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Sundra Oakley (Born January 2, 1975 in Queens, New York) is an American actress and reality television participant. She was born to Jamaican parents. She received her Bachelor's Degree from New York University, as well as studying at Georgetown University. She has appeared on an episode of Sex and the City (Episode No Ifs, Ands or Butts) and CSI: Miami.

Oakley was a contestant on Survivor: Cook Islands, although she started out as an alternate and was brought in late. Although making it to the final four, she lost to Becky Lee in a tie vote, decided by a fire-making challenge. Both women were given flint, a knife, and kindling with which to build a fire that needed to burn through a string approximately 18 inches high. However, after an hour, neither was able to maintain a fire. After 1 hour, host Jeff Probst announced that both would be given matches. After 30 minutes, Oakley ran out of matches without having started a fire. Lee complete the challenge and became one of the final three, thus making Oakley the final member of the jury.

She is a single mom who lives with her son, Carsun.

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