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Under Cover is an American secret agent drama series that premiered on ABC on January 7, 1991. The series starred Anthony John Denison and Linda Purl as Dylan and Kate Del'Amico, a husband and wife who share the same day job"?as spies for a fictional US intelligence agency.

Under Cover follows the couple's adventures as they attempt to balance the demands of a sometimes deadly profession while raising two children. The series co-starred John Rhys-Davies as Flynn, the team's gadget man (analogous to James Bond's Q) who is also a deadly assassin.

Although well received by critics and launched with a high-rated made-for-TV movie, Under Cover was adversely affected by the outbreak of the 1991 Persian Gulf War. A two-part episode had been produced involving the Del'Amicos infiltrating Iraq in the wake of its invasion of Kuwait, and culminated with an American military strike on the country. The night the first episode was scheduled to air, real-life hostilities erupted. The two-part storyline was postponed indefinitely and the series itself was effectively cancelled. Following the end of the war, the series resumed for several more episodes, but it was soon officially cancelled, though not before the pulled Iraq episode was finally broadcast. Several episodes have subsequently been edited together as TV-movies and syndicated.


  • Grimbach (Raye Birk) -
  • Dr. Lee (Michael Paul Chan) -
  • Dylan Del'Amico (Anthony Denison) -
  • Col. Kalganin (Paul Freeman) -
  • Alex Robbins (Kasi Lemmons) -
  • Bing Tupper (Randolph Mantooth) -
  • Emily Del'Amico (Marne Patterson) -
  • Kate Del'Amico (Linda Purl) -
  • Graham Parker (John Slattery) -
  • Stewart Merriman (Josef Sommer) -
  • Director Waugh (G. W. Bailey) -


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OriginalAirDate= DirectedBy=Vern Gillum ProdCode=187082 EpisodeNumber=5 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate= DirectedBy=Jonathan Sanger ProdCode=187088 EpisodeNumber=6 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate= DirectedBy=Michael Fresco ProdCode=187085 EpisodeNumber=7 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate= DirectedBy=Christopher Leitch ProdCode=187081 EpisodeNumber=8 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate= DirectedBy=Michael Fresco ProdCode=187092 EpisodeNumber=9 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate=unaired DirectedBy=Paul Krasny ProdCode=187087 EpisodeNumber=10 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate=unaired DirectedBy=Richard Compton ProdCode=187086 EpisodeNumber=11 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate=unaired DirectedBy=Michael Katleman ProdCode=187091 EpisodeNumber=12 }} </ref>

OriginalAirDate=unaired DirectedBy=Jonathan Sanger ProdCode=187090 EpisodeNumber=13 }}

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