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The twelfth season of American Idol premiered on January 16, 2013, as part of the mid-season of the 2012"13 network television season. Three new judges, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Keith Urban, signed on to replace Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez who left after two seasons of judging on the show. This is the third season to have four judges; the others were seasons eight and nine.

Show changes

After a sharp drop in ratings during the eleventh season, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly announced that the show would undergo "some creative tweaking" for this season. On July 12, 2012, it was announced Steven Tyler would not be returning as a judge, after two seasons. The next day, Jennifer Lopez announced she would also be departing as a judge. On July 23, 2012, it was announced that Mariah Carey would be joining the show as a judge for the season. In September 2012, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban signed on to the show rounding out the judges table, with Randy Jackson returning as well. On December 31, 2012, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest has signed on to remain the host for at least two more seasons.

Producer Nigel Lythgoe indicated on January 9, 2013 that during the Hollywood rounds, the girls and boys would perform on separate weeks. The separation of the sexes would continue in the Vegas round right up until the Top 10. There would not be a Top 12 or wild cards, but he publicly stated he was contemplating the idea of ranking the singers by their vote totals as well as the possibility of breaking out voting data by geographic region. This is the first season to introduce the "Sudden death"-round in which the top 40 already has to perform in front of a live audience. The judges pick five out of the ten contestants per show to proceed to the top 20. The amount of finalists was limited to ten which happened last in the inaugural season.

This season also introduced the SuperVote where viewers were able to cast 50 votes at once online or through the new American Idol App, in addition to all the regular voting methods. Voters are able to allocate any number of votes for one contestant or multiple contestants, for a total of 50 votes, across all online voting destinations.

Regional auditions

In an attempt to refresh the show's audition process, new ways to audition were announced. First is the "American Idol Small Town Audition Bus Tour", a 10-town nationwide tour that will give hopefuls who couldn't make it to one of the large audition cities a chance to try out. The cities are Idaho Falls, Idaho; Billings, Montana; Casper, Wyoming; Rock Rapids, Iowa; Iowa City, Iowa; Bowling Green, Kentucky; Clarksdale, Mississippi; Joplin, Missouri; Dodge City, Kansas; and Grand Junction, Colorado. Idol is also starting the "Nominate an Idol" program, which will let friends and family of individuals they think could be the next American Idol nominate said person in secret by filling out an online form and existing video or URL of their nominee"?they must be singing solo and a capella. The chosen auditions will then be surprised on location by a film crew and given an opportunity to advance to the next round. Finally, online auditions for season 12 were open from Wednesday, August 1, 2012 through Tuesday, August 14, 2012, and October 12 to November 4, 2012. Auditions took place in the following cities:

Audition city Date Audition venue Callback date Callback venue Golden tickets
January 16, 2013 Newark, New Jersey June 23, 2012 Prudential Center September 16 & 17, 2012 Jazz at Lincoln Center, (New York City, New York) 41
January 17, 2013 Chicago, Illinois July 12, 2012 United Center September 25 & 26, 2012 Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum 47
January 23, 2013 Charlotte, North Carolina June 19, 2012 Time Warner Cable Arena October 2 & 3, 2012 Charlotte Motor Speedway, (Concord, North Carolina) 37
January 24, 2013 New Orleans, Louisiana July 17, 2012 New Orleans Arena October 5 & 6, 2012 Baton Rouge River Center, (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) 35
January 30, 2013 San Antonio, Texas June 14, 2012 Alamodome November 11 & 12, 2012 Sunset Station 31
Los Angeles, California June 7, 2012 Dodger Stadium November 14 & 15, 2012 Queen Mary, (Long Beach, California) 50
January 31, 2013 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma July 20, 2012 Chesapeake Energy Arena November 9 & 10, 2012 Devon Boathouse 45
Total number of tickets to Hollywood 286
  • ^The number for San Antonio audition was not revealed and this is the number of contestants from that city profiled in American Idol official website, and may not represent the true number.

Hollywood week

For the first time, the Hollywood rounds were held in the Valley Performance Arts Center in Northridge, California. The contestants were separated by gender, with the male contestants performing in the first week, and the female the next. There were three rounds in each week " the a cappella, the group, and the solo rounds. Unlike previous seasons, the groups in the group round were chosen by the producers, although each group was able to select a song from a list of 20 songs to perform. The males performed February 6 & 7 and the girls performed February 13 & 14. The contestants sang a capella solos in groups of eight and the judges chose only a few of them to move on to group round that same night and for the first time, the producers picked the groups. On the second night, the contestants performed solos. They were then divided into groups of eight, and only a few of them moved on. The judges picked 20 males and 20 females to perform in front of a live studio audience at The Beatles Love by Cirque De Soleil at The Mirage. Beginning this season, the contestants no longer took "the long walk" to find out if they made it to the Semi-finals. Five were eliminated, while five advanced.

Vegas semifinal rounds

The semi-finals round took place at The Beatles Love by Cirque De Soleil at The Mirage. The forty people who made it then faced the "sudden death" Las Vegas round and only twenty moved on. The contestants were divided into four gender-separated groups of ten, with the female groups airing on Wednesdays and the male groups airing on Thursdays between February 20"28. Each group performed in front of the judges and a studio audience, singing a standard ninety-second solo with the judges critiquing them at the end. When everyone had performed, they were called out one by one to face the judges, who " based on how they performed " either eliminated them or advanced them to the live semi-final voting round.

Females Group 1

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Jenny Beth Willis Eliminated
2 Tenna Torres "Soulmate" Advanced
3 Adriana Latonio "Ain't No Way" Advanced
4 Brandy Hotard "Anymore" Eliminated
5 Shubha Vedula "Born This Way" Eliminated
6 Kamaria Ousley "Mr. Know It All" Eliminated
7 Kree Harrison "Up to the Mountain (MLK Song)" Advanced
8 Angie Miller "Nobody's Perfect" Advanced
9 Isabelle "God Bless the Child" Eliminated
10 Amber Holcomb "My Funny Valentine" Advanced

Males Group 1

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Paul Jolley "Tonight I Wanna Cry" Advanced
2 Johnny Keyser "I Won't Give Up" Eliminated
3 JDA "Rumour Has It" Eliminated
4 Kevin Harris "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You" Eliminated
5 Chris Watson "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" Eliminated
6 Devin Velez "Listen" Advanced
7 Elijah Liu "Talking to the Moon" Advanced
8 Charlie Askew "Rocket Man (I Think It's Going to Be a Long, Long Time)" Advanced
9 Jimmy Smith "Raining on Sunday" Eliminated
10 Curtis Finch, Jr. "Superstar" Advanced

Females Group 2

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Melinda Ademi "Nobody's Perfect" Eliminated
2 Candice Glover "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" Advanced
3 Juliana Chahayed "Skyscraper" Eliminated
4 Jett Hermano "Only Girl (In the World)" Eliminated
5 Cristabel Clack "No One" Eliminated
6 Aubrey Cleland "Sweet Dreams" Advanced
7 Rachel Hale "Nothing But the Water" Eliminated
8 Breanna Steer "Bust Your Windows" Advanced
9 Janelle Arthur "Just a Kiss" Advanced
10 Zoanette Johnson "Circle of Life" Advanced

Males Group 2

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Mathenee Treco "A Little Less Conversation" Eliminated
2 Gurpreet Singh Sarin "Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" Eliminated
3 Vincent Powell "Cause I Love You" Advanced
4 Nick Boddington "Say Something Now" Advanced
5 Josh Holiday "I'm Better with You" Eliminated
6 David Oliver Willis "Fever" Eliminated
7 Bryant Tadeo "New York State of Mind" Eliminated
8 Burnell Taylor "This Time" Advanced
9 Lazaro Arbos "Tonight I Wanna Cry" Advanced
10 Cortez Shaw "Titanium" Advanced


The following is a list of Top 20 semi-finalists who failed to reach the finals:

Females Males
Contestant Age at time of show Date of birth Hometown Audition location Contestant Age at time of show Date of birth Hometown Audition location
Aubrey Cleland 19 October 18, 1993 West Linn, Oregon Los Angeles, California Charlie Askew 17 November 28, 1995 Little Rock, Arkansas New Orleans, Louisiana
Zoanette Johnson 20 December 6, 1992 Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Nick Boddington 27 April 22, 1985 Memphis, Tennessee Newark, New Jersey
Adriana Latonio 17 January 11, 1996 Anchorage, Alaska Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Elijah Liu 18 September 7, 1994 Rowland Heights, California Los Angeles, California
Breanna Steer 18 July 13, 1994 LaPlace, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana Vincent Powell 29 August 12, 1983 Austin, Texas San Antonio, Texas
Tenna Torres 28 February 26, 1984 Queens, New York Newark, New Jersey Cortez Shaw 22 December 8, 1990 Dallas, Texas Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The Top 20 semi-finals continue at The Beatles Love stage in Las Vegas. The three-night event marked the first week viewers were allowed to cast votes. On the first night, the top ten females performed; on the second night, the top ten males followed; and on the third night, the show moved back to Los Angeles and only five males and five females advanced while the rest were eliminated. A new format was introduced for the revealing of the results: Ryan walked backstage into the green room and, one by one, announced the contestant who would advance to the finals. The live studio audience and judges did not know the results until the contestants walked out on stage. Each of them sang their victory song. After the results were announced, Ryan revealed that there will be a sing-off next week during the finals between the sixth placing male and female contestant who did not make the top ten. They will compete to join the American Idol tour.


Order Contestant Song Result
1 Zoanette Johnson "What's Love Got to Do with It" Eliminated
2 Breanna Steer "Flaws and All" Eliminated
3 Aubrey Cleland "Big Girls Don't Cry" Sing-off
4 Janelle Arthur "If I Can Dream" Advanced
5 Tenna Torres "Lost" Eliminated
6 Angie Miller "Never Gone" Advanced
7 Amber Holcomb "I Believe in You and Me" Advanced
8 Kree Harrison "Stronger" Advanced
9 Adriana Latonio "Stand Up for Love" Eliminated
10 Candice Glover "Ordinary People" Advanced


Order Contestant Song Result
1 Elijah Liu "Stay" Eliminated
2 Cortez Shaw "Locked Out of Heaven" Eliminated
3 Charlie Askew "Mama" Sing-off
4 Nick Boddington "Iris" Eliminated
5 Burnell Taylor "I'm Here" Advanced
6 Paul Jolley "Just a Fool" Advanced
7 Lazaro Arbos "Feeling Good" Advanced
8 Curtis Finch, Jr. "I Believe I Can Fly" Advanced
9 Devin Velez "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" Advanced
10 Vincent Powell "End of the Road" Eliminated

Victory songs

Order Contestant Song
1 Paul Jolley "Alone"
2 Burnell Taylor "Ready for Love"
3 Curtis Finch, Jr. "So High"
4 Devin Velez "The Power of One (Change the World)"
5 Lazaro Arbos "Bridge over Troubled Water"
6 Janelle Arthur "Home"
7 Candice Glover "I'm Going Down"
8 Angie Miller "I Was Here"
9 Amber Holcomb "I'm Every Woman"
10 Kree Harrison "Evidence"
Template:Note labelTemplate:Note label Cleland and Askew did qualify for the Sing-off, but like the other four semi-finalists on each perspective gender groups who failed to reach the finals was eliminated.


All of season 12's finalists will participate in the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2013. Semifinalist Aubrey Cleland will also participate in the tour.

Lazaro Arbos (born December 27, 1990) is originally from Cuba but has lived in Naples, Florida since he was ten. He auditioned in Chicago, where he sang "Bridge over Troubled Water". He performed "Feeling Good" at the semi-finals. When Lazaro was six, he began stuttering to the point where he could barely talk. He has gone through speech and language therapy, but it never improved his stutter. His musical influence is Selena.

Janelle Arthur (born December 12, 1989) is from Oliver Springs, Tennessee. She auditioned in Charlotte, where she sang "Where the Blacktop Ends". She has auditioned twice before, in seasons 10 and 11. In season 10, she was cut in the group round, and in season 11 she made it to the Las Vegas round. She sang "If I Can Dream" at the semi-final round. Prior to Idol, Arthur was a Zumba instructor. Her musical influences are Vince Gill and Eva Cassidy.

Candice Glover (born November 22, 1989) is from Beaufort, South Carolina. She currently lives in St. Helena Island, South Carolina. She auditioned in Charlotte, singing "Syrup & Honey". She previously auditioned in seasons 9 and 11, where she made it to the Las Vegas round during season 11 and grouped with that season's finalists DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez. She performed "Ordinary People" at the semi-finals. Her musical influences are Christina Aguilera and Jazmine Sullivan.

Kree Harrison (born May 17, 1990) is from Winfield, Texas but lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She auditioned in Oklahoma City. Her father died in an airplane crash when she was twelve, and her mother passed away in a car accident after Kree turned sixteen. She also signed a deal with Lyric Street Records when she was 12 but was dropped after creative differences. She has also had a song publishing deal. She sang "Stronger" at the semi-finals. She stated that her musical influence is her family.

Amber Holcomb (born March 17, 1994) is from Houston, Texas. She originally auditioned in season 11, but was cut in the Las Vegas round, where she grouped with Curtis along with season 11 finalists Shannon Magrane and Joshua Ledet. Holcomb performed "I Believe in You and Me" at the semi-final voting round receiving standing ovation from all of the judges. Prior to Idol, she graduated at Dekaney High School in 2012. Her musical influences are Celine Dion, which is her biggest influence, Karen Carpenter, and Whitney Houston.

Angela "Angie" Miller (born February 17, 1994) is from Beverly, Massachusetts. She auditioned in New York City, with "Mamma Knows Best." She stated at her audition that she is partially deaf, with 20% hearing loss in her right ear, and 40% in her left. Prior to auditioning for American Idol, Angie had a successful YouTube channel, earning a current total views of 2.5 million. Miller performed her original composition "You Set Me Free" receiving standing ovation from the judges. She sang "Never Gone" at the semi-finals. Her personal musical influences are Jessie J and Beyoncé Knowles.

Burnell Taylor (born April 14, 1993) is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He auditioned in Baton Rouge, singing "I'm Here" which received standing ovation from the judges. He also performed the same song at the semi-finals. He stated in his audition that he and his family were survivors of Hurricane Katrina. His musical influence is India.Arie. He was eliminated on April 4, 2013, and came in seventh place.

Devin Velez (born April 22, 1994) is from Chicago, Illinois. He auditioned in Chicago as well. Velez performed "Somos Novios (It's Impossible)" at the semi-final round. He draws his musical influences anywhere from Israel Houghton, Cece Winans, Smokie Norful, Donnie McClurkin, Beyoncé Knowles, and his mother. He was eliminated on March 28, 2013 and came in eighth place.

Paul Jolley (born January 27, 1990) is from Palmersville, Tennessee. He auditioned in Baton Rouge, singing "I Won't Let Go". Jolley performed "Just a Fool" at the semi-final round. His musical style came from his family. He was eliminated on March 21, 2013 and came in ninth place.

Curtis Finch, Jr. (born August 19, 1988) is from St. Louis, Missouri. He has previously auditioned in season 4 and in season 11, where he made it to the Las Vegas round, where he grouped with Amber along with season 11 finalists Shannon Magrane and Joshua Ledet. He performed "I Believe I Can Fly" at the semi-final round. His personal musical style is his gospel background. He was the first finalist eliminated on March 14, 2013 and came in tenth place.


Top 10 " Music of the American Idols

The contestants performed a song that a previous American Idol winner performed while on the show, including their coronation songs, or a song they recorded in their post-Idol career. For the results this week, rather than revealing the bottom three, Ryan Seacrest instead revealed the top three in no particular order before then announcing the rankings of fourth place and beyond, ending with the bottom two and the announcement of the contestant with the lowest number of votes. Two more acts were presented on the Top 10 results show, for one last spot in the Idol tour 2013. They were Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew, who were the 6th place finishers for each respective gender group. The results were announced the next episode.

Order Contestant Song Former Idol Winner Result
1 Curtis Finch, Jr. "I Believe" Fantasia Barrino Eliminated
2 Janelle Arthur "Gone" Scotty McCreery Safe
3 Devin Velez "Temporary Home" Carrie Underwood Bottom 2
4 Angie Miller "I Surrender" Kelly Clarkson Top 3
5 Paul Jolley "Amazed" Scotty McCreery Safe
6 Candice Glover "I (Who Have Nothing)" Jordin Sparks Top 3
7 Lazaro Arbos "Breakaway" Kelly Clarkson Safe
8 Kree Harrison "Crying" Carrie Underwood Top 3
9 Burnell Taylor "Flying Without Wings" Ruben Studdard Safe
10 Amber Holcomb "A Moment Like This" Kelly Clarkson Safe
Sing-off for the final spot in the tour
1 Charlie Askew "Sky Blue Diamond" N/A Eliminated
2 Aubrey Cleland "Out Here on My Own" N/A On Tour

Top 9 " The Beatles

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Kree Harrison "With a Little Help from My Friends" Safe
2 Burnell Taylor "Let It Be" Safe
3 Amber Holcomb "She's Leaving Home" Bottom 3
4 Lazaro Arbos "In My Life" Safe
5 Candice Glover "Come Together" Safe
6 Paul Jolley "Eleanor Rigby" Eliminated
7 Angie Miller "Yesterday" Safe
8 Devin Velez "The Long and Winding Road" Bottom 3
9 Janelle Arthur "I Will" Safe
  • Boys' group performance: "Got to Get You Into My Life"
  • Girls' group performance: "Here, There and Everywhere"

Top 8 " Music of Motor City

Mentor: Smokey Robinson

The contestants sang songs from any artist who is from Detroit. Duets and trios were also introduced during this week.

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Candice Glover "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" Safe
2 Janelle Arthur & Kree Harrison "Like a Prayer" N/A
3 Lazaro Arbos "For Once in My Life" Bottom 3
4 Janelle Arthur "You Keep Me Hangin' On" Safe
5 Devin Velez "The Tracks of My Tears" Eliminated
6 Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb & Angie Miller "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" N/A
7 Burnell Taylor "My Cherie Amour" Bottom 3
8 Angie Miller "Shop Around" Safe
9 Amber Holcomb "Lately" Safe
10 Lazaro Arbos, Burnell Taylor & Devin Velez "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" N/A
11 Kree Harrison "Don't Play That Song (You Lied)" Safe
  • Group performance: "Old Time Rock and Roll"

Top 7 " Rock

The contestants sang songs within the Rock genre; a caveat was added that ballads were off-limits this week. However, American Idol violated their own rule by allowing the ballads "We Are the Champions" and "What About Love" to be performed.

Order Contestant Song Result
1 Burnell Taylor "You Give Love a Bad Name" Eliminated
2 Lazaro Arbos & Angie Miller "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" N/A
3 Kree Harrison "Piece of My Heart" Top 3
4 Candice Glover & Burnell Taylor "The Letter" N/A
5 Janelle Arthur "You May Be Right" Bottom 2
6 Lazaro Arbos "We Are the Champions" Top 3
7 Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison & Amber Holcomb "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" N/A
8 Candice Glover "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Safe
9 Amber Holcomb "What About Love" Safe
10 Angie Miller "Bring Me to Life" Top 3
  • Group performance: "Somebody to Love"

Top 6 " Burt Bacharach & Hal David / Songs They Wish They'd Written

Elimination chart

Females Males Top 20 Top 10 Sing-off Winner
Did Not Perform Top 3 Safe Safe First Safe Last Eliminated Judges' Save
Stage: Finals
Week: 3/7 3/14 3/21 3/28 4/4 4/11 4/18 4/25 5/2 5/9 5/16
Place Contestant Result
Lazaro Arbos Top 10 4th Bottom 3 Top 3
Janelle Arthur Top 10 6th Bottom 2
Candice Glover Top 10 Top 3
Kree Harrison Top 10 Top 3 Top 3
Amber Holcomb Top 10 5th Bottom 3
Angie Miller Top 10 Top 3 Top 3
7 Burnell Taylor Top 10 7th Bottom 3 Elim
8 Devin Velez Top 10 Bottom 2 Bottom 3 Elim
9 Paul Jolley Top 10 8th Elim
10 Curtis Finch, Jr. Top 10 Elim
11 Aubrey Cleland Sing-off Tour
12 Charlie Askew Sing-off Elim
Nick Boddington Elim
Adriana Latonio
Elijah Liu
Vincent Powell
Cortez Shaw
Breanna Steer
Tenna Torres

^ Cleland received the most votes in the sing-off and was permitted to participate in the summer tour along with the Top 10 finalists.

Results show performances

Week Performer(s) Title Hot 100 reaction Digital sales reaction Performance type
Top 10 Bon Jovi "Because We Can" did not chart 12,000 (+128%) pre-recorded
Phillip Phillips "Gone, Gone, Gone" 59 (+41) 65,000 (+257%) live
Top 9 Casey Abrams "I Saw Her Standing There" unreleased unreleased live
Jessica Sanchez feat. Ne-Yo "Tonight" did not chart 13,000 (debut) live
Top 8 Colton Dixon "Love Has Come For Me" did not chart TBA live
OneRepublic with Katharine McPhee "If I Lose Myself" 89 (re-entry) 36,681 (+284%) live
Keith Urban "Long Hot Summer" did not chart TBA live
Top 7 Casey James "The Good Life" TBA TBA live
Carrie Underwood "See You Again" TBA TBA live
Top 6 Scotty McCreery"See You Tonight"
Kelly Clarkson "People Like Us"


Mariah Carey-Nicki Minaj feud

A video was leaked to TMZ in October 2012 which showed Nicki Minaj erupting in a tirade against Mariah Carey during the audition in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was also claimed that Nicki was heard saying off-camera, "If I had a gun, I would shoot that bitch." Minaj however denied that she had made the threat. Ryan Seacrest said that the dispute "went a little too far", while Keith Urban jokingly said "I was the UN", and the feud elicited a comment from President Barack Obama that Carey and Minaj will "sort it out". In an interview with Barbara Walters on The View aired on January 7, 2013, Mariah Carey said that, due to Minaj's threats, it "felt like an unsafe work environment," and claimed that she had boosted her personal security. Carey also said that she has since made up with Minaj. Carey's husband Nick Cannon claimed that the feud was used by American Idol producers to generate interest and ratings. Producer Nigel Lythgoe however denied that he was responsible for leaking the video or that it was a publicity stunt, and said that he had no plans to use the footage in advance of or during the season. Fox executive Mike Darnell described the buzz due to the feud as being great, but later said that "a rogue crew member probably took the video and sent it to TMZ. We did not encourage it." The aired episode of the Charlotte audition did not show the tirade and what was shown appeared to have no real linear connection with the leaked footage.

U.S. Nielsen ratings

Episode list
Show Episode Air date Ratings Share Rating/share
1 "New York City Auditions" January 16, 2013 10.2 15 6.0/16 17.93 4
2 "Chicago Auditions" January 17, 2013 9.2 14 5.6/15 16.28 6
3 "Charlotte Auditions" January 23, 2013 9.3 14 5.5/15 16.07 1
4 "New Orleans Auditions" January 24, 2013 8.7 13 5.2/14 15.65 2
5 "San Antonio & Los Angeles Auditions" January 30, 2013 9.2 14 5.5/15 15.78 7
6 "Oklahoma City Auditions" January 31, 2013 7.9 12 4.5/13 13.80 9
7 "Hollywood Round, Part 1" February 6, 2013 8.4 13 4.6/13 14.27 6
8 "Hollywood Round, Part 2" February 7, 2013 7.7 12 4.1/12 13.28 8
9 "Hollywood Round, Part 3" February 13, 2013 7.9 12 4.3/12 13.45 4
10 "Hollywood Round, Part 4" February 14, 2013 7.4 12 3.7/12 12.59 5
11 "Las Vegas, Girls Perform" February 20, 2013 8.5 13 4.1/11 14.37 7
12 "Las Vegas, Guys Perform" February 21, 2013 7.9 12 3.9/10 13.66 9
13 "Las Vegas, Girls Perform 2" February 27, 2013 7.9 12 3.9/11 13.30 3
14 "Las Vegas, Guys Perform 2" February 28, 2013 7.5 12 3.8/11 12.56 4
15 "Semifinalists Girls Perform" March 5, 2013 6.9 10 3.5/10 11.72 8
16 "Semifinalists Boys Perform" March 6, 2013 7.6 12 3.8/10 12.84 7
17 "Finalists Chosen" March 7, 2013 7.7 12 3.6/10 13.12 6
18 "Top 10 Perform" March 13, 2013 8.0 13 3.8/10 13.44 3
19 "Top 10 Results" March 14, 2013 6.9 12 3.1/10 11.93 8
20 "Top 9 Perform" March 20, 2013 7.7 12 3.6/10 12.94 4
21 "Top 9 Results" March 21, 2013 7.3 12 2.9/9 11.65 5
22 "Top 8 Perform" March 27, 2013 7.4 12 3.2/9 12.33 7
23 "Top 8 Results" March 28, 2013 6.8 12 2.8/9 11.43 9
24 "Top 7 Perform" April 3, 2013 7.0 11 3.1/9 11.76 12
25 "Top 7 Results" April 4, 2013 7.0 11 2.9/9 11.72 13

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