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North Shore is an American prime-time soap opera that aired on Fox every Monday at 8 p.m. EST (7 p.m. CST) for seven months in 2004 and 2005. It centered around the staff and guests of the fictional Grand Waimea Hotel and Resort (actually the real-life Turtle Bay Resort located near Kahuku, O'ahu) on Oahu's North Shore in Hawaii.

From Fox's website:

Intrigue abounds at the Grand Waimea Hotel, an exclusive Hawaiian escape for the wealthy, powerful and beautiful. Hawaiian native Jason Matthews runs the hotel and makes sure every guest gets everything they need. But when former flame Nicole Booth arrives as the hotel's new Director of Guest Relations, Jason's world is turned upside down. But Grand Waimea owner, Vincent Colville, is staying on top of him to make sure his past with Nicole won't affect their work life.
North Shore premiered on June 14, 2004, with a 13-episode commitment from Fox. The show was canceled in January 2005 after a 21-episode, single-season run. The show ended on a cliffhanger, and the final episode of the series has only had a single airing, not being shown in most territories (including America).

Critical reception

Critical reviews tended towards the low scale, with most critics acknowledging that North Shore was not meant to be high-brow theater:

"North Shore seems the perfect summer show, a chance to gawk at toned flesh and to smirk over double entendres. [...] But most of the time, North Shore plays like a bland hybrid of Baywatch and Hotel. But North Shore could last because the people are attractive, the Hawaiian locales are prettier and the competition offers reruns.""?The Orlando Sentinel
"There's not a lot of deep thinking at this resort, just enough hanky panky to keep things from getting too slow. The danger of this type of drama is if you have to turn off your brain to watch it, you have to remember to turn it back on when it's over." " The Salt Lake Tribune
"North Shore [is] the new undisputed king of the bad and the beautiful...[the show] has a secret weapon: bathing suits. This show is an excuse to see sexy, half-naked people on your television set once a week. Mute the dialogue and you'll double your pleasure." " The Washington Blade


The central character is Jason Matthews (Kristoffer Polaha), General Manager of the Grand Waimea. In the first episode, Nicole Booth (Brooke Burns) is hired as the new Director of Guest Relations. She is the daughter of a ruthless Trump-like billionaire, and an old flame of Jason's who broke his heart years before.

At the end of the first episode, Nicole reveals to Jason that she broke up with him because her father wanted her to date someone more successful, and he threatened to have Jason fired from the hotel he was working at the time. The chances for rekindled romance are then dashed when Nicole reveals she has become engaged since they broke up.

Later in the series, Nicole told Jason that she returned to Hawaii to seek him out before getting married, because she wanted to know if there was still a chance for their relationship.

The final episode has Jason and Nicole being married. However, in an unresolved cliffhanger, Jason is caught in a car explosion meant for Vincent. It is unclear whether or not Jason survives.

Other characters

  • Vincent Colville (James Remar), the hotel owner; he was in love with Nicole's mother before her family forced her to marry Walter Booth.
  • Gabriel Miller (Corey Sevier), a lifeguard (he seems to alternate between guarding the pool and the beach); in episode three it was mentioned that he is planning to "turn pro" as a surfer. He does end up turning pro, with varying degrees of success.
  • MJ Bevans (Nikki DeLoach), a waitress at the hotel bar; she is trying to start her own island clothing line. She starts the show in a relationship with Chris, but they end up breaking up. However, they get back together by the end of the show/season.
  • Chris Remsen (Jay Kenneth Johnson), MJ's nascent boyfriend and proprietor of an extreme sports business. Despite breaking up, they end up back together by the final episode.
  • Tessa Lewis (Amanda Righetti), a former con artist who manipulates her way into the Assistant Concierge position. By the end of the show, she is involved with Frankie.
  • Frankie Seau (Jason Momoa), the hotel bartender. He ends the season involved with Tessa.
  • Gordy Matthews (Michael Ontkean), Jason's father and a local surfing legend who owns a local bar and surfboard shop; his home was burned down in the first season and Jason suspects Walter Booth was involved.
  • Morgan Holt (Josh Hopkins), Nicole's fiance who works for her father in New York as Head of Hotel Acquisitions. Morgan visited the hotel for an extended period, and his relationship with Jason vacillated from friendly to hostile and vice-versa several times. Nicole left Morgan at the altar in the middle of the first season. He hasn't been seen since.
  • Sam (Robert Kekaula), the head of hotel security.
  • Walter Booth (Christopher McDonald), Nicole's billionaire father who wants to buy the Grand Waimea by whatever means necessary; he and Vincent have a long-standing rivalry dating back to Vincent's affair with Walter's wife; Vincent is convinced Walter killed his wife as revenge. He ends up in jail.
  • Trey (Dylan Bruno) MJ's former boyfriend and pro surfer; he tried to win her back in the first season, even kidnapping her at one point; MJ was rescued by Chris and Gabriel.
  • Alexandra Hudson (Shannen Doherty), Walter Booth's supposed illegitimate child by a secretary (thus making her Nicole's half-sister). She conspired with her father to take over the Grand Waimea. She ends up in a position of power in the hotel. Though none of the other characters (with the exception of Chris, whom she briefly dates) really like her, a few do respect her.


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International airings

  •  : Canal Fox
  •  : Channel Seven with reruns on cable channel FOX8
  •  : 2BE
  •  : Canal Fox
  •  : bTV and Fox Life
  •  : "?vasion
  •  : CCTV-8, two episodes per night
  •  : Teletica
  •  : Sigma TV
  •  : NOVA
  •  : TV3
  •  : TV3
  •  : TF1
  •  : ANT1
  •  : Star World
  •  : JakTV
  •  : TV6 (since July 4, 2008: Monday " Friday at 5:20 pm)
  •  : TV3
  •  : Fox Life
  •  : STAR World
  •  : Channel 5
  •  : TV3 weekdays at 12:00 pm and in 2007 " January 19, 2008 it was shown on Saturday at 1:00 pm
  •  : TV3 Sundays at 21:00
  •  : RPN 9
  •  : TV4 and Polsat
  •  : [[Séries+]]
  •  : PRO Cinema
  • and the Arab World: TV Land and MBC 4
  •  : RTS 1, Fox Life
  •  : Kanal A
  •  : go and M-Net at 17:00 on Sundays
  •  : Antena 3 (Spain)
  •  : Channel 1 MTV
  •  : TV3
  •  : CNC3 Television Mondays at 10:00 AM
  •  : Fox Life
  •  : Televen

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