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Golden Boy is an American crime drama series created by Nicholas Wootton, which is produced by Berlanti Television and Warner Bros. Television. CBS placed a series order in May 2012. The series premiered on CBS on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, at 10:00 pm ET.


The series follows the successful, meteoric rise "? from age 26 to 34 "? of Walter Clark, an ambitious cop who becomes the youngest Police Commissioner in New York City history.


  • Theo James as Walter William Clark Jr., who in the first episode is a newly-promoted homicide detective. Flashforwards reveal that in seven years, he will be the youngest New York Police Department commissioner in the department's history ("Pilot"). In the future, he walks with a pronounced limp ("The Price of Revenge").
  • Chi McBride as Don Owen, Clark's partner, who is two years from retirement.
  • Kevin Alejandro as homicide officer Christian Arroyo, a senior detective. Owen and Arroyo have a frosty relationship after a mistake by Arroyo that resulted in an informant's death. According to flashforwards in the premiere episode, their relationship will degenerate over time; they also suggest that Arroyo's hostility to Clark's arrival will also result in at least one death ("The Price of Revenge"). He has a son who will follow in his footsteps as a police officer ("Young Guns").
  • Bonnie Somerville as homicide officer Deb McKenzie, Arroyo's partner. She had a brother, now deceased, who was also a cop ("The Price of Revenge").
  • Holt McCallany as homicide officer Joe Diaco.
  • Stella Maeve as Agnes Clark, Walter's younger sister. She moves in with Walter during the pilot, and works at a diner near the police department.


Reception for Golden Boy has been positive. On Metacritic, the series received "generally favorable reviews", reflected by a Metascore of 63 out of 100, based on 23 reviews. The Wall Street Journals Dorothy Rabinowitz stated the series "is packed with fine performances, but no amount of actorly talent could have done for this series what its intelligently twisty plots, its nuanced dialogue bearing a distinct resemblance to human exchange"?even from the mouths of TV police detectives"?has done." Alan Sepinwall of HitFix called the series "a solid, meat-and-potatoes police procedural, and one that could potentially evolve into more depending on how the flash-forwards are used down the road." [Newsday]]s Verne Gay called it a "decent cop procedural. Period." He added: "The best stuff in Golden Boy is the little stuff "? sharp, brittle dialogue, nice performances and a street cred that's a cut above average." David Hinckley of the New York Daily News stated "We quickly care what happens to these characters, which gets any show off to a strong start. Just as quickly, though, the time-jumping makes the story feel more complicated than it needs to. Golden Boy doesn't need to be framed as a series of implicit or explicit flashbacks to engage us as an adventure tale." The New York Times Mike Hale stated the series "is a smoothly made but entirely generic show that rides the squad-room-as-family metaphor hard."


Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 13

Season 1 (2013)

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
ShortSummary = ProdCode = 296823 Viewers = 10.56 LineColor = EDCB62 }}

ShortSummary = Now: When Clark apprehends a young burglar, Natasha Radkovich, she leads them to a dead body. The detectives investigate the death of that young woman and the apparent kidnapping of her daughter. When they find the daughter, McKenzie comforts her by revealing that she has a deceased brother who was also a cop. Arroyo interrogates the burglar, assaulting her in the process; he then forces her to wear a wire and plead for Clark to give her money from evidence, which he does. Owen visits the grave of the informant that died as a result of Arroyo's actions. Seven years from now: Clark and a new assistant observe the funeral of a police informant from a distance. At the episode's end, Clark visits the grave of Natasha Radkovich.

ProdCode = 2J7152 Viewers = 9.40 LineColor = EDCB62 }}

Friday}} ShortSummary = Now: The detectives investigate a shooting that left one teen dead and one wounded; while investigating, Owen defuses a mob outside the apartment. Evidence initially points to a local gang leader who sells weapons illegally, but Clark, while canvassing the building, discovers evidence that implicates the mother of one of the victims. Meanwhile, Arroyo tries to blackmail Clark with Clark's conversation with Natasha in "The Price of Revenge." Seven years from now: The episode opens with Clark addressing cops about to start a graveyard shift on patrol. At the end, Clark briefly talks to one of those cops, who is Arroyo's son.

ProdCode = Viewers = 7.41 LineColor = EDCB62 }}

ShortSummary = ProdCode = Viewers = 8.53 LineColor = EDCB62 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = Gus Makris WrittenBy = Andi Bushell OriginalAirDate = ShortSummary = ProdCode = Viewers = TBA LineColor = EDCB62 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = Paul McCrane WrittenBy = Jennifer Corbett OriginalAirDate = ShortSummary = ProdCode = Viewers = TBA LineColor = EDCB62 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = Michael Watkins WrittenBy = Christal Henry OriginalAirDate = ShortSummary = ProdCode = Viewers = TBA LineColor = EDCB62 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = TBA WrittenBy = TBA OriginalAirDate = ShortSummary = ProdCode = Viewers = TBA LineColor = EDCB62 }}

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