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Porky's II: The Next Day is the 1983 sequel to the 1982 film Porky's. The film is co-written and directed by Bob Clark. Unlike the previous film (or the later Porky's Revenge), Porky himself does not appear.


After dealing to Porky the "fatal" blow that was coming to him, the gang from Angel Beach is ready for a new challenge: The High School Drama Club is producing a Shakespeare Festival in which the gang is participating. Unfortunately, a religious leader named Reverend Bubba Flavel wants to halt the production because he and his group, "The Righteous Flock," maintain that Shakespeare is indecent and profane. As part of their effort to keep their school-based Shakespeare production on track, the gang from Angel Beach seeks out the help of Seward County Commissioner Gebhardt, who initially promises the gang from Angel Beach that he will pull some strings to keep the Angel Beach High Shakespeare Festival running. However, after the county commissioners, who all will shortly be standing for re-election, vote unanimously to shut down the Shakespeare Festival, the gang quickly learns that Commissioner Gebhardt has reneged on his promises to the Angel Beach gang because he feared that allowing the Shakespeare Festival to proceed would harm his re-election chances. The local Ku Klux Klan chapter joins the movement to shut down the Shakespeare festival because its members object to a Native American (Runningfox's Seminole character) playing Romeo opposite a white girl Juliet (Wendy). Reverend Flavel, who has previously exposed his bigoted nature, welcomes Klan's support of his movement. The Angel Beach gang then begins plotting their retaliation and revenge against Reverend Flavel, Commissioner Gebhardt, the rest of the county commissioners, and the Klan.

The teens discover that the county commissioners of Seward County, who are publicly riding the political wave of decency and morality, enjoy secretly watching porno movies in the basement of the courthouse. So, the Angel Beach gang takes a tape recorder with a microphone to the basement of the courthouse while the county commissioners are watching porno movies, aim the microphone at the ventilator window, and record the politicos' loud and crude commentary on the events in the porno films, including their irreverent mocking of Reverend Flavel.

After his success in shutting down the Angel Beach High Shakespeare Festival, Reverend Flavel convenes an outdoor revival meeting at Angel Beach High to commemorate his success, and the county commissioners attend and stand on stage with Reverend Flavel. In retaliation for an attack and attempt by the Klan members to shave the head of the group's Seminole friend, the gang lures the Klan members (who are on their way to Reverend Flavel's revival meeting) into the school gym where the gang along with a gym-full of Seminole Indians "persuade" the Klan members to submit to having their heads shaved. The Angel Beach gang and the Seminole Indians then make the Klan members strip naked and march over to Reverend Flavel's revival meeting where they force the hapless and humiliated Klan members into the revival meeting. The sight of naked men shocks the crowd, and in his typical opportunistic fashion, Reverend Flavel decries the naked Klan members as being "The Spawn of Satan." During Reverend Flavel's prognostications, the gang commandeers the public address system and plays the recording of the county commissioners' raucous commentary on the porno movie that they watched in the basement of the courthouse only days before. A comment on the recording about Reverend Flavel having donated the porno film that the county commissioners were watching ends up being Reverend Flavel's undoing as he and the county commissioners stand before the crowd completely discredited, disgraced, and exposed as selfish hypocrites.

Meanwhile, Wendy accepts an out-of-town dinner date in Miami with Commissioner Gebhardt, who intends to seduce her. However, rather than showing up in her normal modest clothing, Wendy shows up at the formal restaurant wearing a deliberately showy, vulgar outfit with her breasts artificially padded with a container to an enormous size. She speaks in an extremely loud voice, constantly blurting out Gebhardt's name and status as a county commissioner of Seward County who will shortly be standing for re-election and alleging that she and Gebhardt became involved while she was a Brownie in Gebhardt wife's girl scout troop and that she is now pregnant with his child. With the help of liquified corn-and-pea soup concealed in the container that padded her bust, Wendy pretends to throw up in one of the restaurant's decorative fountains to the horror of the maitre 'd and the disgust of the restaurant's upscale patrons. Pee-Wee snaps a picture of the disgraced Commissioner Gebhardt before he, Wendy and Steve depart in a blaze of glory back to the revival meeting at Angel Beach High to join the triumphant celebration of the defeat of the persons responsible for the cancellation of their Shakespeare Festival, which is promptly reinstated.


  • Dan Monahan as Edward "Pee Wee" Morris
  • Wyatt Knight as Tommy Turner
  • Mark Herrier as Billy McCarthy
  • Tony Ganios as Anthony "Meat" Tuperello
  • Scott Colomby as Brian Schwartz
  • Cyril O'Reilly as Tim Cavanaugh
  • Kaki Hunter as Wendy Williams
  • Ilse Earl as Mrs. Morris
  • Eric Christmas as Mr. Carter
  • Bill Wiley as Reverend Bubba Flavel
  • Nancy Parsons as Ms. Beulah Balbricker
  • Joseph Runningfox as John Henry
  • Roger Wilson as Mickey Jarvis
  • Art Hindle as Officer Ted Jarvis
  • Bill Hindman as Coach Goodenough
  • Mal Jones as Mayor Abernathy
  • Richard Liberty as Commissioner Couch
  • Fred Buch as Commissioner Hurley
  • Edward Winter as Commissioner Gebhardt
  • Will Knickerbocker as Klan #1


Greynolds Park in North Miami, Florida stood in for the Everglades and a plant nursery on Old Cutler Road was turned into a cemetery for the graveyard scenes.


Box office

The film's gross receipts were considerably lower than the first Porky's film. While Porky's grossed $105 million in the North American market, Porky's II: The Next Day only took in $33,759,266.

Critical response

Porky's 2: The Next Day was critically panned. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 11% based on the review of 11 critics.

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