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All of Me is a 1984 fantasy comedy film directed by Carl Reiner and starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. This film is based on the novel Me Two by Edwin Davis.


Martin plays an attorney named Roger Cobb. He is dating his boss' daughter and is also an aspiring jazz guitarist. Lily Tomlin is a difficult, eccentric, spoiled rotten, but terminally ill millionairess named Edwina Cutwater, who has been bedridden since childhood. Cutwater hires Roger to make some unusual final arrangements to her will.

Having discovered she is dying, Edwina has enlisted the aid of a culture-shocked mystic who has mastered the secret of transferring human souls. She has made an arrangement with Terry Hoskins, (Victoria Tennant) a beautiful young mystic who wishes to complete her spiritual journey by leaving her body forever and become one with the universe. Edwina wants her own soul placed in Terry's vacated body so that she can finally experience youth and health. Roger is to change Edwina's will so that Terry, her future self, is her sole beneficiary. Roger, unsurprisingly, believes the whole plan is "bananas".

To Roger's surprise, the soul-transfer works, but during the ceremony, Roger himself ends up with Edwina's soul sharing his body. She has control over the right side of his body and he the left, forcing them to work together while causing constant friction and problems between the two "? amongst them, the loss of Roger's girlfriend and job. Besides listening to each other's thoughts, Roger talks to Edwina's image that appears in mirrors and other reflective surfaces to him and no one else. Their relationships warms during the course of the film, but both of them want Edwina back in her own body. Terry, meanwhile, is shocked to learn that the soul-transference really works, as she only agreed to the transfer to take control of Edwina's fortune. She becomes determined to prevent Roger from reaching the holy man to complete the transference.

The movie ends with Terry's plot being foiled by Roger and Edwina. It emerges that Terry has an extensive criminal record and, rather than face life in jail for her latest criminal acts, she at last consents to having her soul placed into the body of her favorite horse. Edwina takes up residence in Terry's body as originally planned. The final shot shows Roger and Terry dancing together. The camera pans to a mirror, where Roger can be seen dancing with Edwina.


Actor Role
Steve Martin Roger Cobb
Lily Tomlin Edwina Cutwater
Victoria Tennant Terry Hoskins
Madolyn Smith Osborne Peggy Schuyler
Richard Libertini Prahka Lasa
Dana Elcar Burton Schuyler
Jason Bernard Tyrone Wattell
Selma Diamond Margo
Eric Christmas Fred Hoskins
Gailard Sartain Fulton Norris
Neva Patterson Gretchen
Michael Ensign Mr. Mifflin
Peggy Feury Dr. Betty Ahrens
In an interview, Martin described his sense of his character Roger Cobb: "This man is not an idiot. He is a contemporary person with some brains, [...] he's not naive or a victim of circumstances. He's an intelligent man who happens to get caught in a disaster. That's a big difference between this role and any other part I've played. [...] For the first time I'm in a story with a beginning, middle, and end . It's old-fashioned and solid [...] This movie was like going to school. I learned a lot about structure and character." He stated in Steve Martin: The Magic Years, "My mature film career started with All of Me and ends with L.A. Story."


The film received a 90% Rotten Tomatoes score and generally "rave reviews". On release, The New York Times described the film: "Some things simply have to be seen to be believed, and the sensational teamwork of Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin in All of Me is one of them [...] Mr. Martin's astonishing performance is the film's most conspicuous asset, but the entire cast is good."

Following the film

Steve Martin and Victoria Tennant met during the making of the film and were married in 1986, staying together till 1994. They worked together again in 1991 on the film L.A. Story. Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin both starred in the 2009 comedy The Pink Panther 2.


In 2012, DreamWorks announced the remake of "All of Me" is in the works. Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein will be writing team and John Davis will be producing.

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