Zaytoven Biography

Xavier L. Dotson (born January 12, 1980), professionally known as Zaytoven, is an American record producer and DJ from Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised in San Francisco but later moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, he has worked with Gucci Mane extensively, contributing at least one song on every one of his albums, and doing many mixtapes with him. He has also worked with other notable Atlanta artists, such as Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, Gorilla Zoe, Young Jeezy, OJ Da Juiceman, Future, Doe B, 2 Chainz, Migos (for their Hot 100 hit "Versace"), and other non-Atlanta artists such as Nicki Minaj, producing hundreds of songs in total. He won a Grammy Award in 2011 for his contribution to Usher's Raymond vs. Raymond album, as a co-producer and writer for the single "Papers" along with Sean Garrett.



  • 2008: EA Sportscenter
  • 2009: Trap Boy
  • 2009: ZayTown PT.2
  • 2009: Free Gucci
  • 2010: Gangsta Musik
  • 2010: Lissen Up
  • 2010: Artillery South Trapping
  • 2014: Drip Gang
  • 2015: Beast Mode
  • 2015: OG Zay
  • 2015: Trap House 5 : The Final Chapter
  • 2015: Juggathon
  • 2015: #ZayDidIt )
  • 2015: Rock Solid
  • 2015: Juice Vs Zay
  • 2015: Hell Cat
  • 2015: For Trappers Only
  • 2015: NASA
  • 2016: 88 Keyz
  • 2016 Future of the Trap

Production discography

Artist Credit
Zaytoven"Ice on Me"
"Chasin Dat Check"
"Livewire" (featuring Al Nuke & E.Villan)
"New Freak" (featuring Al Nuke & E.Villan)
"Suckaz" (featuring Al Nuke & E.Villan)
"No Money"
"Easy" (featuring Marco)
Gucci Mane "Bricks (Remix)" (featuring OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, Shawty Lo, 8Ball & MJG)
"Back to Ballin'"
"Everybody Quiet" (featuring Yo Gotti)
"Easy" (featuring Rocko & Nicki Minaj)
"Mr. Tonight"
"Shirt Off (Remix)" (featuring So Icey Boys)
"Ching Ching"
"I Think I Want Her"
"Excuse Me"
"Hasta La Vista"
"Money Bag Shawty"
"Like a Nerd" (featuring Brick Squad)
"Gettin"? Cold" (featuring Mac Bre-z)
"My Lady"
"Rich **** ****"
"Hottest Rapper"
"Turn"?t Up" (featuring Sliq B & Tracy T)
"Birds of a Feather" (featuring Rocko)
"Feel Sorry"
"Scarycat" (featuring Nelly)
"Waterslide" (featuring Rocko & Yung Ralph)
"Show Me" (featuring Jason Caeser)
"Rolling Stone"
"How Much You Want It"(featuring Trina & Kmac)
"Blame On Ya"(featuring Young Dolph & YFN Lucci)
"Bakers Man"
"Young Rich Niggas"
"Wrist Game"
"Ten Plus Ten"(featuring Peewee Longway & Jose Guapo)
"Dirty Stick"(featuring Peewee Longway)
"Night Time"
"Add it Up"
"Peek A Boo"
"Migo Dreams"(featuring Meek Mill)
"Built Like Me"
"Just Wait On It"
"Mr. Miyagi"
"Rocky Balboa"(featuring Peewee Longway)
"Water Bitch"(featuring Chill Will)
"Momma We Rich"
"You A Foo"
"Pack Gone Missing"(featuring Wiz Khalifa, Rich The Kid & Chevy Woods)
"Fucked Up the Kitchen"(featuring Peewee Longway)
"Dr. Dolittle"
"Rich Nigga Timeline"
"Naw FR"
"Migos Origin"
"What a Feeling"
"Dirk Nowitzki"(featuring Young Dolph)
"Life So Hard"
Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet "House Arrest" (with Villa Mane)
"Hook'd Off Str8 Dropp"
"No Pencil"
"No Handouts" (featuring Villa Mane)
Young Thad "Put Me in the Kitchen"(featuring Gucci Mane & Chingo Bling)
"Boom" (featuring Waka Flocka Flame)
"My Pilot"
"Tools on Deck"
"Get This Money" (featuring Ole-E)
Yung Ralph"Get It Up" (featuring Playa Fly & Humble G)
"Gangstas Don"?t Dance"
"Dat"?s Da Move"
"About a ****"
"Still Look Like Money"
Pop-A-Lot "Matic"
"Summa Cum Laude"
Playa Fly"Moo-Lah"
Humble G"Anna"
"In the Trap"
"Raised in the Trenches"
"Bust It Like a Dog" (featuring Zaytoven)
"I"?ma Gangsta"
"Culinary Art School"
Shawn Jay"Call the Weedman" (featuring Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Mia X & Gangsta Boo
OJ Da Juiceman"Swagger" (featuring Gorilla Zoe)
"Public Housing"
"Hammer & Jacob"
"Dope Cookin"? Fool"
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em"First Class"
"The Future"
  • "Ice On Me" (Zaytoven)
  • "Bricks (Remix)" (Gucci Mane featuring OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, Shawty Lo, 8Ball & MJG)
  • "Back To Ballin'" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Eskimo" (Gucci Mane)
  • "House Arrest" (Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet and Villa Mane)
  • "Everybody Quiet" (Gucci Mane featuring Yo Gotti)
  • "Put Me In The Kitchen" (Young Thad featuring Gucci Mane & Chingo Bling)
  • "Easy" (Gucci Mane featuring Rocko & Nicki Minaj)
  • "Mr. Tonight" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Shirt Off (Remix)" (Gucci Mane featuring So Icey Boys)
  • "Dope Man 2" (Gucci Mane
  • "Get It Up" (Yung Ralph featuring Playa Fly & Humble G)
  • "Gangstas Don't Dance" (Yung Ralph)
  • "Moo-Lah" (Playa Fly)
  • "Anna" (Humble G featuring Yung Ralph)
  • "Call The Weedman" (Shawn Jay featuring Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Mia X & Gangsta Boo)
  • "Swagger" (OJ Da Juiceman featuring Gorilla Zoe)
  • "First Class" (Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)
  • "Just Joog" (Gorilla Zoe featuring Block Boys)
  • "I Bought That" (M.O.E. featuring Yung Ralph & Humble G)
  • "From ATL To Detroit" (Lil Mike Mike Featuring Yung Ralph & Mac Bre-z)
  • "Sicknan" (Diamond)
  • "You Big Dummy" (DG Yola)
  • "Tripped Out" (Hakeem Tha Dream)
  • "Hello" (Hakeem Tha Dream)
  • "Nino" (Hakeem Tha Dream)
  • "Can't Predict The Changes" (Hakeem Tha Dream)
  • "This How It Goes Down" (Hakeem Tha Dream featuring Zee Lauren)
  • "Shine" (Mata)
  • "I'm Bout Money" (Quell Keith)
  • "Loud" (Young Capone featuring Yung Ralph)
  • "I Be On Dem Hoes" (Tig featuring Teddy T & Zaytoven)
  • "I Like Dem"(Project Pat featuring OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "My 1st Lady" (Pimpzilla)
  • "Do It" (Lil Blue featuring Gucci Mane & Yung L.A.)
  • "Walk It To The Bank" (Lofat featuring Rocko, Yung L.A.)
  • "There She Go" (Mac Bre-z featuring Yung Ralph)
  • "Do The Math" (Yung L.A. featuring Supa)
  • "We Wangin'" (Ruin featuring OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Imma Ball" (Shop Boyz)
  • "Up Thruu Dere" (Shop Boyz)
  • "Dat's Da Move" (Yung Ralph)
  • "Grams" (Hitman Shawty featuring OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Always Online" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Swagga Walkin'" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Student Holiday" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Party" (Sig HB)
  • "Stuck" (Sig HB)
  • "Mary Jane" (Sig HB)
  • "Cigarello" (Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)
  • "The Future" (Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)
  • "All That" (Young Capone)
  • "Haterz" (Young Capone)
  • "Big Ol Butt" (Young Capone)
  • "Shake N Bake" (J.Money)
  • "Trapin" (Kurby)
  • "My Life" (Doe B)
  • "Fishscale" (Doe B)
  • "Trappin Made It Happen" (Doe B)
  • "4 Houses" (Doe B)
  • "Cash Out" (Doe B)
  • "Clientele (Doe B)
  • "My Bookbag" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Buy It All" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Alien" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Hustle Muzik" (Young Dose)
  • "Yes Sir" (Young Fre$h)
  • "Big ****" (Spydah featuring Yung Ralph & Sig HB)
  • "Beat The **** Down" (Project Pat)
  • "Alot" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Bedroom" (Jagged Edge)
  • "Wee" (Gorilla Zoe)
  • "Been Ballin" (Dat Boi P)
  • "Tequila In My Cup" (Chingo Bling)
  • "Bandz" (BA Boyz)
  • "Break The Wheel" (Young Dude)
  • "C Me At The Top" (Young Dude)
  • "Twitter Me" (Ruin)
  • "Ching Ching" (Lofat featuring Gucci Mane)
  • "Warrant" (P.I. Bang featuring Show Boi)
  • "We Livin It" (Supplya featuring Jody Breeze)
  • "Move" (Supplya featuring Future)
  • "R.I.P." (Mac Boney featuring Young Dro)
  • "Straight Up" (Jody Breeze featuring Hollywood)
  • "Stuntman" (Mike Fresh featuring Bow Wow)
  • "Sorority Girl" (Mike Fresh featuring Dub Boi)
  • "Music Is My Life" (Mike Fresh)
  • "I Think I Want Her" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Excuse Me" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Holla" (Yo Gotti featuring Shawnna)
  • "I Got Dat" (Swat Team)
  • "Facial Lovin" (Sig H.B. featuring Mook)
  • "So Fly" (Sig H.B.)
  • "Luv Yo ****" (Mac Bre-z featuring Sig H.B.)
  • "In & Out" (Mac Bre-z)
  • "Money Man" (Dino G)
  • "Gotta Be Money" (Bad Conscience featuring Juney Boomdata)
  • "Have It All" (Bad Conscience featuring Zaytoven)
  • "Tipsy" (Bad Conscience featuring Zaytoven)
  • "Show You How To Ball" (Tracy T featuring Zaytoven, Mrs. Dotson, Young Fresh, Sig H.B.)
  • "Freshin Up" (Al Nuke featuring Gator)
  • "Steemer" (Al Nuke featuring E.Villain & Zaytoven)
  • "Licks" (Al Nuke featuring Zaytoven, Sig HB, E.Villain & Humble G)
  • "Go Get Um" (Al Nuke featuring Lady Blade)
  • "Glutten" (Al Nuke featuring Zaytoven, E.Villain & Humble G)
  • "Nothin" (Al Nuke featuring Zaytoven, E.Villain & Humble G)
  • "About A ****" (Yung Ralph)
  • "In The Trap" (Humble G)
  • "Bachelor Pad" (EGA)
  • "Duces Up" (Lil' P)
  • "In Da Hallway" (Lil' P)
  • "I'm Ready" (The Eragance)
  • "Boom" (Young Thad featuring Waka Flocka Flame)
  • "My Pilot" (Young Thad)
  • "Tools On Deck" (Young Thad)
  • "Get This Money" (Young Thad)(Feat. Ole-E)
  • "In Tha Club" (BloodSistaz)
  • "Hasta La Vista" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Money Bag Shawty" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Raised In The Trenches" (Humble G)
  • "Bust It Like A Dog" (Humble G featuring Zaytoven)
  • "Bird ****" (Young Bird)
  • "Doe" (Hustleboi)
  • "Been Gettin Money" (J.Pizzle)
  • "Do It Like Me" (Mr. PCP)
  • "I'ma Dog" (DG Yola featuring Gucci Mane)
  • "The Dopeman's Girlfriend" (Mac Bre-z featuring Shawty Lo)
  • "Go Hard" (Young Gabe)
  • "Eyes On Me" (Young Gabe)
  • "Addicted" (45 tha Feva)
  • "Michael Jackson" (45 tha Feva)
  • "Loud Pack" (45 tha Feva)
  • "Bisexual Lovers" (45 Da Feva)
  • "Buddies" (Fella featuring Plies)
  • "Like A Nerd" (Gucci Mane featuring Brick Squad)
  • "Gettin' Cold" (Gucci Mane featuring Mac Bre-z)
  • "Get Da Pack In" (Young Bezzo)
  • "I Got Swagger" (Young Bezzo)
  • "Back To Ballin" (Young Bezzo)
  • "Work Da Stove" (Young Bezzo)
  • "Me & My Click" (Young Bezzo)
  • "Show Em What Dem Hunnits Do" (Young Bezzo)
  • "Trap ****z" (Young Bezzo featuring Yung Fresh)
  • "I Do It" (Young Bezzo)
  • "2ndz" (Spydah featuring Yung Yung)
  • "Drought In The City" (Hogtyed featuring Yung Ralph)
  • "Holla" (Big Six featuring Yung Ralph)
  • "Yeah" (Blanco featuring Gucci Mane & Dorrough)
  • "Doug E. Fresh" (Korleon featuring Tricky & Bambino)
  • "More Packs" (Eldorado Red featuring OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Loud Pack" (Eldorado Red)
  • "Public Housing" (OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Hammer & Jacob" (OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Grapey" (Money Mo featuring Gucci Mane)
  • "So Cold" (Young Slugga featuring Taz & Sig H.B.)
  • "Get That Dough" (Kafani featuring Dorrough & Gucci Mane)
  • "I'ma Gangsta" (Humble G)
  • "Culinary Art School" (Humble G)
  • "****ies & Chucks " (M.O.E. featuring Humble G & Big Bank Black)
  • "Who U Mad @" (T-Ray)
  • "You Feel Me" (Boo Rossini)
  • "SpotLight" (Troublesume)
  • "C.C. Music" (Gafa The Don)
  • "My Baby" (Ceddy Lo)
  • "Grown Man" (T-Man featuring Rocko & Yung Ralph)
  • "Lets Get It" (Swag featuring Juvenile)
  • "Nose In The Air" (Big Stacksss)
  • "Go Head" (Tookie featuring Keevee)
  • "Like Dat" (Scottie Rob)
  • "Play Maker" (Alley Boy featuring Euro Fresh & Yung Mazi)
  • "Out Yo Mind" (Alley Boy featuring Big Bank Black)
  • "Can't Get Enough Of That" (Supplya)
  • "McDonalds" (Yung Teddy)
  • "I'm A Get Mine" (Young Wine featuring R.O.D.)
  • "My Lady" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Okay" (Jimmy 2 Tymes)
  • "Still Ballin" (The Eragance)
  • "Rats" (Young Dro)
  • "Flexed Up" (Eldorado Red)
  • "Try It Out" (Big Bank Black featuring Kandi)
  • "Try It Out (Remix)" (Big Bank Black featuring Kandi, Alley Boy, B.G., Maino, & Gucci Mane)
  • "Look At My Charm" (Alley Boy featuring Gucci Mane)
  • "Tracc" (Daygo Cali featuring Mac Slim)
  • "Time To Go" (Deuce)
  • "Hoes In Here" (Short Dawg featuring Titty Boi)
  • "That Ani't This" (J.Futuristic featuring Zaytoven)
  • "2 Nite (We Vibin')" (Drae Star)
  • Takin Off" (Drae Star) featuring Money D. Math & Angel Haze)
  • "Cerenity" (Drae Star featuring C.Math)
  • "Predictable" (M.O.E featuring Zaytoven)
  • "My Dough" (Nicamari)
  • "Groupie Love" (Black featuring AJ)
  • "3 Plus 3" (Bolo)
  • "Bomb Beat From Zay" (Gloss Da Boss)
  • "We All In" (JT tha Bigga Figga)
  • "Chasin Dat Check" (Zaytoven)
  • "Forever High" (Ric Atari featuring Austin Arkeel & Jamal Skye)
  • "Dope Cookin' Fool" (OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Done Em All" (Dukwon)
  • "Stunt So Hard" (Gloss Da Boss)
  • "4 A Baby" (F.L.M.)
  • "Stunt So Hard (Remix)" (Gloss Da Boss featuring OJ Da Juiceman & Diamond)
  • "How You Doing" (Lil'-Flo Malcom)
  • "Let's Party" (Ace Boon Coon)
  • "I Need Dat" (Ace Boon Coon)
  • "Jumpshot" (Chris J. featuring Gucci Mane)
  • "My Pyrex" (K'Yay)
  • "Cold World" (4-Tre)
  • "2 Min Warning" (Marco)
  • "I Go" (Marco)
  • "Shut It Down" (Marco)
  • "Take It Off The Wall" (Marco)
  • "Foreign Boy" (Sliq B)
  • "Livin' Fast" (Maceo)
  • "Dreaming" (K-Deezy)
  • "Got It" (Johnny B.)
  • "This My Year" (Aim)
  • "Hook'd Off Sr8 Drop" (Str8 Drop)
  • "Rich **** ****" (Gucci Mane)
  • "We Ballin" (Mr. Georgia Black)
  • "Bye Bye" (M.O.E.)
  • "Hottest Rapper" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Pelican" (Frenchie featuring Chubby Baby)
  • "She Can Get It" (P.Floata)
  • "European" (Str8 Drop)
  • "I'm Straight" (Shawnna)
  • "Dis How It Is" (Zone B featuring Doon)
  • "Swaggin To The Max" (Zone B featuring Tracy T)
  • "Dope Boy Fresh" (Throwback)
  • "When I Pull Up" (Cin-A-Matik)
  • "Give It To Her" (G-Don)
  • "Oh Dat That ****" (R.O.B.)
  • "Poppin Dat ****" (R.O.B)
  • "She A Groupie" (R.O.B.)
  • "Que Rich" (Que Rich)
  • "26's" (Dru Smith featuring Bud & Greedy)
  • "Big Shot" (Block featuring Gorilla Zoe, Jody Breeze & Reese)
  • "All Night , All Day" (Mr. Bank 912)
  • "So On"(Cin-A-Matik)
  • "Sky High" (Zone 6 Sinister featuring Jambino)
  • "Dinosaur Work" (Eastside Jody)
  • "Home Girl" (Eastside Jody)
  • "5th Of Tang"(Fly Tye)
  • "Stacks In My Denim"(Fly Tye)
  • "Livewire" (Zaytoven featuring Al Nuke & E.Villan)
  • "New Freak" (Zaytoven featuring Al Nuke & E.Villan)
  • "Suckaz" (Zaytoven featuring Al Nuke & E.Villan)
  • "Need A Drink" (Plies)
  • "Everybody Know Me" (Plies)
  • "Eyes On Me" (Mac Bre-z featuring Yung Ralph & Young Gabe)
  • "Super Hero" (Ju-Fresh featuring Gucci Mane)
  • "No Money" (Zaytoven)
  • "Candi" (Zaytoven)
  • "Turn't Up" (Gucci Mane featuring Sliq B & Tracy T)
  • "Birds Of A Feather" (Gucci Mane featuring Rocko)
  • "Step Out" (Tracy T)
  • "My Year (Our Year)" (Honest Bob)
  • "Get It" (Tity Boi)
  • "Stuntin" (Kita Kane featuring Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame)
  • "Friends" (E.Villan)
  • "More" (Yung Fresh)
  • "Grab It" (Yung Fresh)
  • "I Do Her"(V-12)
  • "Mr. Zone 1" (45 Tha Feva)
  • "Without You" (Hsa Soulja)
  • "Nyquil" (Slim Dunkin)
  • "Faces" (Slim Dunkin)
  • "She Like It" (Black Boi)
  • "No Pencil" (Str8 Dropp)
  • "More" (Yung Fresh)
  • "Grab It" (Yung Fresh)
  • "Been Had Dat ****" (Yung Fresh)
  • "In Yo Face" (The R.E.G.I.M.E.)
  • "Oh Yea" (The R.E.G.I.M.E.)
  • "Go Off" (The R.E.G.I.M.E.)
  • "Always Workin'" (Manish Man)
  • "Do You" (Manish Man)
  • "Jada Pinkett" (Manish Man)
  • "I'm Bad" (Lil' Zaytoven)
  • "Hot" (Trash Bag Gang)
  • "What It Do" (Tight)
  • "Feel Sorry" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Scarycat" (Gucci Mane featuring Nelly)
  • "Waterslide" (Gucci Mane featuring Rocko) & (Yung Ralph)
  • "Show Me" (Gucci Mane featuring Jason Caeser)
  • "Slick ****" (CoCo Brown)
  • "How Can I Be A Racist" (Mistah F.A.B.)
  • "Rollin'" (DoubleA)
  • "I'm Sick'" (Mook)
  • "Flexin" (Mook)
  • "99 Bottles'" (Mook)
  • "Stripes Off Me'" (Mook)
  • "I'm A Shark'" (Mook)
  • "Religion" (Bambino Gold featuring Eldorado Red)
  • "Rolling Stone" (Gucci Mane)
  • "Friends" (Future)
  • "Manager" (Chingo Bling featuring Dirty J)
  • "Working" (Manish Man)
  • "Catching Feelings" (Eragance)
  • "Hoe" (OJ Da Juiceman)
  • "Werk Dat Pole" (King South)
  • "Stalkn Me" (Gwapa)
  • "A'int Seen What I Seen" (Young Scooter)
  • "Easy" (Zaytoven featuring Marco)
  • "Cold Turkey" (Eldorado Red)
  • "The Weed Song" (Villa Mane)
  • "Still Look Like Money " (Yung Ralph)
  • "So Much Pain " (45 Tha Feva)
  • "Find Balance" (B Money)
  • "No Handouts" (Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet featuring Villa Mane)
  • "That Sound (Atlanta)" (Robb Bank$)
  • "Pressure" (BNice) w/ Chino Net Profit
  • "Make Em Sick" (Team Eastside Peezy)
  • "F*ck It Then" (Mike Fresh)
  • "Matic" (Pop-A-Lot)
  • "Whip It" (Icewear Vezzo)
  • "Stay The Same" (Icewear Vezzo featuring Babyface Ray)
  • "Something Real" (Team Eastside Peezy featuring Kevin Gates)
  • "Irresistible (Remix)" (Fall Out Boy featuring Migos)
  • "Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC) (Remix)" (Fall Out Boy featuring Joey Bada$$)
  • "Ask Your Bitch" (Young Dolph)
  • "They Watchin" (Young Dolph)
  • "Secret " (Tone Tone)
  • "8 Pounds of Purple" (Project Pat and Juicy J)
  • "Burglar Bars" (Project Pat and Juicy J featuring OJ Da Juiceman)


  • Confessions Of A Thug (2005)
  • Zaytown The DVD (2010) (Directed By Villa Mane)
  • All Mine (Short Film) (2011) (Directed By Villa Mane)
  • Birds Of A Feather (2012) (w/ Al Nuke, Gucci Mane & Big Bank Black)
  • Weed Man Movie Series (2013) (w/ Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet & Villa Mane)
  • Finesse The Movie (2015)

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