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Reality TV Airdate Schedule News - March 2005

  • VH1 announces 'Surreal Life 5' cast, series to premiere September 4

    March 29, 2005
    VH1 announced Tuesday that it has begun production of its fifth The Surreal Life installment. Billed as "better, stronger and faster" than ever before, the ten-episode The Surreal Life 5 will premiere Sunday, September 4, 2005 and feature an outspoken admitted steroids user and two notorious reality show divas among its seven celebrities -- a combination expected to result in the show's most explosive cast yet.
  • Spike TV debuts 'Joe Schmo' producers' 'Invasion Iowa' reality mini-series starring William Shatner

    March 29, 2005
    Invasion Iowa, a four-part "reality mini-series" in which The Joe Schmo Show's producers teamed with William Shatner to pull an elaborate reality hoax on the entire population of a small Iowa town, will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, March 29 at 9PM ET/PT. Airing at 9PM ET/PT during each of the following three evenings, Invasion Iowa will conclude its four-night run on the most famous hoax day of the year -- April Fool's Day (Friday, April 1.)
  • NBC to air special Easter Sunday 'The Contender' recap episode

    March 25, 2005
    NBC announced today that it would add a special "recap edition" of its The Contender reality-competition boxing show, to be shown on Sunday, March 27 (Easter Sunday) at 7PM ET/PT. This special edition will serve as the lead-in to the show's regularly scheduled 8PM broadcast of its fifth episode..
  • TV Land brings Farrah Fawcett back to TV with 'Chasing Farrah' debut

    March 23, 2005
    Put a TV star who ruled American airwaves (and whose poster dominated adolescent male bedrooms) during the 1970s together with a TV network that rebroadcasts shows from the 1960s through the 1980s, and what do you get? A reality TV match made in heaven.
  • Vote error forces Fox to rebroadcast 'American Idol', reopen voting

    March 23, 2005
    Due to some on-screen graphics errors that resulted in the incorrect voting numbers being displayed for several of its eleven remaining American Idol finalists, Fox has announced that it has thrown out the votes from Tuesday evening's Week 2 finals performance show and will instead rebroadcast a new live and updated version of the one-hour performance show in the place of tonight's originally scheduled American Idol results show.
  • The WB moves 'The Starlet' back to Tuesdays following poor Sunday debut ratings

    March 15, 2005
    The WB announced last week that after being watched by a miniscule 1.69 million viewers during its Sunday, March 6 premiere -- a performance that ranked it 114th out of the 116 primetime network shows airing that week -- its new The Starlet reality series will now air regularly on Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT.
  • 'Survivor: Palau' moves to Wednesdays due to NCAA basketball

    March 11, 2005
    Survivor viewers, mark your calendars -- in what has become an annual rite of spring, Survivor: Palau will air on Wednesday evenings at 8PM ET/PT on March 16 and March 23.
  • MTV debuts 'PoweR Girls' series featuring PR flak/socialite Lizzie Grubman

    March 10, 2005
    If the measure of fame is getting your name in the paper, then New York City public relations flack Lizzie Grubman is one of the most famous people in the Big Apple. Beginning tonight at 10:30 PM ET, MTV will try to capitalize on Lizzie's fame (or should that be infamy?) with a six-part reality series entitled PoweR Girls that focuses on Lizzie, 33, and four of her protégées at work and play.
  • Oxygen's 'Mr. Romance' reality series to premiere March 14

    March 9, 2005
    Cable's Oxygen network has announced that its new Mr. Romance reality-comedy series that will "search for the next Fabio" will premiere Monday. March 14 at 10PM ET/PT. Created by Gene Simmons of KISS fame, Mr. Romance will feature twelve beefy hunks competing for a $50,000 cash prize and a contract to appear on the covers of Harlequin romance books.
  • TBS's 'The Real Gilligan's Island 2' to premiere June 8

    March 8, 2005
    TBS has announced that The Real Gilligan's Island 2, a second edition of The Real Gilligan's Island reality series that it aired late last year, will premiere Wednesday, June 8 at 9PM ET/PT.
  • The WB bumps 'The Starlet' to Sundays as premiere moved to March 6

    March 2, 2005
    The WB has announced that The Starlet, its new upcoming Top Model-like reality series in which ten young aspiring actresses will compete to win a prize package that includes representation and a one-year talent deal with The WB, has been moved from Tuesdays to Sundays.
  • Fox cuts 'American Idol 4' results show back to thirty minutes

    March 2, 2005
    After weeks of more and more American Idol programming, someone at Fox appears to have finally said "enough."



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