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The Traveller is a horror film released in 2010, starring Val Kilmer and Dylan Neal. Val Kilmer plays a stranger ("Mr. Nobody"), who is interrogated and murdered at a small town's police station by police detective Alexander Black (Dylan Neal).


A stranger walks into a small town's police station during a rainstorm on Christmas Eve. He tells the desk sergeant that he wishes to confess to murder, after which the desk sergeant points a handgun at him, and calls for his police colleagues to restrain him with handcuffs.

The stranger refuses to reveal his name, preferring to be known as "Mr. Nobody", while the officers start freaking out and almost assaulting him just as detective Alexander Black walks in. The stranger states that he will confess to six murders, and when he starts describing each murder, the officers start dying in the same way he explains, while the stranger himself is incarcerated. While the officers continue to panic, the stranger notices a dedicated text on detective Black's golden-metal pen, and finds out the pen was a gift from Black's lost daughter, Mary Black.

The officers think that the stranger could be a suspect whom they illegally tortured a year ago when they were investigating the disappearance of Mary Black, yet were unable to disprove the suspect's innocence. However, they realize that the victim of their violence should still be in a coma that resulted from their brutal torture, stationed at a medical facility. The officers then telephone the facility to discover that the victim had died earlier that evening, at the same time as the stranger entered the police station, proving that the stranger is in fact not who they thought he is.

Despite this new evidence, the officers believe that the stranger is a vengeful spirit of the previously tortured man. Detective Black starts talking about superstition and his experiences in Gulf War, while the remaining officers continue to die in ways that mirror the acts they committed against the now-dead suspect a year earlier, until only detective Black remains.

Detective Black starts apologizing to the stranger for killing an innocent suspect, after which the stranger says that he was the one who murdered his daughter. Detective Black then stabs his daughter's golden-metal pen inside his own ears to avoid hearing the stranger's confession. Black's dead daughter then appears to the detective under his desk. She tells him she knows the name of the stranger and whispers into his deaf ear, after which the detective decides to shoot the stranger with a shotgun, making him fall through a window of the police station and die outside on the street.


  • Val Kilmer as Mr. Nobody
  • Dylan Neal as Detective Alexander Black
  • Paul McGillion as Deputy Jerry Pine
  • Camille Sullivan as Deputy Jane Hollow
  • Nels Lennarson as Deputy Toby Sherwood
  • Chris Gauthier as Desk Sergeant Gulloy
  • John Cassini as Deputy Jack Hawkins
  • Sierra Pitkin as Mary Black
  • Panou as Trooper Vitelli
  • Denyc as Trooper Velasquez


The film was shot on location in Vancouver, Canada. The film was first shown at the Aruba International Film Festival in June 2010 before its release in the United States in October 2010 by Paramount Pictures. The film is scheduled for release in Australia in 2010 on DVD by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and for theatrical release in Germany in 2011 via the distributor Splendid Film.

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