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24: Live Another Day (also known as Season 9 or Day 9) is a 24 limited event television series that premiered on May 5, 2014, and concluded on July 14, 2014, airing on Fox. Sky 1 simulcast the premiere on May 6 in the United Kingdom and Ireland but switched to Wednesday nights for the rest of the episodes. It began airing in Australia on Network Ten on May 12, 2014. Set four years after the events of season 8, it adheres to the real time concept of covering the events of a 24-hour period and begins and ends at 11:00 a.m. However, there is a 12-hour time jump within the final episode.

Season overview

Live Another Day takes place four years after season 8. James Heller, now President, is negotiating a treaty in London, where a hacker collective preaching freedom of information has enlisted the help of Chloe O'Brian. Jack Bauer, who has been tracking the activities of Chloe's group while living in exile, resurfaces when he hears of an imminent attempt on Heller's life.

There are two main acts in Live Another Day:

  1. Margot Al-Harazi gains control of six US drones and uses them to attack London.
  2. Cheng Zhi attacks his former country China with hijacked American weapons bringing the two countries to the brink of war.

Major subplots

  • Jack Bauer disapproves of the group Chloe O'Brian has joined.
  • Margot Al-Harazi grows suspicious of where her daughter's loyalties lie.
  • James Heller tries to manage a crisis amid the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Mark Boudreau opens himself up to blackmail by forging Heller's signature.
  • Kate Morgan has been led to believe that her husband committed treason by selling state secrets.
  • Circumstances reunite Jack and Audrey after nearly a decade.
  • America's plans for a treaty are derailed when they lose control of their own weapons.
  • Cheng Zhi partners with the Russians who are looking for Jack.


While anti-drone protesters gather outside the American embassy where James Heller is staying, officers at a CIA outpost in London find and apprehend Jack Bauer. Due to her husband's conviction, Kate Morgan is being forced to hand in her badge. However, she gets herself reinstated when she realizes that Jack is infiltrating the CIA to gain access to Chloe O'Brian. Kate is too late to intervene and Jack breaks Chloe out of interrogation with the help of his friend Belcheck. Still distrustful of Chloe, Jack follows her to Open Cell, an organization that specializes in leaking government documents. He explains that he is on the trail of Derrick Yates, a former Open Cell member who has become involved in an assassination attempt on James Heller. The attempt is revealed to involve drones when he programs an unmanned aerial vehicle to fire on British and American troops. The pilot, Chris Tanner, is falsely arrested on murder charges.

Jack and Chloe learn that Yates' device has been taken by Margot Al-Harazi, a known terrorist trying to avenge the death of her husband. When their attempt to capture her daughter Simone fails, Jack breaks into the American embassy to analyze Tanner's flight key and prove that the threat is imminent. Jack locks himself in a room with three hostages and tries to upload the data to Open Cell's leader, Adrian Cross. Marines break in before the upload finishes but Kate Morgan is able to place him in CIA custody instead. In the President's quarters, Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau expresses concerns that Bauer is a terrorist and drafts an agreement for extraditing him to Russia. Suspecting that dementia has clouded Heller's judgement, he forges the President's signature and vows to protect his wife Audrey from any further pain related to Bauer. Jack is ultimately proven right when Margot Al-Harazi broadcasts a video calling for Heller to turn himself in or face attacks on London from six U.S. drones.

When Margot daughter's lover Navid tries to sabotage the attacks, Margot executes Navid. Leaving her son Ian to pilot the drones, she sends Simone to silence Navid's family. When a missile kills several CIA operatives, Heller authorizes Bauer to go undercover with an arms dealer known for working with Al-Harazi. From transaction records, they are able to track Simone and see that she has been struck by traffic in her pursuit of Navid's niece. When Margot learns that Simone is being interrogated in the hospital, she sends a drone to destroy it. Jack and Kate escape with Simone and convince her to reveal Margot's last known whereabouts. The subsequent raid uncovers enough information to give Chloe access to the drone's camera. Meanwhile, CIA analyst Jordan Reed uncovers evidence that Kate's husband Adam Morgan may have been innocent all along. Station Chief Steve Navarro arranges to have him killed in order to cover up his own involvement in selling intel to China and framing Morgan. The assassination does not go as planned and leads to the deaths of both Agent Reed and the hitman.

With Margot's deadline approaching, Heller decides to turn himself in and put an end to the civilian losses. Jack delivers his friend to Wembley Stadium where Margot's drone is waiting but convinces him to turn back when Chloe devises a plan to loop the video feed. Thinking that Heller is still inside, Margot and Ian fire on the stadium and then sink five of the six rogue drones. Upon learning that Heller is alive, Margot and Ian try to attack Waterloo station with the last drone. Jack arrives with a CIA team before this can happen and kills both of them. Jack takes Yates' device back to the CIA to be analyzed. Upon arriving, he learns that Jordan's body has been found and identifies the second body as an assassin working for Navarro. Before Jack can apprehend him, Navarro escapes with the device and delivers it to Adrian Cross. Adrian explains to Chloe that some underground dealings with China are needed to finance their activism and takes her to an Open Cell chapter. They find that all of their colleagues have been murdered by Cheng Zhi, who wants to reprogram the override to start a war between the United States and China. Cheng kills Adrian, kidnaps Chloe and fabricates a torpedo launch order that sinks a Chinese aircraft carrier.

Russian operative Anatol Stolnavich contacts Mark Boudreau about the rendition order. When Boudreau tries to withdraw it, Stolnavich threatens to reveal that the signature has been forged. Boudreau co-operates and gives him access to a frequency used by Bauer. As a result, Jack is attacked by Russians on his way to retrieve the override and Cheng has time to escape. Upon discovering that his encrypted frequency was given to the Russians from within the White House, Bauer confronts Boudreau and tells him that Russia will benefit if the United States and China go to war. Boudreau is immediately arrested by the President, who then delays custody, allowing Boudreau to assist Jack in the raid of a Russian diplomatic compound. He distracts Stolnavich long enough for Jack and Kate to break in but Stolnavich dies in the ensuing struggle. Audrey meets with a contact of hers, the daughter of a high-ranking Chinese official, hoping to convince her that the naval attacks were perpetrated by Cheng and not the American government. Even though Cheng is unable to stop Chloe from escaping, he uses a sniper and has Audrey's secret service guards killed. He contacts Bauer saying that Audrey will die unless he gets safe passage out of England.

From the files in Stolnavich's compound Jack finds out how Cheng is planning to escape and sends Kate to rescue Audrey without attracting attention. Chloe re-establishes contact with Jack and sets up satellite surveillance of the freighter that Cheng has boarded. While Jack and Belcheck raid the ship, Kate eliminates the sniper and tells them that Audrey is safe. However, a second shooter in the area fires several shots and Audrey dies in Kate's arms. Devastated by her loss, Jack kills all of Cheng's bodyguards and transmits proof of Cheng's whereabouts to President Heller and President Wei. He kills Cheng immediately after the authenticity is verified. As the military advances are called off, Jack sees that Chloe has gone missing again and Heller is told that his daughter is dead.

Twelve hours later, Kate resigns from the CIA out of regret and Mark awaits trial for committing treason in his attempt to save Audrey. James is left to mourn his daughter as his memories fade away, and Jack surrenders himself to Russian agents in exchange for Chloe's freedom.



Guest starring


In May 2013, Deadline.com first reported that Fox was considering a limited-run "event series" for 24 based on a concept by Howard Gordon, after failed efforts to produce the 24 feature film and the cancellation of Kiefer Sutherland's series Touch. David Fury confirmed on Twitter that he would also be involved, pulling "double duty" with Gordon's new series Tyrant. The following week, Fox officially announced 24: Live Another Day, a limited-run series of twelve episodes that would feature the return of Jack Bauer. Fox CEO Kevin Reilly said that the series would essentially represent the twelve "most important" hours of a typical 24 season, with jumps forward between hours as needed. As with the rest of Fox's push into event programming, the production will have "a big scope and top talent and top marketing budgets."

In the press release, Gordon said:

Kiefer Sutherland, who was confirmed to executive produce and star in the new series, added:

In June 2013, it was announced that former 24 director Jon Cassar was signed on as executive producer and director of Live Another Day, directing six of the twelve episodes. The remaining six episodes were given to former 24 director and producer Milan Cheylov, and new 24 directors, Adam Kane and Omar Madha. Executive producers and writers Robert Cochran, Manny Coto and Evan Katz were also announced to return. Sean Callery returned as the music composer for the series.

The writing process began on July 1, 2013, with David Fury pitching the first episode, which was tentatively titled "6:30-7:30". On July 11, 2013, executive producer Brian Grazer announced in an interview that the 24 miniseries would "be a limited series that would then spin off into a series itself. Fox is doing it, Fox studio and Fox network, and we're totally thrilled by that." In October 2013, it was confirmed the series would be set and filmed in London, England, United Kingdom. Pre-production and location scouting by the crew, including Jon Cassar, began in November 2013. The production offices for Live Another Day were based in the Gillette Building in west London, previously used for Red 2. Production began on January 6, 2014.

In a May 2014 press release, Fox billed the eighth episode as the franchise's 200th episode.


A promotional video was shot on January 22, 2014, with filming beginning for the series on January 26. The first teaser for the show aired on Sky1 on January 21, 2014, but did not show any new footage. The first American trailer, titled "Street Chaos", followed four 10-second teasers during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014, but didn't show any footage from the series. Also, a promotional image was sent to Entertainment Weekly on February 20, 2014.

In March, another promo with actual footage was released, showing the President of the United States arriving in London; Bauer being spotted there on camera by the CIA; and him telling Chloe that "there's no going home" for him. A 20-minute preview of Live Another Day was released by Fox on April 7 and broadcast on May 3.


Kiefer Sutherland was immediately cast as Jack Bauer on May 13, 2013. Mary Lynn Rajskub was announced as the second official cast member in August 2013, reprising her role as Chloe O'Brian. In October 2013, it was confirmed that Kim Raver and William Devane would reprise their roles as Audrey Raines and James Heller, respectively.

The first new character to be cast was Michael Wincott's hacker character Adrian Cross. One month later, two more characters were added to the cast: CIA agents Erik Ritter and Jordan Reed played by Gbenga Akinnagbe and Giles Matthey respectively. On December 19, 2013, it was announced that three-time Primetime Emmy Award winner Judy Davis had joined the cast as the villain Margot Al-Harazi. However, Davis later exited the role for "personal family matters"; the role was recast with Michelle Fairley. On January 13, at a TCA panel discussing the show, it was announced that Yvonne Strahovski would play CIA Agent Kate Morgan. Benjamin Bratt was cast as her boss Steve Navarro.

On January 21, Tate Donovan was cast as Heller's Chief of Staff and the husband of Audrey Raines, Mark Boudreau. On January 24, Stephen Fry was cast as the British Prime Minister Trevor Davies, later renamed Alastair Davies. On the same day, relatively unknown actor Charles Furness was cast in a "small guest part" as Peter, a member of Chloe's hacker group. On January 26, Ross McCall was revealed to have acted in Live Another Day by Jon Cassar playing Ron Clark, assistant of Mark Boudreau. The next day, John Boyega was announced to be playing drone pilot Chris Tanner. Among the last actors to have his role announced was Colin Salmon playing U.S. General Coburn.

24: Solitary

Solitary is a story extension included in the Live Another Day Blu-ray set which was released on September 30, 2014. It takes place approximately three years after the events of Live Another Day and features the return of Carlos Bernard as Tony Almeida as he attempts to be released from solitary confinement. In Solitary, Tony requests to be moved from solitary confinement to general population, in an interview with a Department of Justice attorney and the prison administrator. Tony explains that he could supply inside information to the government regarding other criminals, such as Mexican cartels and al-Qaeda. When the request is denied, and a guard uncuffs him, he attacks the attorney, throwing her to the ground. During the attack, Tony is able to take her glasses without anyone noticing. Later, the attorney calls a man to confirm that Tony has the plans. Back in his cell, Tony puts on the glasses, which reveal they have escape plans in the lenses.


No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
ProdCode = 9AFF01 Viewers = 8.08 ShortSummary = The CIA's London station captures former CTU agent Jack Bauer. Jack remains silent under Station Chief Steve Navarro's questioning, only wavering when Agent Kate Morgan asks if he's looking for someone. Kate asks Navarro if she can take over the case, partially to atone for a recent disgrace (her husband turned out to be selling secrets to the Chinese), but Jack is turned over to a separate branch called Special Activities. This turns out to have been his plan all along, as said branch is holding Chloe O'Brian captive. With help from his friend Belcheck, he escapes Kate's pursuit and exfiltrates her. President James Heller, his daughter Audrey and her husband, White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau, are in London, amidst strident public opposition, to negotiate for renewal of the U.S. military lease of Diego Garcia, a British overseas territory in the Indian Ocean on which the U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles are stationed. Mark has been keeping track of progress on Jack's capture and is concerned he might come for the President and Audrey. Meanwhile, remotely piloting an armed drone from RAF Lower Heyford, Lt. Chris Tanner provides aerial reconnaissance to a U.S. military convoy in Afghanistan. The convoy stops and Tanner scans the area with the drone, but soon loses control of the drone. The drone fires at the convoy, and, despite Tanner's warnings, four soldiers are killed, including two British officers. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF02 Viewers = 8.08 ShortSummary = Chloe is a member of a hacker group, Open Cell, dedicated to exposing government secrets and led by Adrian Cross. Jack has business with them as well: he wants to track one of their members, Derrick Yates, a hacker now gone rogue. Derrick is shown to have been involved in hacking the drone that fired on the convoy. Tanner is questioned by his superiors, as his personal computer logs show that every command sent to the drone originated from his console. Kate demands to be re-instated as a field agent and to take over the hunt for Bauer, which Navarro allows, despite opposition from field agent Erik Ritter. President Heller shows signs of dementia, which worries Audrey and Mark, not only for his future as President but because he wishes to address the Parliament of the United Kingdom directly. With the help of Open Cell, Chloe and Jack track Derrick to drug dealer Basher's apartment. They are interrupted by the CIA; during the resulting stand-off, Derrick and his girlfriend escape with the device. Derrick expresses skepticism about his buyer continuing with the project, so his girlfriend kills him, steals the device, and calls her mother: the buyer, and the mastermind of the drone attack. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF03 Viewers = 6.48 ShortSummary = After finding Yates's body, Jack realizes his girlfriend has the device. She escapes Jack in a pursuit on the London Underground, but Chloe identifies her as Simone Al-Harazi, daughter of international terrorist Margot Al-Harazi. Jack berates Chloe for missing Simone, but Chloe confesses that she saw what she thought was her husband Morris and son Prescott, who were killed in an attack she believes was intended for her. They return to Open Cell, where they hear about Tanner. Jack recruits Cross to help him get into the U.S. Embassy using a fake ID so that he can question Tanner. Kate and Ritter have taken Basher and his people hostage in the aftermath of the shooting. Navarro orders them to stand down, but she kidnaps Basher and forces him to divulge that Tanner is involved in the plot. Afterwards, Erik apologizes to Kate for his earlier dismissal of her abilities. After Simone returns to Margot's base of operations, Margot decides to use drones to attack ten British targets. However, the plan is delayed when special equipment is needed to activate the device. Jack attempts to enter the embassy, but Cross purposely botches the ID to get him arrested. Realizing the ID has failed, Jack creates chaos by shooting among anti-drone protesters, who storm the embassy. Morgan, who also reaches the embassy, sees Jack walking in and pursues him. Heller, despite Mark and Audrey's concerns, insists on giving a speech in front of the Parliament. Mark's assistant prepares a rendition order handing Jack to the Russians, which requires the President's approval. Mark secretly forges Heller's signature to get the order through. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF04 Viewers = 5.72 ShortSummary = After Jack successfully infiltrates the U.S. embassy by attacking a Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and taking his raid jacket, Jack reaches Tanner and tells him that he knows of his innocence. Jack takes the flight key, hoping to collect possible intel from it. However, Jack is unable to exfiltrate after Kate and Ritter alert the embassy's Marines to his presence. Instead, he barricades himself inside a computer room to upload the data to Open Cell. Despite a rocky reception, President Heller is able to convince Parliament of his earnest sorrow over the incident, helping to secure America's continued presence at the drone base. He is briefed on the embassy situation by Boudreau. President Heller talks to Jack, who explains the plot. Audrey insists they listen to Jack, but the President decides to let the Marines seize the room by force. Simone's husband Naveed (Sacha Dhawan) has been recruited to pilot the hijacked drones, but he has second thoughts about the plan and convinces Simone to flee with him. After Simone confesses the plan, Margot compels Naveed's obedience by cutting off Simone's finger. Kate and Ritter debrief Tanner, who exonerates Jack as a co-conspirator. Kate decides she believes Jack's story, and sneaks into the room via an air vent to negotiate with him. When the Marines breach, they find that he has surrendered to her and the CIA. With the override device activated, Naveed prepares to fly the drones. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF05 Viewers = 5.71 ShortSummary = As Jack is taken into custody, Kate uploads the contents of the flight key to Open Cell, where Adrian discovers a hidden override code which can be used to control the drones. With this information in hand, President Heller orders the entire UAV fleet grounded. Unfortunately, it's too late, and Margot gains control of six of her ten targets. She follows this with a video holding Heller responsible for a drone strike that killed 26 children (as well as her husband and members of his organization), and demanding that he surrender himself to her within three hours. Heller asks Mark for confirmation of these civilian casualties, and upon receiving it, declares that they've handed Margot a "moral victory." Naveed tells Simone that he has sabotaged the video to make it traceable; Jordan discovers it, and Navarro heads up the strike team descending on the Al-Harazi compound. Jack claims that he can put Heller in contact with an arms dealer who works with the Al-Harazis, but refuses to give up a name unless he is reinstated. Kate, who has been sidelined by Navarro due to complaints from the Marines, contacts Chloe with a sneaking suspicion that the video was traced too easily. She is right: Ian discovered Naveed's sabotage, and led the CIA into a trap (an empty estate). Ian takes over drone control while Naveed is punished. Chloe, despite Adrian abandoning her, continues to work on the problem. As Heller and Davies watch the raid, she discovers the trap, and Navarro aborts the raid under advisement from Kate. But Ian launches Hellfire missiles at the estate from one of the drones, leaving the CIA contingent dazed and wounded by the explosion. Finally, Margot goes to confront Naveed. He begs for clemency from Simone, but she remains resolute, watching in silence as her mother shoots her husband through the head. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF06 Viewers = 6.18 ShortSummary = After the drone attack leaves four agents dead and six wounded, Heller reinstates Jack, allowing him to make contact with an arms dealer named Karl Rask (Aksel Hennie). Jack requests no oversight, untraceable equipment, a car, and the assistance of Kate. After learning of Heller's dementia, Davies worries about the Americans' ability to handle the incident. Whilst disposing of Naveed's body, his phone rings: it's a message from his sister Farah (Tehmina Sunny), whom he told to leave the country. Margot sends Simone to clean up the loose ends, even after Simone reports that Farah has no knowledge of anything. Mark is contacted by a Russian Embassy official (Stanley Townsend) in regard to taking custody of Jack. Mark equivocates and eventually promises to meet him face to face. Jack briefs Kate on his plan: Rask will believe Jack betrayed him, so he needs to turn an unconscious Kate over as the "true" culprit. While Rask waits for her to wake up, Chloe will hack his computer. Kate tranquilizes herself voluntarily, but British surveillance detects Jack stowing her in the boot of his car, and Davies sends in MI5 to arrest Bauer. Even worse, Rask has anti-tranquilizers, and tortures Kate to get her to talk. Belchek attempts to save her, but is subdued by MI5. They storm the warehouse, and Jack takes the opportunity to get Chloe into Rask's computer; she finds a phone number belonging to Simone, who at the moment is agonizing over the need to kill her sister-in-law and niece Yasmin (Nikita Mehta). She begs Farah to flee, but when Farah sees the knife, she begins an altercation, and Simone apologetically kills her; she chases Yasmin but gets struck by a bus. Finally, Jordan discovers traces of interference in the files concerning Kate's husband. While he attempts to reconstruct the stolen files, Navarro phones a third party to report the incident. The voice-distorted third party replies that if Jordan discovers the evidence Navarro planted to frame Adam Morgan, there will be nothing they can do to help. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF07 Viewers = 6.28 ShortSummary = Following the shootout, Jack frees Belchek and scolds the MI5 for interfering with his mission, to which they say they are just following PM Davies' order. Jack then learns from Chloe that Simone is heading to a hospital. He alerts President Heller of MI5 involvement and the new lead; Heller then presses PM Davies for his cooperation. Margot also learns of Simone's status after talking to a paramedic on the phone, and asks her friend Kareem (Amir Boutrous) to visit the hospital and determine whether the authorities know Simone's identity. Jack interrogates Simone, who refuses to talk, while Kate talks to Yasmin and learns of Simone's efforts to protect her in-laws. Kareem relays this information to Margot, who orders a drone strike on the hospital. Mark meets the Russian Embassy official, who deduces that Mark forged Heller's signature, and threatens to expose him if they don't get Jack. Navarro is contacted by his co-conspirator"?revealed to be Adrian Cross"?who informs him that Jordan is still digging for the evidence. To get rid of him, Navarro sends Jordan to a canal boat for a dead drop, where he is shot and falls into the water. Jack catches Kareem in the restricted area and gives chase; from his phone they learn of the impending drone attack. They evacuate the hospital, but Margot sees Jack, Kate and Simone on the drone's camera. After a lengthy chase, Ian loses Jack after he switches vehicles in a tunnel. Jack is ordered by Heller to meet as he and Kate are moving Simone to the CIA station. Heller secretly contacts Margot and tells her that a decision has been made regarding his surrender, while, at the canal, a wounded Jordan drags himself out of the river. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF08 Viewers = 5.63 ShortSummary = Heller informs Jack of his plan to surrender to Margot at Wembley Stadium, which Jack vehemently opposes because the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists. Heller tells Jack that he has Alzheimer's and that he has signed a resignation letter effective in less than an hour. Jack agrees to help, but he needs another person to get him what he needs. Heller informs Mark and brings him to Jack. Jack asks for the Secret Service's security plan, a helicopter and that Mark keep everyone, including Audrey, in the dark. After Jack removes a tracking device from Heller, they successfully evade the agents and leave the building. At the CIA infirmary, Kate is told Simone must have a coma induced in order to survive. Kate calls Jack with the news, but he insists she find out more from Simone no matter the risk. She forces the doctor at gunpoint to wake Simone up. Simone reveals the location of her mother, but adds that she will no longer be there. She also says Naveed hid files under the floorboards of their bedroom. A team finds a disk and Jack has Chloe analyze it. Meanwhile, Jordan calls Navarro, gives him his location and asks to be picked up. Navarro orders the assassin there. Jordan ambushes him and a fight ensues. He is able to kill the assassin, but not before getting stabbed. Chloe gets into Margot's system using the disk, but is unable to take control of the drone. Heller arrives at the stadium using the helicopter, and Ian pilots the drone there. Margot fires a missile at Heller, and the drone reports the target destroyed. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF09 Viewers = 5.71 ShortSummary = As Heller's and Davies' staff gather together to watch the aftermath of the attack at Wembley Stadium, Margot asks Ian to start ditching the drones into the sea as promised. While doing so, Ian becomes fixated on the video feed of Heller seconds before the attack, and notices a glitch - the feed was looped. At the stadium, Jack leads Heller to a car and a waiting Belcheck. Jack contacts Audrey to tell her Heller is alive and will be returning shortly. Ian manages to save one last drone and Margot orders him to target the crowded Waterloo Station. With help from Chloe and Adrian Cross, Jack and the CIA manage to locate Margot's hideout, leading to a shootout with her men. Unable to defeat Margot's defences in the corridor, Jack rappels down to the apartment window instead. Ian shoots at Jack but misses, allowing Jack to pull him out of the window, and he falls to his death. Furious, Margot attacks Jack, but he wounds and restrains her. The missile has already been launched from the drone, but Chloe tells Jack that it can still be overridden, and he is able to divert it into the river. He then brutally defenestrates the still-defiant Margot. Meanwhile, London police find Jordan and his assassin dead. Kate is called to the scene and calls Navarro, causing him to panic, as the assassin could be traced to him. He calls Cross, who agrees to help him to flee the country on the condition that he delivers the override device recovered from the hideout. While Jack is on the phone learning that the assassin is a covert operative with ties to Navarro, Navarro steals the device and flees on foot into the city. Eluding Jack's pursuit, Navarro makes arrangements to meet with Cross. Jack calls Chloe for help with the device, but she says she is finished helping him and rides away with Cross after kissing him. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF10 Viewers = 5.72 ShortSummary = After a chase, Jack is able to take Navarro into custody, but not before the override device is passed to Cross. It is revealed that the device can not only infiltrate the U.S. drone system, but is powerful enough to infiltrate and control the military networks of the U.S. and several other countries. Cross intends to share that capability with everyone to expose government secrets. Chloe attempts to steal the device but is caught by Cross. Meanwhile, Navarro is taken to the CIA station. Kate finds out that Navarro framed her husband as the mole. Navarro offers to reveal the device's location in exchange for immunity. Jack tricks Navarro to talk by having an angry Kate ready to shoot him in the infirmary, and he gives up the code to a tracking device that he placed on the override. When Chloe and Cross reach the new Open Cell location, they find everyone there has been killed. The elusive Cheng Zhi and his men then appear and take the override. It is revealed that Cheng originally had Cross develop the device to combat the U.S., but it was stolen by Derrick Yates who modified it to specifically hack drones and sold it to Margot. Cheng forces Chloe to reconfigure the device, but before she can put a virus in it she is caught. As Jack and Kate are driving to the device's location, they are suddenly attacked by a team of Russian agents. Mark has given them Jack's location when they threatened to expose his forging of the President's signature. Cross tells Chloe that the government didn't kill her husband and son; the whole thing was an accident. Cheng kills Cross, then issues a fake order using the device to trick a U.S. nuclear submarine into firing torpedoes at the Chinese aircraft carrier Shenyang. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF11 Viewers = 5.96 ShortSummary = Jack and Kate are caught in the shootout with the Russians while Cheng and his team disconnect the override device from the U.S. naval system before it can be traced. Jack is spotted on CCTV near their location, leading to Cheng discovering the tracker. He orders his men to leave Open Cell with the device and Chloe. After backup arrives to take out the Russians, Jack reaches Open Cell to find Adrian Cross dead and the device missing. However, Chloe manages to tip off Jack of Cheng's involvement by recording his voice on a cell phone, and later escapes during transport. Jack calls Heller to update him on Cheng, which upsets Audrey, as Cheng was thought to have been dead. Heller tells Chinese President Wei that the U.S. is not responsible, but Wei refuses to listen and mobilizes his military against the U.S., forcing Heller to raise the DEFCON level. Analyst Gavin Leonard reveals to Jack that Mark was the one who tipped off the Russians of his location. Jack confronts Mark, who admits his guilt. Heller wants him arrested for treason, but Jack needs his help to get to Stolnavich, who is shown to be partnered with Cheng. Mark bluffs his way into Stolnavich's compound by requesting asylum, allowing Jack and Kate's infiltration. Stolnavich discovers the ruse, tries to kill Mark, but dies in a struggle. Audrey meets with the daughter of a high-level Chinese official to show evidence of the device's previous attacks; however, a sniper takes out those around Audrey and she receives a call from Cheng to stay put. LineColor = 222222 }}

ProdCode = 9AFF12 Viewers = 6.47 ShortSummary = Searching Stolnavich's compound, Jack learns that Cheng is leaving at a port and Audrey is pinned by Cheng's sniper. Kate goes to save Audrey, while Jack goes to stop Cheng. Kate is able to rescue Audrey from the sniper, but Audrey is killed in an ambush by Cheng's men. As the United States and China come close to war, Jack infiltrates the port alongside Belchek, with Chloe monitoring. After learning of Audrey's death from Kate, a vengeful Jack kills all of Cheng's guards and hunts down Cheng, beating him in a brutal confrontation. As the war is about to commence, Jack contacts President Heller, who uses facial and voice recognition software to confirm Cheng's identity and survival. Jack decapitates Cheng with a katana, to avenge Audrey. President Heller is able to use the proof of Cheng's survival to get the Chinese to back down, with a promise of reparations for the loss of their aircraft carrier and men. When Jack finds Chloe missing, he gets a call from the Russians, who are holding her captive. The following morning, Kate resigns from the CIA, feeling responsible for Audrey's death. Mark, now in CIA custody, is being transported back to the U.S. to be put on trial. President Heller, as he prepares to escort his daughter's body home, solemnly reflects to Prime Minister Davies on how his Alzheimer's disease will soon cause him to forget he even had a daughter, let alone that she died. Jack turns himself over to the Russians, in exchange for the freedom and safety of Chloe and his family. LineColor = 222222 }}


24: Live Another Day has received positive reviews. It currently holds an 84% "Certified Fresh" rating with an average score of 7.4/10 on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Its synopsis cites this rating as a result of "strong action sequences"; however, it criticizes the season for its "familiarity and sameness". It has also received positive critical reception on Metacritic, with a Metascore of 70, signifying "generally favorable reviews".

The season's finale was met with critical acclaim, with reviewers praising the performances by Kiefer Sutherland and William Devane, the mix of fast action and emotionally wrenching content, and the skilled use of emphatic silences.

The series was nominated for Best Stunt Team at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards and for Best Limited Series and Best Actor at the 5th Critics' Choice Television Awards. It also received three nominations for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Award nominations

Organization Category Nominee(s) Result
Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, Movie or Special Sean Callery
Outstanding Sound Editing for a Limited Series, Movie or Special Pembrooke Andrews, Jeffrey R. Whitcher, Robert W. Guastini, Jeff Charbonneau, Shawn Kennelly, Melissa Kennelly, Vincent Nicastro
Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For a Limited Series or Movie Scott Powell
Screen Actors Guild Awards Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series Mark Mottran, Daniel Dow
Critics' Choice Television Awards Best Limited Series
Best Actor in a Movie or Limited Series Kiefer Sutherland

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24: Live Another Day was released on DVD and Blu-ray in region 1 on and in region 2 on .

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