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Survivor: Cook Islands is the thirteenth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor, having premiered on September 14, 2006. The location was discovered by a Survivor maps website before it was officially revealed on the Survivor: Panama reunion. The two-hour season finale aired on December 17, 2006, followed by the Reunion show live from CBS Television City in Los Angeles.

During this season of Survivor, the contestants were divided into four tribes by ethnicity; African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and White American, a decision that generated some controversy prior to the premiere. Besides random division or team-choosing by the contestants, tribes had previously been divided by gender and/or age. The respective tribes' names were Manihiki ("Hiki"), Puka Puka ("Puka"), Aitutaki ("Aitu"), and Rarotonga ("Raro"). These four tribes were named after islands located in the Cook Islands. In the third episode, the four tribes evenly divided into two new mixed tribes, just Aitutaki and Rarotonga. After the merge, the tribe decided to name themselves Aitutonga.

A mutiny offer was made to all remaining players during this season. In Survivor: Thailand, mutiny was offered but no one accepted the offer. In this season, two players from the same tribe accepted the mutiny offer, which turned out to be a critically important turning point in the game, as it caused the remaining four members of that tribe to become underdogs through the rest of the competition.

During the Immunity challenge in Episode 9, the losing tribe was given a bottle with a note in it that was only to be revealed after that tribe voted off a member at the following Tribal Council. As it turned out, the note required the losing tribe to immediately vote a second person off, thus creating the first time one tribe has voted off two members during a single Tribal Council.

The concept of Exile Island returned, with a hidden immunity idol located somewhere on the island. While the idol itself was never used to prevent a player from being eliminated, it was used strategically as a lure to swing a vote at a key turning point in the game.

Instead of the usual Final Two players facing a jury of seven, there was a Final Three facing a jury of nine, which included players that were voted out before the merge. The final jury setup meant that a two or three-way tie to decide the winner of the game was possible, though the method to resolve this tie was unknown at the time.

In the end, Yul Kwon defeated Ozzy Lusth and Becky Lee by a vote of 5"4"0 to become the Sole Survivor.

Ozzy Lusth, Jonathan Penner, and Parvati Shallow were selected to be three of the Favorites of Survivor: Micronesia. That season, they placed 9th, 15th, and 1st, respectively.

Shallow would again return for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains along with Candice Woodcock. Shallow was a part of the 'Villains' tribe, and Woodcock was a member of the 'Heroes' tribe. Woodcock was voted out on Day 31 where she placed 8th. Shallow placed 2nd, losing out to Sandra Diaz-Twine in the final.

Lusth would also return for a third time in Survivor: South Pacific. He returned from Redemption Island twice, but was unable to make it to the end, eventually finishing in 4th place and becoming the first person to be voted out three times in the same season.

Penner returned for his third time in Survivor: Philippines where he placed 7th.

The complete season (including the mid-season recap episode and live Reunion show) was released on DVD on December 11, 2012, available exclusively through

Season summary

The 20 players were initially divided into four tribes based on race for the first six days of the competition, but later merged into two tribes. An early visit to Exile island resulted in Yul discovering the hidden immunity idol. With the tribes nearly equal on Day 19, Probst announced that any tribe member may mutiny and join the other tribe; Candice and Jonathan opted for this move, leaving the Aitutaki tribe at four members, consisting of Yul, Ozzy, Becky, and Sundra, and an eight-strong Rarotonga tribe. However, this served to only increase the determination of the Aitutaki tribe; between strong teamwork skills, Yul's intelligence, and Ozzy's swimming skills, Aitutaki remained strong and continued to win both tribal and individual challenges and systematically eliminated the Rarotonga members. When the Aitutaki 4 were down to 5 remaining Rarotonga members, Yul cemented his Aitutaki alliance by showing them the idol, and convinced Jonathan to vote along with them in order to even the numbers. The Aitutaki 4 would eventually remain in domination of the game, and ended up as the final four. With Yul holding the hidden immunity idol and Ozzy winning the final challenge, the four agreed to let a fire-making challenge decide who would join them at the Final Tribal Council; despite this taking more than an hour to complete, Becky emerged victorious. The jury, seeing Becky's coat-tailing of Yul and poor performance at the fire-making challenge, did not consider any votes for her, and Yul's brains edged out Ozzy's brawn, 5 votes to 4.


Contestant Original Tribe Absorbed Tribe Tribe Post-Mutiny Merged Tribe Finish Total votes
Sekou Bunch
45, Los Angeles, CA
Billy Garcia
36, New York, NY
Cecilia Mansilla
29, Thousand Oaks, CA
J.P. Calderon
30, Santa Monica, CA
Stephannie Favor
35, Columbia, SC

42, Christiansburg, VA
Cristina Coria
35, Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Smith
27, Chico, CA
Brad Virata
29, Los Angeles, CA

Day 21}}
Rebecca Borman
34, Laurelton, NY

Day 24}}
Jenny Guzon-Bae
36, Lake Forest, IL

Day 24}}
Nate Gonzalez
26, Los Angeles, CA
Day 27}}
Candice Woodcock
23, Fayetteville, NC

Day 30}}
Jonathan Penner
44, Los Angeles, CA

Day 33}}
Parvati Shallow
23, Vero Beach, FL

Day 36}}
Adam Gentry
28, San Diego, CA

Day 37}}
Sundra Oakley
31, Los Angeles, CA

Day 38}}
Becky Lee
28, Washington, D.C.
Ozzy Lusth
25, Fresno, CA
Yul Kwon
31, Queens, NY
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.

The game

As said on the Exile Island reunion show, the concept of an Exile Island returns — with new twist(s). According to a local guidebook, pre-production began in the spring of 2006 and principal filming began on July 3, 2006 and ran through August 11, 2006, for broadcast in September.

Episode Title Air Date Challenges Exiled Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
"I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens" September 14, 2006 colspan=2 rowspan=3 rowspan=3 3"2 1st Voted Out
Day 3
"Dire Strengths and Dead Weight" September 21, 2006 colspan=2 rowspan=3 rowspan=3 4"1
"Flirting and Frustration" September 28, 2006 None 5"3 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
"Ruling the Roost" October 5, 2006 7"2 4th Voted Out
Day 11
"Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus" October 12, 2006 7"1 5th Voted Out
Day 14
"Plan Voodoo" October 19, 2006 rowspan=2 rowspan=2 None 6"1"1 6th Voted Out
Day 15
4"2 7th Voted Out
Day 15
align="left" align="left" colspan=10
"Why Aren't You Swimming?!" November 2, 2006 6"1 8th Voted Out
Day 18
"Mutiny" November 9, 2006 7"1 9th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
"People That You Like Want To See You Suffer" November 16, 2006 rowspan=2 rowspan=2 rowspan=2 6"1 10th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
4"2 11th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 24
"Why Would You Trust Me?" November 23, 2006 None None 5"4 12th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 27
"You're a Rat..." November 30, 2006 Survivor Auction 5"3 13th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 30
"Arranging a Hit" December 7, 2006 6"1 14th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 33
"I Have the Advantage...For Once" December 14, 2006
} | | | |4"2 |15th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36 |- |align="left" rowspan=2|"This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3..." |rowspan=2 align="left"|December 17, 2006 |rowspan=2|None | |rowspan=2|None | |4"1 |16th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 37 |- | | |2"2 |17th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 38 |- |align="left" rowspan=3|"Reunion" |rowspan=3 align="left"|December 17, 2006 |rowspan=3 colspan=3|Jury Vote | |rowspan=3|5"4"0 |2nd Runner-Up |- | |Runner-Up |- | |Sole Survivor |- |}

In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.
^: The challenge was a combined reward and immunity challenge. In addition, Puka Puka received an additional reward for coming in first.
^: The challenge was a combined reward and immunity challenge. Puka Puka and Rarotonga tied for first and both won reward.
^: There was no reward challenge in Episode 3 due to the tribe merger.
^: As another twist to Aitutaki winning reward, they were allowed to "kidnap" one of Rarotonga's members. They selected Nate and he was granted immunity but could not vote.
^: This was a double elimination episode and thus there was no immunity challenge and nobody was exiled.
^: There was no reward challenge in Episode 11 due to the tribal merger and nobody was exiled.
^: Instead of a Reward Challenge, there was a Survivor Auction where Becky won the right to send someone to Exile Island and chose Candice.
^: In this challenge, the Top 3 finishers got to go for the reward. Ozzy placed first, Parvati was second and Yul was third.
^: Sundra lost to Becky in fire-making tiebreaker challenge.

Episode 1: I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: The tribes must race to assemble a puzzle boat using seven braces, then paddle the boat out and retrieve fire from a bonfire floating on a raft in the ocean. Then they must paddle back to shore and carry the boat braces and fire with them. After putting together yet another puzzle, they must use the braces as ladder rungs, climb to the top of a platform and light their tribe fire bale. The first three tribes to the top win flint and immunity. This challenge would later appear in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
    • Reward: All three winning teams receive flint. The first-placing tribe will also receive a crate full of fire-making essentials.
Contestants were given two minutes to salvage whatever they could from a boat before having to paddle to their shore. As the castaways frantically scoured the ship for supplies, Puka Puka's Yul grabbed a chicken, got distracted by the commotion and the chicken escaped and got into the hands of Rarotonga's Jonathan. At Aitutaki, Billy haplessly created shelter, but Ozzy's survival skills duped him. In Rarotonga, Jonathan's stolen chicken escaped when Jessica accidentally freed it, angering Jonathan. At Manihiki, the women complained as their leader Sekou took a lot of breaks. In a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. All tribes (except for Manihiki) won reward (flint) and immunity. In addition, Puka Puka, who came in first, got an extra reward in the form of a fire-making kit that included kerosene and water-proof matches. The Manihiki guys (Sekou and Nate) sent Jonathan from Rarotonga to Exile Island in return for Puka Puka's lost chicken (much to the girls' dismay; for they felt isolated as the boys took the responsibility of sending someone to Exile Island for themselves). In the end, Stephannie, Sundra and Rebecca banded together to get rid of their overbearing but weak leader Sekou in a 3"2 decision. After the vote, they received their flint so they can make fire.

Episode 2: Dire Strengths and Dead Weight

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Before the challenge starts, host Jeff Probst will tell a story about the voyage of James Cook. Each tribe must remember a historical story of Captain James Cook. Tied together as a group, the tribe must make their way over and under logs and through a field of poles, gathering seven answer flags. Once they cross a two-line rope bridge over a pit of water, they must use the seven answer flags collected to solve five questions about the story. If a tribe misses a part of the storyline, they may consult from their copy of the story; but they must go back through the course to reread it. The first team to finish wins Reward; but the three top finishers wins Immunity.
    • Reward: The first placer wins Immunity and two large tarps; and all three top-finishers win Immunity
Day 4 started well for Manihiki when the tribe managed to start a fire. Jonathan returned from Exile Island to Rarotonga, and was disappointed as nothing much has changed since he left. At Puka Puka, tribe members rapidly became fed up with Cao Boi's jokes and never-ending stories. At Aitutaki, feeling like his tribe could do better, Ozzy forced his tribe to throw the next immunity challenge to get rid of Billy, who had not been putting in much effort at camp. At the challenge, Puka Puka and Rarotonga tied for first place, so they each received two large tarps as reward and immunity. Manihiki finished third and was also safe from Tribal Council. The losing tribe, Aitutaki, sent Yul from Puka Puka to Exile Island, where he successfully deciphered the clues to discover the hidden immunity idol (a broken compass) in the sand. At Tribal Council, Billy gushed about finding love with Rarotonga's Candice, which was later found to be his taking her comments to him wildly out of context. Candice said "We love you" to him as he said that he may be the next to go, but he misunderstood and claimed that she said "I Love you" to him. Either way, Billy became the second castaway to be voted out 4"1.

Episode 3: Flirting and Frustration

  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes will be clipped together by a rope carrying 15 pound sand bags each. They will start on opposite sides of the course, racing through knee-deep water to catch the other tribe. If a tribe member drops out they must give their 15 pounds to someone from their tribe, doubling that person's weight. The first tribe to tackle a member from the other tribe to the ground wins Immunity.
Instead of a reward challenge, the four ethnically-divided tribes will be merged as two new ones. Manihiki and Puka Puka were abolished, but the supplies that were left at those camps will be equally divided by the newly-rehashed Aitutaki and Rarotonga tribes. At the new Aitutaki, Cecilia told Candice of what happened during the previous Tribal Council (Billy's "I Love You" incident), leaving a bewildered Candice laughing as she made alliances with Yul, Becky and Jonathan. Yul also told Becky that he found the Hidden Immunity Idol. During the Immunity Challenge, the Aitutaki men tried to fend off the fronting Rarotonga men (Adam, Brad, J.P., and Nate) but to no avail as Rarotonga tackled them, securing Immunity for their team. Rarotonga banished Candice to Exile Island, thus throwing the Becky-Candice-Jonathan-Yul alliance plans into disarray as she will be immune from the vote and will not need to go to Tribal Council. Cao Boi, Cecilia, Jessica, Ozzy, and Sundra banded together to try to vote out Becky. After strong lobbying by Jonathan and Yul, Cao Boi and Jessica switched their vote to Cecilia, who was voted out 5"3.

Episode 4: Ruling the Roost

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will have two tribe members attached by belt to a rope, which snakes over, under and around a series of obstacles. The rest of the tribe will push and pull their two tribe members, attached to the rope, through the course. Once the entire tribe reaches the end of the rope, one person from each tribe will swim out to a barrel where they will retrieve a decoding wheel, bring it back to the tribe mat and use that decoder wheel to decipher one phrase. The tribe that solves the phrase first wins.
    • Reward: Three blankets, two pillows and one hammock.
  • Immunity Challenge: Tribe members from each tribe will assemble a stretcher puzzle and race though the jungle with the stretcher to the beach. Once there, one tribe member will swim out to rescue another tribe member shackled to the top of a mast. Both members will swim back to the beach while holding onto a life ring, place the rescued tribe member on the stretcher and race back through the jungle to their starting mat. There, the remaining three tribe members must build a fire tall and strong enough to burn through a rope and raise the tribe's flag. First tribe to unfold their flag wins.
At Aitutaki, Ozzy became furious about the elimination of his only remaining fellow Aitutaki tribemate Cecilia, but his tribemates comforted him. At Rarotonga, the women complained about the men's growing egotism, specifically J.P.'s bossiness. Aitutaki won the Reward Challenge of pillows, blankets, and a hammock. They chose Adam to be Exiled. After the Reward Challenge, Cao Boi went egg hunting, but instead knocked down a chick from a nest, which disturbed Jonathan. However, Cao Boi successfully returned the chick to the nest. Cao Boi's tactics, though odd (e.g. dancing crazily with a smoking coconut husk) nevertheless carried Aitutaki past Rarotonga at the fire-making Immunity Challenge. Out of frustration, Stephannie accepted blame for the defeat and put herself up to be voted out. However, later on, she retracted the offer to the other women, who then used the opportunity to vote J.P. out. Adam and Brad secretly decided to betray J.P. and Nate and helped to blindside J.P. 7"2.

Episode 5: Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus

  • Reward Challenge: Both the tribes will split into three pairs, each of whom will stand on a platform. Each person on the platform will use one arm to hold onto a hook. Every two minutes members from the opposing tribe will load one of those pairs with five-pound bags. The more weight added, the harder it will be to hold on to the hook. The last pair holding their hooks and weight for their tribe wins Reward.
    • Reward: Fishing gear, spices and some wine.
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribes must assemble stepping poles which they will use to transport two tribe members from one platform above water to another platform a short length away. Once both tribe members are across, all eight tribe members will climb up and over the platform, swimming out to a smaller tower. The first tribe to climb the last tower and get all eight tribe members on or above the top deck wins Immunity.
At Aitutaki, Cao Boi complained about Becky, Candice, and Sundra being lazy. At the modified weight-holding Reward Challenge, the tribes began trash-talking each other; but Rarotonga's Nate and Adam came in victorious. Rarotonga sent Jonathan back to Exile Island since he had been there before. Back at camp, Cristina's tribemates complained about her being bossy like JP. Cao Boi, Jessica, and Ozzy went exploring around the bay and accidentally ended up on Rarotonga's island. Their unexpected visit did not sit well with Rarotonga. Meanwhile, back at Aitutaki, Becky, Candice, and Yul tried to pull Sundra into their alliance with Jonathan. Aitutaki came from behind to win the Immunity Challenge. That afternoon, Rarotonga collectively decided that Cristina would be voted off next. But when Stephannie and Nate gathered water from the well, Stephannie told Nate that she "wanted mashed potatoes and gravy". Nate took this as a sign of weakness, and relayed it to the tribe. Even though Cristina spilled their octopus lunch earlier and continued to irritate others, the vote swung against Stephannie 7"1.

Episode 6: Plan Voodoo

  • Reward Challenge: The warring tribes will battle it out in a sand pit. Each tribe will select three people to be stationed at a post. Two members from the opposing tribe will try to physically remove them from their posts, drag them through the sand and over the finish line. First tribe to get all three opposing tribe members across their finish line wins.
    • Reward: A feast consisting of lamb shanks, bread and apple cider, to be eaten at Tribal Council.
Back at Rarotonga's camp after Tribal Council, Cristina again clashed with her tribemates after being pointed out as being annoying. At Aitutaki, Jonathan argued over bringing the Immunity Idol to the next Reward Challenge. Jonathan believed that unnecessarily taking the Immunity Idol in Reward Challenges and Tribal Councils was tantamount to gloating over the other tribe, but Cao Boi claimed he had 'spiritual reasons' for bringing the idol along. At the Reward Challenge, it was revealed that regardless of who won, both tribes would have to vote a member out. Aitutaki won the Reward Challenge, and had to go to Tribal Council first. Before Tribal Council, Cao Boi awoke from a strange dream that spawned a strategy he called "Plan Voodoo." Its purpose was to reveal the hidden Immunity Idol by splitting a 3-3 vote between Jonathan and Candice. He chose these two in particular for two reasons: 1) He believed Jonathan had the immunity idol, and 2) Even if he did not, one of the two people from the original tribe of Whites would be eliminated. Unfortunately, his ally Yul possessed the idol. Yul did not want to reveal his idol; furthermore, he was fed up with Cao Boi's eccentric behavior, and so he decided to remove the threat. "Plan Voodoo" backfired as Cao Boi was voted out 6"1"1. Aitutaki then enjoyed a feast as they got to listen in on Rarotonga's Tribal Council. Just before Rarotonga's vote, Aitutaki was given the opportunity to "kidnap" one member of Rarotonga who would be ineligible to vote, immune from the vote, given a share of Aitutaki's reward and would be staying at Aitutaki's camp until the next Reward Challenge. Aitutaki selected Nate. Though Cristina made amends with her tribe, her lobbying still failed and she was sent packing in a 4"2 decision.

Episode 7: Why Aren't You Swimming?!

  • Reward Challenge: Each tribe will select three swimmers and two puzzle makers. The swimmers will grab a club, swim to a platform, climb to the top and leap off. While in midair, they will smash a plaster box releasing a key, retrieve the key and swim back to shore. After retrieving six keys, the two puzzle makers will use those keys to unlock a chest filled with puzzle pieces. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins the Reward.
    • Reward: Two items that the winning tribe chose from the Survivor Catalogue that was given to them earlier together with the Tree Mail. The Aitutaki tribe chose a sack of potatoes and peanut butter. Rarotonga chose bread and peanut butter.
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will race to arrange a series of logs, building a staircase to the top of a tower. Once the entire tribe is on the tower, three tribe members will sail down a zip line into the water, retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces and swim back. Once all three are back, they must climb a rope ladder to the top of the tower where the three remaining tribe members will solve the puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins Immunity.
At Aitutaki, Jessica felt blindsided by the previous Tribal Council where Cao Boi was voted out. She confronted the rest of the tribe with Nate watching after being "kidnapped." Becky, Candice and Yul plotted their preferred order of elimination: Ozzy, Jessica, Sundra, Jonathan. At the Reward Challenge, Aitutaki was given a chance to make Nate perform at the challenge for their tribe or just sit out. After much deliberation, they chose Nate to sit out in the challenge. Nate got helplessly irked as his team fell apart as Aitutaki easily won in the Reward Challenge. They selected Adam to go to Exile Island for a second time. After the Reward Challenge, Brad's tribemates were upset at him for not performing the swimming portion of the Reward Challenge, claiming that "he's better at puzzles." They considered him as one of their strongest swimmers and the swimming part of the challenge was where they fell behind. Despite losing morale as well as challenges, Rarotonga finally ended their losing streak by winning the immunity challenge. Jessica lobbied hard to have Jonathan voted out, but her efforts failed and she was the first white to be voted out 6"1.

Episode 8: Mutiny

  • Reward Challenge: Two tribe members will squeeze into a barrel together and remain in the barrel while two other tribe members push, pull and roll the barrel through a series of obstacles in order to retrieve four buoys. Next, they must float the barrel through a final water obstacle, where they will collect four flags anchored underwater. Once the flags have been collected, the tribe must paddle back to shore, hang their flags on a flagpole, recover a buried axe and chop a rope in order to hoist their flags. The first tribe to raise their flags wins.
    • Reward: A trip to a local coffee shop with muffins, danishes and letters from home.
  • Immunity Challenge: The four tribe members have to paddle out in glass bottom boats in search of three targets on the ocean floor. They must line up the targets with cross hairs on their glasses, drop a cannonball and release two buoys. Once all six buoys have been collected the tribe must paddle back to shore. Reading a clue from one of the buoys, the tribe must use all six buoys to spell out the answer. First tribe assemble the mystery word ("bounty") wins Immunity.
At Aitutaki, Candice and Jonathan plotted for the impending Merge. At Rarotonga, Brad revealed that he doesn't trust his tribemates at all, speaking about his fate if he made it to the merge a speech in which turned his tribe against him. At the Reward Challenge, a new twist called "Mutiny" was presented where anybody could change tribe affiliations. Candice and Jonathan decided to jump back to Rarotonga (their original tribe, for they're members of the tribe once composed of the whites). A decimated Aitutaki (Aitu's down at 4, adding Raro's roster at 8) regrouped and made a comeback victory at the reward challenge, thus winning coffee, pastries, letters, and pictures from home. Aitutaki quickly selected Candice to go to Exile Island in revenge for mutinying. With Candice at Exile Island, Jonathan tried to form an alliance of the remaining original Rarotonga members, Adam and Parvati (Cao Boi's previous predictions of a "White's Alliance" may come true after all). In the Immunity Challenge, Rarotonga already got a sizeable lead but Jonathan got infuriated about the painstaking task (even yelling at Jeff Probst to shut up at his commentaries) brought the patient Aitutaki the victory. It appeared as Jonathan might get voted out by his new tribe because of a distrust for him after he easily sold out his former tribe, and Adam becoming infuriated after learning that Jonathan decided he should go to Exile Island on previous instances. Ultimately though, Brad's "Every Man for Himself" speech cost him dearly and he was unanimously voted out. Unexpectedly, Brad was announced as the first member of the Jury the first person ever on the Jury outside the Final Nine.

Episode 9: People That You Like Want To See You Suffer

  • Reward Challenge: Two tribe members, armed with a compass and a coordinate, will race out to a large sixteen-point compass rose to locate treasure chests buried under the sand. Each chest has the next coordinate painted on the top. When tribe members find a chest, they must race back to their mat. The next two tribe members will take the compass and the new coordinate to retrieve another chest. Once the tribe has all four chests, they will remove seven nautical flags, remembering that each flag represents a letter from the alphabet. First team to complete it wins.
    • Reward: A feast prepared by locals
  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will swim out one at a time to a platform. Each member will dive down and unclip a bundle of island names and swim back to shore. Then the next person goes, until all four tribe members have had a turn. After all of the members are back, they must identify ten islands at an answer table. The first tribe to correctly identify all ten islands wins Immunity.
At Rarotonga, Jenny and Parvati were alarmed over Candice and Adam's closeness. The tiny tribe of Aitutaki crushed the over-populated Rarotonga at the Reward Challenge and sent Candice back to Exile Island as continued revenge of her betrayal. Aitutaki took their fourth straight win by winning the Immunity Challenge. A sealed bottle with a note inside was given to Rarotonga after they lost the Immunity Challenge. The bottle was to be opened after the vote at Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, Rebecca was seen as the weakest link and she was voted out 6"1 "? then the mysterious bottle was finally opened. Initially assuming that the note inside the bottle will give them instructions about the impending merge "? since they're just 10 remaining castaways "? usual time for the merge, everything got turned on its head as Parvati reads the message. It read: "Now you have voted off one member of your tribe, it's time to vote another." Though Jonathan's the next intended target, the four white members of Rarotonga voted Jenny out (believing that Jenny, the last remaining Asian left in Rarotonga, might switch sides with her former Puka Puka teammates Yul and Becky come post-merge). Showing complete disappointment over the surprise 4-2 vote, an angry Jenny stormed away as her torch was snuffed.

Episode 10: Why Would You Trust Me?

  • Immunity Challenge: Each individual must hang on to a pole for as long as they can. When they fall off of the pole, they are out of the challenge. Last person left hanging on their pole wins Immunity. Originally from Survivor: Vanuatu, this challenge would later appear in Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.
Expecting a challenge, the tribes arrived to be surprised by the announcement of the merge. The castaways chose to live on Rarotonga beach, and decided to call themselves "Aitutonga." The former Aitutaki merged at a 4"5 member disadvantage. Yul and Becky agreed that Jonathan was the best bet to flip. Yul informed Sundra and Ozzy about the hidden Immunity Idol and his plan to bring Jonathan over. Ozzy outlasted Candice holding onto poles to win the first individual Immunity Challenge. Yul decided to show the hidden Immunity Idol to Jonathan to sway him back to his side: if Jonathan did not vote with Yul and Aitutaki, they would vote for Jonathan, and Yul's idol would deflect the former Rarotonga members' highest votes and would send Jonathan home. Jonathan requested that Yul vote for Nate in exchange for him flipping to their side, which Yul readily agreed to. Jonathan blindsided his old Raro tribemates and joined the former Aitutaki members in voting out Nate 5"4.

Episode 11: You're a Rat...

  • Survivor Auction Each contestant will be given $500 and can only bid with $20 increments. Highest bidder gets the item. Survivors may share money, but not with the item. The auction will end without notice.
    • Reward: Here's what the Survivors won from the auction:
      • Jonathan: Hot dog, fries and a cold beer; toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash; and a pepperoni pizza
      • Parvati: A bubble bath and a huge slice of chocolate cake
      • Becky: Power to send someone to Exile Island and may take his/her money
      • Candice: Nothing (She was sent to Exile Island by Becky without spending any money)
      • Ozzy: Bottomless soft-serve ice cream that can he can indulge until the end of the auction
      • Sundra: A sea cucumber.
      • Yul: Nothing (but he shared his money to Becky so she could win the power to send someone to Exile Island)
      • Adam: Nothing
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways will be quizzed on how well they recollect the events of the last 30 days. First, each tribe member will answer four questions which will have numeric answers. Then, each tribe member will add, subtract or divide the numeric answers to come up with a final number. Then they must untie a corresponding box, searching for a key. That key opens a lock and raises a flag. The first three to raise their flag move on to a final round. In the final round, the remaining contenders will use the key to unlock a timber tunnel, crawl though the tunnel and go over a series of floating pontoons to raise one final flag. First to complete the course wins Immunity.
Instead of a Reward Challenge, a Survivor Auction was held. Becky, teaming up with Yul, outbid Candice and Adam to win a note that was advertised as "the power to change the game." The note said that she would select somebody to immediately go to Exile Island and therefore forfeit all of their remaining money to her. Upon being told that Candice and Adam had not yet spent any of their money, Becky selected Candice. Before Candice left for Exile Island, Yul revealed to everybody that he had the Immunity Idol. After the Survivor Auction, everybody was annoyed at Jonathan due to his arrogant behavior after sweeping a lot of items during the auction. Though worried about him being voted out next, Adam put up a good fight as he "casually" won the Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Adam, Candice, and Parvati were taking a "snuggling session" in the shelter while the majority alliance downed a handful of fish that Jonathan caught. But Candice, seeing all the action, started confronting Jonathan about his arrogance and told him that the whole tribe hates him. In a heated Tribal Council, the three continued their crusade against Jonathan, but ultimately failed and Candice was voted out 5"3.

Episode 12: Arranging a Hit

  • Reward Challenge: The survivors, while blindfolded, must scoop water using a bucket and must pass it to their loved ones. The loved ones will now transport the bucket to another bucket which is elevated from the ground. When there is enough water in that bucket, the weight of the water will lower the bucket, raising a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins Reward.
    • Reward: A picnic that consists of fried chicken, meatloaf, and apple pie and will enjoy it with their loved ones.
  • Immunity Challenge: The castaways will have to race out into the water and maneuver across a series of obstacles. When a tribe member reaches the end, he or she will retrieve a bundle of sticks and race back. Then each tribe member must repeat the process for a second bundle of sticks. Once a person has both bundles back, they'll untie the sticks and use the rope and the sticks build one long pole. The tribe member will then use the pole to collect two rings. The first person to retrieve both rings wins Immunity.
Upon returning from Tribal Council, Jonathan felt uneasy after being called a "rat" and "cancer" but he declared that he will not let [Adam and Parvati] ruin his gameplan. Meanwhile, assuming that they were doomed, Adam and Parvati asked a favor to Yul that if they help them vote Jonathan out before them, they will give their jury votes in return. Parvati accidentally whacked her thumbnail with a machete while cutting open a coconut, which required medical attention, but not removal from the game. At the Reward Challenge, the castaways were surprised by the arrival of their loved ones, who partnered up with the castaways in the challenge. An injured Parvati was able to work through her injury and win the Reward Challenge. Her reward was a picnic with her Dad and the right to send somebody to Exile Island. Parvati selected Jonathan to make sweet revenge for his deception. Parvati's Dad was allowed to select two other castaways to join in the picnic without any input from Parvati. He selected Sundra and her Mom and Adam and his Dad. While the Reward Challenge winner and invitees were enjoying the picnic, Ozzy, Yul, and Becky decided that they would agree to hide food from Parvati and Adam, and surprisingly, Jonathan too. But the plan collapsed after Parvati and Adam brought back some leftovers from the picnic. Ozzy easily won the Immunity Challenge. Though he saved the Aitutaki 4 from near extinction, the former Aitutaki members turned on Jonathan as they banded with Adam and Parvati in voting him out 6"1.

Episode 13: I Have the Advantage...For Once

  • Reward Challenge: Under a time pressure of ten minutes, tribe members are going to dive into a mud pit and cover their body with as much mud as they can, then race back and scrape it off into a bucket. They may not carry mud in their arms or in their hands; they can only use their body. Then Jeff Probst will weigh each bucket. The three castaways that own the heaviest buckets win Reward.
    • Reward: A trip to a local spa.
  • Immunity Challenge: Tribe members will each carry four bundles of puzzle pieces one at a time across balance beams to a mat. Once all four bundles have been collected, tribe members will use those pieces to create a table maze. Then they'll use the maze to maneuver one cannon ball past the decoy holes into each of the two corner pockets. The first person to complete the puzzle and sink the balls into the correct holes wins immunity.
Threatened by the presence of the impenetrable Aitu 4, Parvati and Adam tried to figure a way to befriend one of the four to swing the vote. Ozzy won the mud-carrying reward challenge, and sent Adam to Exile Island. Parvati and Yul, the 2nd and 3rd place winners, also got to partake in the reward: a day trip to a local spa for a shower, massage, and dinner. During this reward, Parvati tried to get closer to Ozzy in order to secure his vote, even with Yul around. Meanwhile, Becky and Sundra discussed the possibility of voting challenge monster Ozzy off. When Yul returned from the reward, Becky informed him of her plan, but Yul believed it would be best to wait at least until after the next Immunity Challenge to determine if this was necessary. For the second time in a row, Ozzy handily won the Immunity Challenge. Adam, with very little time left, talked to Yul about keeping him on the island over Parvati, which Yul agreed to as long as Adam didn't try to sway the other Aitutaki members. However, Adam and Parvati were later caught trying to gain Ozzy's vote. Prior to Tribal Council, Yul decided to bring Jonathan's hat (which he had left at camp prior to being voted off) to return it to him as requested. While Jonathan was happy at Yul's anonymous good deed, Jeff Probst decided to A) let everyone know that Yul brought back the hat and B) editorialize on how this was an example of Yul's politicking and efforts to sway the jury to his side. In the end, the Aitutaki 4 was indeed tight, voting off the somewhat craftier Parvati over physical threat Adam, with a vote of 4"2.

Episode 14: This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3...

  • Final 5 Immunity Challenge: The castaways will race around a ropes course to eight different stations, collecting a bag of puzzle pieces at each station. Each time a tribe member gets a bag he or she will have to come back to their table before they can go back out on the course. Once a tribe member has all eight bags, he or she will use the puzzle pieces to construct an eight point compass rose puzzle. Once the puzzle is assembled correctly a flag will raise. First to raise his/her flag wins Immunity.
In the most difficult puzzle challenge ever in Survivor according to Jeff Probst, Ozzy won Immunity for the third straight time. Back at camp, Adam tried to stir up the vote by trying to get Ozzy and Sundra to vote for Yul, for the sole purpose of making Yul use the Hidden immunity Idol and making the game more interesting after he was gone. However, Adam's plot failed and the Aitutaki Four held and voted out Adam 4"1.

  • Final 4 Immunity Challenge: The remaining castaways will be standing on a small steel perch situated in the water. Each perch has been individually proportioned to each tribe member's foot size, making the game as fair as possible. Every 15 minutes tribe members will remove a section of the perch, making it smaller and more difficult to stand on. The last piece of the perch will be a section that is less than half the size of a postcard. The last person left standing wins Immunity.
In a twist, the Aitutaki Four were told that they would be competing in the final Immunity Challenge and memory walk together, meaning that the final vote would have 3 people eligible to win. Ozzy outlasted Sundra to win the final Immunity Challenge. Initially, Yul offered Becky his Hidden Immunity Idol to try to save her, but Becky declined because she felt it wasn't fair to blind-side Sundra just to get to the Final 3 as the foursome had gone through so much together, and tight friendship forged between them to just turn on each other. So the Aitutaki Four decided to let the third spot in the final Tribal Council be decided in a fair manner, with Ozzy and Sundra voting for Becky and Becky and Yul voting for Sundra. Jeff then announced a tiebreaker fire-making challenge between Becky and Sundra would commence. Neither Becky nor Sundra could get their fire started with flint and machete after one hour and the jury became bored and restless. As an alternative, matches were given to Becky and Sundra, but both had trouble again maintaining a fire long enough to burn the rope. In the end, Sundra ran out of matches after half an hour, whereas Becky finally kept a fire long and high enough to burn the rope to secure her spot on the final three.

At the final Tribal Council, the jury saw Becky as riding the coattails of Ozzy and Yul even though she tried to convince the jury that she had played the game with much integrity as possible and claimed that she and Yul shared voting strategies and not just Yul alone. She received no votes whereas between Yul and Ozzy, the jury was split on the importance of Yul's masterminding of the social game versus Ozzy's physical ability to win challenges, and which contributed the most to all of the Aitutaki Four making it to the end. The final vote was 5"4-0 in favor of Yul and he became the thirteenth Sole Survivor.

Ozzy subsequently won a new car (a Mercury Mariner) based on a viewer's poll in which Ozzy and Yul were nearly tied again.

Voting history

Absorbed Tribes Post-Mutiny Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Jury vote
Juror Vote

^ Candice was exiled in episode three. However, she was not returned to her tribe until after tribal council, meaning she could not be voted out or participate in the vote.
^ This was a double elimination episode.
^ As another twist to Aitutaki winning reward, they were allowed to "kidnap" one of Rarotonga's members. They selected Nate and he was granted immunity but could not vote.
^ After losing the Immunity Challenge, Rarotonga was given a sealed bottle with a note inside that was opened after they voted out a member. The note said that another member was to be immediately voted out; so two people were eliminated by vote at the same tribal council.
^ Sundra lost to Becky in fire-making tiebreaker challenge.


U.S. Nielsen ratings

Episode Air date Rating/Share
"I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have To Because She Screwed With My Chickens" September 14, 2006 6.5/20 18.00
"Dire Strengths and Dead Weight" September 21, 2006 6.5/18 17.43
"Flirting and Frustration" September 28, 2006 5.9/16 16.85
"Ruling the Roost" October 5, 2006 5.6/16 15.83
"Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus" October 12, 2006 5.5/15 15.84
"Plan Voodoo" October 19, 2006 5.3/14 15.02
"Why Aren't You Swimming?!" November 2, 2006 5.4/14 15.30
"Mutiny" November 9, 2006 4.8/13 14.39
"People That You Like Want To See You Suffer" November 16, 2006 5.3/14 15.35
"Why Would You Trust Me?" November 23, 2006 4.3/13 12.67
"You're a Rat..." November 30, 2006 5.4/14 15.63
"Arranging a Hit" December 7, 2006 5.3/15 15.72
"I Have the Advantage...For Once" December 14, 2006 5.0/14 14.55
"This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3..." December 17, 2006 5.7/14 16.42

Filming locations

The tribal camps, Exile Island, and many challenges of Survivor: Cook Islands were filmed on small "motu" (Polynesian word for "islet") in the Aituaki lagoon. The Rarotonga (later Aitutonga) tribe's camp was on Moturakau. The Aitutaki tribe lived on Motukitiu. The short-lived tribes of Manihiki and Puka Puka lived on Rapota and Muritapua, respectively. Most challenges were filmed on Tekopua and Tapuaetai (One Foot Island). Exile Island is a small sand cay south of Tapuaetai, and the bow of the wooden ship was brought in for the show. Just to the West of Tapuaetai is another sand cay called "Nude Island" by locals in reference to its lack of vegetation. The third challenge was played in the shallow waters just off the shore of Nude Island. Akaiami hosted challenges and also "The Ponderosa," where eliminated contestants were sequestered until the end of the game. Tribal Council, the production camp, and a few challenges were located on the main island of Aitutaki. There were three reward trips to the neighboring islands of Atiu, Mitiaro, and Rarotonga.

Diversity and controversy

The decision to divide the teams by race and ethnicity has made this series of Survivor controversial even before airing. Members of the New York City Council's Black, Latino and Asian Caucus have called on CBS to dump Survivor. Those who work with the show indicate that as divisions by age, gender, or gender and age combined, have been accepted this should not be treated much different or it would set race apart. Host Jeff Probst conceded, by implication, a small difference in that racial segregation had actually been practiced in US history.

Conversely, previous seasons have been criticized for not having many non-white contestants. This scheme represented much higher exposure particularly for Asian Americans who were only 3.6 percent of the US population in 2000. Native Americans were not represented as a separate group. Probst has since pointed out that over 80% of Survivor's applicants are white.

According to Advertising Age Magazine, more than a half dozen major advertisers such as General Motors and Coca Cola withdrew their advertising after hearing about the teams' division.

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