2012 Saturdays at 8:50pm
RTL Crime January 11, 2012
RTL 5 March 15, 2012
POP TV May 10, 2012 Thursdays at 10:15pm
2BE June 10, 2012
Fox Crime varies
Rede Globo October 20, 2011
November 15, 2012
Wednesday at 00:10am
Thursdays at 02:00am
A&E varies
Fox Crime November 17, 2011

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