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Witchcraft VI: the Devils Mistress in a 1994 horror film and the sixth in the WitchCraft Horror Series series. It was produced by Vista Street Entertainment and released by Troma Studios. It was directed by Julie Davis. It is occasionally known as Witchcraft 666.


A killer, Jonathan Renquist (Craig Stepp), searching for virgins, lures women back to his house where he and his girlfriend, Cat (Shannon McLeod) drug them for an unknown purpose.

Meanwhile, warlock/attorney William Spanner (Jerry Spicer) is recruited by LAPD Detectives Lutz (Kurt Alan) and Garner (John E. Holiday) to help stop a serial killer who uses black magic to assist in the killings. Spanner identifies Savatini as the most likely killer from a lineup of possible suspects, but there is little to hold him on. While Spanner prefers not to be further involved, but when Lutz and Garner are removed from the case, he takes a more active role in the investigation.

While Renquist finds a virgin for Savatini in Spanner's secretary, Diana (Jennifer Bransford), and identifies Spanner as the main threat to his plan.

Spanner's involvement in the case dovetails into a divorce case he has where is attempting to catch Mr. Savatini, his client's husband, cheating. Savatini is Satan's agent who must perform a ritual sacrifice during a solar eclipse to bring Satan to Earth. However, unknown to Spanner, his new client is Cat, who spikes his drink.


  • William Spanner - Jerry Spicer
  • Det Lutz - Kurt Alan
  • Det Garner - John E. Holiday
  • Keli - Debra K Beatty
  • Savatini - Bryan Nutter
  • Jonathan Renquist - Craig Stepp,
  • Waitress - Julie Davis


This makes the first appearance of Detectives Lutz and Garner, who become semi-regulars in the series. However, after this movie Lutz is played by a female actor. Spanner's girlfriend Keli returns from the previous movie, although she is played by a different actor. Spanner again moves into the starring role, after having a supporting role in the last series. As this is Lutz and Garner's first supernatural case, they are reluctant to believe Spanner's claims, but come to trust his theories more in later movies. Proceeded by Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil and followed by Witchcraft VII: Judgement Hour


While the AV Club found the direction of Julie Davis to be a plus and cites her attempts to elevate the movie, the review stated she wasn't given much to work with. In Creature Feature, the movie was given one out of five stars, stating that the movie is a major step down from the previous films in the series, degenerating into sexy melodrama .

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