New York Confidential

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New York Confidential is a 1955 crime film starring Broderick Crawford and Richard Conte as New York gangsters. It is based on the 1948 book New York: Confidential! by Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer.


Charlie Lupo is a gangster who runs the New York branch of a crime syndicate. He is a widower with a grown daughter, Kathy and a new lover, Iris.

Hit man Nick Magellan of the Chicago mob impresses Lupo, who hires Magellan to be his bodyguard. They form a friendship and Kathy is attracted to Nick, but he resists her advances.

When a political lobbyist interferes with the syndicate's plans and needs to be eliminated, Lupo arranges for three men to handle it. But they leave too many clues and need to be eliminated, a task Lupo turns over to Nick.

Nick quickly dispatches two of the targets, but a third flees and rats out Lupo to the cops. While hiding out, Lupo's unhappy daughter Kathy gets drunk and is killed in a car crash.

Lupo's heart is no longer in his work and he decides to cooperate with the authories, so the syndicate orders Nick to get rid of his friend. Nick obeys orders, killing Lupo, but then is eliminated himself.


  • Broderick Crawford as Charlie Lupo
  • Richard Conte as Nick Magellan
  • Marilyn Maxwell as Iris Palmer
  • Anne Bancroft as Katherine Lupo
  • J. Carrol Naish as Ben Dagajanian
  • Onslow Stevens as Johnny Achilles
  • Barry Kelley as Robert Frawley
  • Mike Mazurki as Arnie Wendler
  • Celia Lovsky as Mama Lupo
  • Herbert Heyes as James Marshall
  • Steven Geray as Morris Franklin
  • William 'Bill' Phillips as Whitey
  • Henry Kulky as Gino
  • Nestor Paiva as Martinelli
  • Joseph Vitale as Batista
  • Carl Milletaire as Sumak
  • William Forrest as Paul Williamson
  • Ian Keith as Waluska
  • Charles Evans as Judge Kincaid
  • Mickey Simpson as Leon Hartmann
  • Tom Powers as District Attorney Rossi
  • Lee Trent as Ferrari
  • Leonard Bremen as Larry
  • John Doucette as Shorty
  • Frank Ferguson as Dr. Ludlow
  • Hope Landin as Mrs. Wesley (as Hope Landon)
  • Fortunio Bonanova as Senor

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