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The 14th season of The Bachelorette premiered on May 28, 2018. This season features Becca Kufrin, a 28-year-old publicist from Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Kufrin was the winner of the 22nd season of The Bachelor featuring Arie Luyendyk Jr.; however, Luyendyk broke off his engagement with Kufrin to resume a relationship with runner-up Lauren Burnham prior to the After the Final Rose special.

Development and production

Casting began during season thirteen of The Bachelorette. Kufrin was named as the bachelorette during the After the Final Rose special of Season 22 of The Bachelor on March 6, 2018.

This season's cast includes Philadelphia Eagles tight end Clay Harbor and undrafted free agent Colton Underwood.

Filming was reported in Richmond, Virginia during April 6 - 9 at Lombardy Street, Virginia State Capitol, Edgar Allan Poe Museum, Veil Brewing Company and Carpenter Theatre.


The season began with 28 contestants.

Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place Ref
Blake Horstmann 28 Bailey, Colorado Sales Rep Participating
Garrett Yrigoyen 29 Reno, Nevada Medical Sales Rep
Jason Tartick 29 Buffalo, New York Senior Corporate Banker Week 9 3
Colton Underwood 26 Washington, Illinois Former Pro Football Player Week 8 4
Wills Reid 29 Los Angeles, California Graphic Designer Week 7 5
Leo Dottavio 31 Los Angeles, California Stuntman 6
Connor Obrochta 25 St. Petersburg, Florida Fitness Coach Week 6 7-8
Lincoln Adim 26 Boston, Massachusetts Account Sales Executive
Chris Randone 30 Pleasantville, New York Sales Trainer 9
John Graham 28 Chicago, Illinois Software Engineer Week 5 10
Jordan Kimball 26 Crystal River, Florida Male Model 11
David Ravitz 25 Cherry Hill, New Jersey Venture Capitalist 12
Christon Staples 31 Los Angeles, California Former Harlem Globetrotter Week 4 13-14
Nick Spetsas 27 Palm Coast, Florida Attorney
Jean Blanc 31 Boston, Massachusetts Colognoisseur 15
Michael "Mike" Renner 27 Cincinnati, Ohio Sports Analyst Week 3 16-17
Ryan Peterson 26 Mashpee, Massachusetts Banjoist
Clay Harbor 30 Dwight, Illinois Pro Football Player 18 (quit)
Alex Templeman 31 Atlanta, Georgia Construction Manager Week 2 19-21
Rickey Jasper 27 Ashburn, Virginia IT Consultant
Trent Jespersen 28 Carroll, Iowa Realtor
Chase Vergason 27 Sanford, Florida Advertising Vice President Week 1 22-27
Christian Estrada 28 San Diego, California Banker
Darius Feaster 26 Madison, Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Grant Vandevanter 27 Danville, California Electrician
Joe Amabile 31 Chicago, Illinois Grocery Store Owner
Kamil Nicalek 30 Monroe, New York Social Media Participant
Jake Enyeart 29 Minneapolis, Minnesota Marketing Consultant 28

Future appearances

Bachelor in Paradise

David Ravitz, Joe Amabile, John Graham, Jordan Kimball and Nick Spetsas will compete in the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise where the cast was announced. Chris Randone, Colton Underwood, Connor Obrochta and Wills Reid will join them following their respective eliminations.

Call-out order

Order Bachelors Episode / Week
1401 1402 1403/1404 1404 1405 1406 1407 1408 1409 1410
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Colton Garrett Garrett Colton Jason Colton Blake Garrett
2 Grant Lincoln Blake Chris Wills Blake Colton Garrett Jason Blake
3 Clay Blake Wills David Leo Garrett Leo Blake Garrett Jason
4 Rickey Chris Jason Colton Jason Garrett Jason Colton
5 Connor Jason Wills Blake Wills Blake Wills
6 Joe Christon John Nick Jason Lincoln Wills Leo
7 John Clay Clay Christon Connor Leo Connor
8 Leo Wills Mike Lincoln Lincoln Connor
9 Jordan Connor Connor Blake John Chris Chris
10 Rickey Jason Leo Garrett Chris John
11 Alex John David Leo David Jordan
12 Nick Ryan Garrett John Jordan David
13 Mike Alex Nick Connor Christon
14 Garrett Nick Ryan Jordan
15 Blake Trent Christon
16 Lincoln Colton Jordan Mike
17 Chase David Lincoln
18 Darius Jordan Colton Clay
19 Ryan Leo Alex
20 Christon Mike
21 Wills Chris
22 Jason Chase
23 Kamil
24 Jake
25 Trent
26 Christian
27 David
28 Chris Jake
The contestant received a first impression rose
The contestant received a rose during a date
The contestant received a rose during the cocktail party
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant was eliminated during a date
The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
The contestant originally received a rose during a date, but later quit the competition
The contestant won the competition


| ProdCode = 1401 | Viewers = 5.50 | ShortSummary = Becca arrives at the Bachelor mansion and meets with three former Bachelorettes: Kaitlyn Bristowe, JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay who give their opinions and advice about finding love. JoJo burns a sage to cleanse the house of unpleasant memories. Later that night, Becca meets twenty-eight men when the limos arrive. Colton brings a party popper to start things with a pop; Jean Blanc speaks French to Becca; Connor offers a ring and mimics a proposal with Becca's famous phrase; Mike holds a large cardboard of Arie Luyendyk Jr. so he can see Becca happy with other men; Garrett drives a minivan filled with diaper bags, car seats and a soccer ball; Blake presents an ox; Trent appears out of hearse; David wears a chicken suit and Chris presents a church choir group to sing a gospel song for Becca. Once they are all inside, Clay shows Becca a set of clay to help her remember his name. Christon, a former Harlem Globetrotter plays basketball with Becca and slam dunks by jumping over her head. The guys get excited and play a pick-up game. Garrett takes Becca fishing in the swimming pool, reminding her of how she grew up fishing with her dad. Becca recognizes Jake as someone she has met several times living in Minneapolis. Becca talks to him one-on-one, and because she does not trust his motives, she sends him home. Chris and Chase are acquainted and live in the same state and Chris learns that one of Chase's ex-girlfriends thinks he isn't on the show for the right reasons. Becca talks to both men to try and sort out the situation. Garrett gets the first impression rose. At the rose ceremony, Chase, Christian, Darius, Grant, Joe and Kamil were sent home. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1402 | Viewers = 5.81 | ShortSummary = Eight men are chosen for the first group date and they travel to Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu to meet with Becca. She has them change into tuxedos and they compete in a wedding-themed obstacle course hosted by Bachelorette couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo. The obstacle course includes wedding themed events, such as Slippery Slope, Get Over Your Exes, Ball and Chain, and Eating Cake with no hands. Lincoln wins the challenge and takes a photo with Becca at the altar. In the after party, Lincoln brings his picture frame and displays it in front of the other guys and Connor feels that he is rubbing the victory in their faces. The argument escalates until Connor throws Lincoln's photo in the pool, smashing the glass. Lincoln tells Becca, and she in turn tells Connor she's not looking for someone who can't control their emotions. Connor apologizes and hopes he can prove to her he isn't like that. Jean Blanc gets the group date rose. Immediately after the date, Colton and Jason gossip about the drama with Lincoln. Blake gets the first one-on-one date for the season and he and Becca travel to an abandoned warehouse. Chris Harrison tells them they will be dealing with Becca's past from The Bachelor. Inside, they are shown various things that recall Becca's past with Arie, including a race car, champagne, a fish tank, a flock of hanging hearts, a dining room set, several TV monitors showing Becca's proposal with Arie and the couch where Arie dumped her. Lil Jon appears and raps a song while Becca and Blake destroy everything. During dinner, Blake reveals that he also has been blindsided by someone he loves. Becca feels a connection between them and Blake gets the rose. For the second group date, ten men go to a school gymnasium to play dodgeball with middle school kids. For the second part of the date, they split up into two teams of five in a trampoline stadium and battle it out in front of an audience of strangers. Chris Harrison and Fred Willard are the judges and Leo shows exemplary dodgeball skills. At the after party, Colton reveals to Becca that he recently had been talking/dating Tia Booth from the most recent season of The Bachelor prior to coming on this show. Becca can't decide how she feels about the situation. Wills gets the group date rose. At the cocktail party, Jordan takes off most of his clothes, walking around to the other guys and comes interrupts Becca and David's conversation. David is upset and claims that Jordan has disrespected him and Becca. Connor lets Becca throw a picture of him in the pool to get a fresh start. Becca and Colton talk again and she makes it clear she still hasn't made up her mind. In the rose ceremony, Alex, Rickey and Trent were sent home. Colton gets to stay. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1403 | Viewers = 5.49 | ShortSummary = David and Jordan start the episode bickering and drama continues to brew between them. Prior to start of the group date, Colton expresses his relief at receiving a rose and hopes his previous relationship with Tia will not hinder his and Becca's relationship. He and the other five men go to a spa for a group date with Becca's fellow The Bachelor contestants: Tia, Caroline Lunny, Bekah Martinez, Seinne Fleming and Kendall Long. The men "work" as spa attendants to pamper Becca and her friends and then its the ladies' turn to do the men. Becca gives her concerns to Tia about Colton. She is worried that he actually signed up to the show hoping that Tia would be chosen as the Bachelorette. At the after party, Jordan reveals to the other guys that he has 4,000 Tinder matches. David tells Becca about this, believing Jordan is not there for the right reasons. She expresses her anger to Jordan in front of the other men. Jordan fights with David over his intentions. Colton gets the group date rose. Chris goes on a one-on-one date, he and Becca travel to Capitol Records studios where they meet singer-songwriter Richard Marx who asks them to write a love song about their relationship so far, but Chris struggles to express his feelings. During dinner, Chris tells Becca about his family issues, that his parents divorced when he was a child and reveals that he wrote a letter to his estranged father a few years ago that was never acknowledged. Chris gets the rose and Marx sings "Right Here Waiting" to serenade the couple. Suddenly, David is sent to the hospital. The next day, Chris Harrison tells Becca that David is in intensive care with serious injuries, after a fall from the top bunk. The other men express concern. The ten men travel to Ventura College field grounds for a football game date called "The Becca Bowl". Legends Football League players Malissa Miles and Dina Karkowski coach the guys in two teams of five, while Harrison and Keyshawn Johnson are giving commentary. Clay, an experienced football player, leads his team to victory but a bad fall causes him to be sent to the hospital. At the after party, Clay joins the other guys with a cast on his left arm, he gives Becca a kiss and receives the group date rose. At the cocktail party, Connor shows Becca how to play baseball. Then, Clay makes a difficult decision that he has to have a surgery on his wrist and therefore must leave the competition. There was no rose ceremony due to this. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1404 | Viewers = 5.70 | ShortSummary = Picking up from the previous week's cocktail party, Becca gives Jordan a pair of astonishing gold boxer shorts as a joke. David returns to the mansion with a busted face after his fall, and tells Becca how he is feeling. Becca gives him a rose during the cocktail party, so he can go get some rest and skip the rose ceremony. At the rose ceremony, Mike and Ryan were sent home. Becca shortly announces to the remaining guys that they are heading to Park City, Utah. Garrett goes on his one-on-one with Becca to explore Park City visiting shops on a busy street where they tried on alpaca hats and did kombucha shots. When they reach Utah Olympic Park via ski lift, Olympians Valerie Fleming and Shauna Rohbock are there to show them how to ride a bobsled. During dinner, Garrett tells Becca about his difficult past, revealing that he is a divorcee and his ex-wife became very abusive to him. Garrett gets the rose and they attend a concert by Granger Smith. The thirteen men go to Wasatch Mountain State Park for a group date where they meet with Becca to participate in a lumberjack competition called Becca's Big Lumberjack Bash. They meet with lumberjack experts, Kendall and Billy who instruct the men on how to practice logging skills. They make two teams and create a competition which has five events: ax throwing, log flipping, sawing, log rolling and pole climbing. Blake has extensive outdoor experience and securely dominates all events for Team Red, but Team Blue wins after John seals victory. At the after party, Jordan wears his gold boxer shorts to mess around, but it rubs Colton up the wrong way and they argue about his immaturity. Jean Blanc gives Becca a present of a customized perfume for her and they kiss. During Lincoln's alone time with Becca, Jean Blanc interrupts, asking for more time. He then tells her that he is falling in love with her, but she makes it clear that she doesn't feel the same way about him yet. While they are walking outside, Jean Blanc questions Becca's panic, and when she tells him she doesn't return his feelings of love, he takes back what he said. Becca feels he was only saying what he thought she wanted to hear, and Jean Blanc is sent home, as Becca feels he is being dishonest. Becca becomes upset, and warns the other men that she demands honesty. Wills gets his one-on-one with Becca where they ride a snowmobile through Thousand Peaks Park. Wills shares his story with Becca that he had an emotional previous relationship and he receives the rose. The cocktail party is cancelled, as Becca feels she knows what she wants to do, and instead there is a rose ceremony. Christon and Nick are sent home. Jordan stays and fears that he and David will continue fighting, and vows to make a strong move with Becca in the next week. Becca tells the men they are heading to Las Vegas. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1405 | Viewers = 5.78 | ShortSummary = The twelve remaining men arrive in Las Vegas. Colton gets his one-on-one date with Becca where they ride camels on a camel safari until they reach a hot tub. They relax and kiss. Colton tells Becca that he has moved on from his situation with Tia and also opens up about his previous relationship, and he gets the rose. Nine men traveled to Casa de Shenandoah estate where they meet with "Mr. Las Vegas" himself, Wayne Newton and he guides them around his house. Newton brings in his wife Kathleen to meet the Bachelorette and the men. Newton asks the men to write a song, changing the lyrics of his well-known song "Danke Schoen". Chris is hilarious and excited with his composed song which is similar to his one-on-one date in week three. The men have to perform on a stage with Newton and Becca herself. John has a positive attitude about his singing talent. At the after party which took place at T-Mobile Arena, Chris doesn't try to get time with Becca due to his high confidence about his performance, and ends up getting nothing when Blake gets a lot of time with Becca. Blake tells her that he is falling in love with her, and they share a passionate kiss. He receives the group date rose. David and Jordan get the two-on-one date and meet with Becca at Valley of Fire State Park. The two rivals are not very impressed. Jordan talks to Becca about on his casino past, but she confronts him over David's comments that Jordan said he was settling for Becca. When Jordan comes back, he and David start a heated argument. Becca sends David home, but tells Jordan he has not earned the rose yet. During dinner, Jordan is merely pleased to talk about his modeling gigs and Becca sees she has no connection with Jordan, and she sends him home. At the cocktail party, Chris interrupts Becca and Wills to discuss he feels she owes him more time, which she disagrees with. Wills returns a minute later, and asks Chris to leave and let him continue his conversation with Becca. At the rose ceremony, John is eliminated. Afterwards, Becca and the remaining men will be traveled to Richmond, Virginia. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1406 | Viewers = 5.30 | ShortSummary = The nine guys traveled to Richmond, Virginia for the week. Becca meets with Chris Harrison to give debriefing about the upcoming dates. Prior to start for the first date, Chris and Lincoln started to bicker that caused to have argument on each other. Jason got his one-on-one date to explore the sights of historical landmarks in Downtown Richmond (St. John's Episcopal Church and Edgar Allan Poe Museum) where they stopped by at Veil Brewing Company, Jason surprised to see his friends over. During dinner, Jason had his breaking story when his grandmother who had Alzheimer's, Becca gave the rose to him. The seven men took for a group date dressed in suits to visit Virginia State Capitol to meet the impersonators of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln where they announced them on the debate called "Beccalection". Harrison and Becca are the judges, along with the impersonator Presidents. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam makes his appearance as an audience member. Chris was truly dishonest to the crowd, Lincoln called him "malicious and aggressive", recalled about the argument. Both Chris and Lincoln would make a lot of disagreements. At the after party, Becca asked the guys to give a drama, Lincoln called over that didn't make happen on his arrogance over Chris. When Chris shows up to Becca, he felt having a little doubts and confronts Lincoln once again. Colton receives the group date rose. Leo got on his one-on-one and flew on a private plane through an aerial tour of Virginia and they landed in Chesapeake where they seen hundreds of oysters around Chesapeake Bay to grab them and shuck, he and Becca gave a toast on a forage of oysters. The dinner took place at Old City Hall, Leo and Becca chatted together about his relationship with his father that are very close and was idolized him as a chid. Leo got the rose and attended a public concert at Carpenter Theatre with Morgan Evans single "Kiss Somebody" on a stage. Shortly after the date, Chris came over to see Becca where he isn't unhappy and talks to her on her hotel room, Becca tells him about on his erratic and manipulative behavior, cause a tendency over his issues and Becca sent him home. The remaining men knew that would have a cocktail party at Dover Hall, but Harrison showed up the cocktail party will never happen and got straight to the rose ceremony. At the ceremony, Connor and Lincoln were sent home. Then, Becca announced the remaining men to be going to The Bahamas. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1407 | Viewers = 5.68 | ShortSummary = The men have arrived at Baha Mar hotel in Nassau, Becca gets head-to-head talk with Chris Harrison for an usual pre-date activities. Colton gets his one-on-one date riding through a catamaran where a local man seen them waiting on their boat to get a mollusk down on the ocean below. Colton reveals to Becca that he is a virgin and tells her about his experience in an athletic environment. Becca briefly leaves the dinner for a while, but ultimately gives Colton receives the rose. Garrett receives the second one-on-one, riding a seaplane with Becca to explore the Bahamas. Garrett expresses his feelings to Becca where he explains to her that she is what he is looking for in a partner; Garrett receives the rose. Blake receives the final one-on-one date, where he and Becca listen to various songs from Baha Men and dance together. Then, they talk on the beach where Blake reveals that his parents divorced while he was in high school as a result of his mom having an affair. Becca reassures him and gives him a rose. Wills, Jason and Leo go on the group date where they rode on a boat to a private island and play a volleyball with Becca. Becca talks with Leo, who is anxious about his connection with Becca. They both have different futures envisioned; Becca sends him home and takes Wills and Jason to dinner. Becca ultimately decides that she has a stronger connection with Jason, and gives him the group date rose, sending Wills home in tears. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1408 | Viewers = 6.31 | ShortSummary = Becca visits Garrett's hometown of Manteca, California to visit his family's farm where his father is involved in the agriculture industry, they plant tomatoes on a muddy field. Then, Becca meets Garrett's family, especially his older sister that he is so close and made opinions about his previous relationship, when his mother found out to Becca that Garrett's decision might be getting hard at the end. Becca goes next to Jason's hometown of Buffalo, New York to visit the city. They traveled to Anchor Bar to eat a platter of Buffalo wings, then they had to do play ice hockey together at HarborCenter. Jason realizes about on his brother having married a male partner in which he thinks his step about marriage. Jason's mom gives feeling over Becca that can be interacting where she has a courage on her son's relationship. Next is the town of Bailey, Colorado to explore Blake on his hometown visit, he accompanied Becca to his alma mater, Platte Canyon High School to give her a tour of the entire school including the school's track and field coach, and even they see his high school picture posted on a wall. Then, Betty Who performs at the school auditorium. Later, Becca meets Blake's family, his mother told him that he is deeply in love with Becca, when his stepdad isn't assure about on his parents divorce that his past was a bit difficult. Next, Becca travels to Parker, Colorado where Colton lives, they went to Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora volunteer two kids with cystic fibrosis that have to spend time with them. When Becca meets Colton's large family, he tells his mother about virginity where his dad doesn't make a matter on a debacle, despite about Becca's deal on her previous engagement, Colton's dad gives a bit concern that would be getting less difficult. In Los Angeles, Becca reunites with her old squad from The Bachelor to tell the stories, Tia gives an one-on-one with Becca to talk about the possibility of Colton. At the start of the rose ceremony, Colton told to Chris Harrison about issues on being a virgin and he was sent home. Becca announced the three men will be going to Chiang Mai, Thailand. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = 1409 | Viewers = 5.91 | ShortSummary = Becca arrives in Chiang Mai to start on the overnight dates for the three men. Blake's date started a hike on the steps of the ancient temple as they ring the temple's bell until reaching through inside the temple blessed with these Buddhist monks and telling importance about honesty, patience and give a better relationship. Blake told his story to Becca on his past relationship and receives the fantasy suite invitation. Jason's date exploring landmarks in the city with Becca, especially Sunday market where they eat crickets from a street food stall. When they are strolling into the temple, Becca wanders around that made more harder cause a big upset, leaving Jason sat down on the temple. During dinner, Jason and Becca both realize with the personal matters, Becca walks briefly that she hasn't reassured to be in love with him, Jason declined the fantasy suite and was sent home, Becca became sobbed and heartbroken that how she reminded her past heartbreak with Arie during The Bachelor. Garrett rode on a bamboo raft into a river with Becca. Becca questions Garrett about his love life that he would be having to prepare for another engagement, he went through his worst manners, Becca gets started a conversation on Garrett and made his luck that his family loved her during the hometown date. Garrett received the fantasy suite invitation as well. The day of the rose ceremony, Jason walked to see Becca in her hotel room and she is anxiously surprised, they talk each other where he presents her a scrapbook before leaving. Garrett and Blake are receiving roses during the ceremony. | LineColor = DDA0DD }}

| ProdCode = N/A | Viewers = 5.47 | ShortSummary = The seventeen eliminated men were in the audience. Several of the contestants spoke of their lives after the competition, Jordan started to make an accusation and bicker the men, Christian confronted him that stood over to give head-to-head against at each other, and insulted Kamil on his rude tenacity. Joe, who got eliminated in night one, became very popular since the show that is considered a fan favorite, he told that is still single and reacted on his social media whereabouts that fans aren't definitely telling him. He is announced that he will be on Bachelor in Paradise. Wills shows up wearing plaid suit and a red boots, that makes his fashion sense irresistible. Colton came through on his story about he spent time with Tia before The Bachelor was aired, that did not speak together since his elimination of the show and he told Chris Harrison about his virginity. Jason goes next that has a good conversation how his brother would make him a moral support with the LGBT community. Becca later joins with the men to discuss an issues to deal with, Chris talked to her about on his shocking exit in Richmond, Becca gave him an apology when the church gospel choir surprised at the audience where they sing a song. Then, bloopers is shown that the most part is guys are bumped on a chandelier a dozen times, Becca tried to catch a peacock in Las Vegas date and Harrison sees a 12-year-old girl watching Beccalection debate in Richmond, Harrison asked her to learn American history in the future. | LineColor = DDA0DD }} </ref> | OriginalAirDate = | ProdCode = 1410 | Viewers = | ShortSummary = | LineColor = DDA0DD }} }}


Garrett Yrigoyen Instagram content

The show came under fire when it was revealed that Garrett Yrigoyen, who was the recipient of the "First Impression" rose, had liked offensive posts on Instagram that mocked the trans community, immigrants, and liberal women, along with one post that referred to a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting as a crisis actor. Yrigoyen later apologized on Instagram for the hurt and offense that liking the posts may have caused and stated that he will be more mindful of what he likes in the future as those likes "were not a true reflection of [him] or [his morals]".

Lincoln Adim sexual misconduct charges

On June 13, 2018, the show came under more fire for allowing contestant Lincoln Adim to be on the show after he had been charged with groping and assaulting a woman on a harbor cruise ship on May 30, 2016. Adim was convicted of this crime after he had finished filming and one week before the season premiered. Adim will have to register as a sex-offender. Warner Bros., who produces the show, claims that Adim lied about facing sexual misconduct charges and that they use a third-party company to do background checks, claiming:

Colton Underwood drama

In January 2018, prior to being cast for The Bachelorette, Underwood had a brief relationship with The Bachelor season 22 contestant Tia Booth. Kufrin was made aware of the relationship early in the season but after Underwood received a hometown date, Booth came back and told Kufrin that she still had feelings. Underwood was then eliminated.

During Underwood's hometown date, he revealed to Kufrin that she was the first girl he has brought home to meet him family. This was later proven to be untrue as fans of the show found old pictures of Underwood's ex-girlfriend, Aly Raisman, at his home with his family.

After Underwood disclosed to Kufrin that he is a virgin, Wendy Williams commented on her show that she "[doesn't] trust people that have never had a drink, a smoke, and [she doesn't] trust people that have never had sex". Williams received criticism from some fans, saying she humiliated Underwood and that virgin-shaming was not okay. Underwood responded to Williams on Twitter by stating "Don"?t trust a virgin, but you"?ll trust your 3 baby daddies who cheat on you every weekend. Okay". The tweet was ill-received by some fans of The Bachelorette, believing it had racist and slut-shaming undertones.

Leo Dottavio sexual harassment allegations

On August 1, former The Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez shared a screenhot on her Instagram of Dottavio leaving a lewd comment on a woman's photo. Dottavio claimed the screenshot was photoshopped. After Martinez's original post, she posted screenshots of many direct messages she received accusing Dottavio of other acts of sexual harassment ranging from making women uncomfortable to sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals. Dottavio posted a response to his Instagram stating that no one had "directly accused" him of sexual harassment and that he wants to "right [his] wrongs and speak to any woman that wants to tell [him] how and when [he] made them feel uncomfortable. [He] want[s] to take this as an opportunity to better [him]self and the treatment of women in [his] life".

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