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The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir is a Disney Channel India sitcom, which premiered on April 8, 2012 to 2014. The series is an Indian adaptation of the American show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

The series is set in the Raj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai and centers on Karan and Kabir, trouble-making twins who live at the hotel. The series' other main characters include the candy counter girl Vinnie, daughter of the owner of the hotel Rani, the boys' mother Preeti, who is an assistant manager and the hotel's manager Mr. Maan Singh. The series is now over. The cast is Namit Shah, Siddharth Takkar, Shivshakti Sachdev, Tara Sutaria, Damman Baggan and Shruti Seth.


The show centers upon Karan and Kabir, twin brothers who live in the Raj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai with their mother, Preeti Jaiswal, an assistant manager in the hotel. The series also centers upon the hotel owner Oberoi's teenage daughter, Rani Oberoi, who is privileged and ditzy. Vinita 'Vinnie' Mishra is the hotel's down-to-earth candy-counter girl. Mr. Maan Singh, the strict and dutiful manager, is often a foil to Karan and Kabir's schemes and remains troubled by their antics which usually demolishes his hotel in some minor or major way.

Cast and characters


Kabir Jaiswal

It is played by Namit Shah. Kabir aged 10, is the kind, generous, and smarter twin brother. He is less adventurous but always gets into his brother's antics, mostly accidentally, often leading to trouble. He usually follows along as he was born ten minutes after Karan, a fact which Karan uses to knock Kabir out of the "center of things" and let him do all the "main work". He is the equivalent of Cody Martin in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Karan Jaiswal

It is played by Siddharth Thakkar. Karan is typically a self-centered, non-studious, outgoing, immature boy. He is 10 minutes older than his twin Kabir, which he uses against him - often forcing him to do some sort of job that he doesn't want to do. He has a big crush on Vinnie, the candy counter girl at the hotel. He is the equivalent of Zack Martin in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Rani Uberoi

It is played by Shivshakti Sachdev. Rani Uberoi is the only daughter of the owner of the Raj Mahal Hotel where the twins live. Rani is a rich teenager with her own private suite at the hotel, complete with a large wardrobe with several divisions and a kitchen. Rani also has a Pomeranian and she calls her "princess". When she is happy, she usually claps and jumps and says "Yay Rani". Rani loves fashion; she only wears designer clothes and hates people who dislike fashion. She does not have her father or any other person to live with her to help her; instead she relies on the Raj Mahal Hotel staff for any assistance or guidance. She often lies or exaggerates: In the first episode, she tells her friends about the great wedding she is going to attend, but the staff of the Raj Mahal Hotel find out she's lying when she cheats to enter the party. She sometimes also refers to Vinnie as poor. She is the equivalent of London Tipton in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Vinita 'Vinnie' Mishra (Season 1)/Binnie Kukreja (Season 2)

These are played by Tara Sutaria and Ayesha Kaduskar respectively. Vinnie aged 16, is the teenage candy-counter girl at the Raj Mahal Hotel, who also works as a babysitter for Karan and Kabir. She comes from a modest and middle-class family. She is very hard-working, outspoken, and intelligent, but is also very selfish and a bigger opportunist than Rani Oberoi, though she always loses out when this side of her personality is shown. She is Rani's closest friend, though Rani often treats her like a "poor class" Indian. Karan has a huge crush on her. She is left-handed and one of the most beautiful people at the Raj Mahal Hotel. In season 2, the actress playing Vinnie, Tara Sutaria, was replaced by Ayesha Kaduskar, and the name of the character's name is changed to Binnie Kukreja, though the character is entirely similar. She is the equivalent of Maddie Fitzpatrick.

Preeti Jaiswal

It is played by Shruti Seth. She is the single mother of Karan and Kabir, and also works as the assistant manager at the Raj Mahal Hotel, who sings very nicely. She is overprotective of her children and a responsible mother who tries to balance work and giving time to her children. She and her sons traveled to several cities before arriving at the Raj Mahal Hotel, which she called "the best ever hotel we'll like to live ever in her life". She is the equivalent of Carey Martin.

Mr. Maan Singh

It is played by Damandeep Singh Baggan. Mr. Maan Singh is the manager of the Raj Mahal Hotel, who speaks with a large vocabulary and urbane vernacular and is often annoyed by Karan and Kabir's schemes. Though he acts as though he does not care about the boys, he has a great deal of affection for them. Mr. Maan Singh is more of a father to Rani Oberoi than her own, because her real father is seldom around. Mr. Maan Singh taught Rani how to walk, her ABCs, and tried to teach her how to drive. He helps Rani with any problems she is having. Mr. Maan Singh often makes a fool of himself (mostly because of Karan's and Kabir's mischief). A running joke is that he often just barely catches a vase on the center table of the lobby from falling. He is fondly called "Maan Singh ji" (though Rani calls him "Maan Singh") by the hotel-mates rather than Mr. Maan Singh. He is always seen wearing a turban, but every day in different colour. He is the equivalent of Mr. Moseby.

Jang Bahadur

It is played by Shaynam Ladakhi. He is the bell-boy of the hotel, and an honest hard worker who is always ready to help anyone. He has a very long and funny name and is from a village which he often mentions. He also tells tales of his grandparents and their nobility. He is the equivalent of Esteban Ramirez.



It is played by Vrajesh Hirjee. Digital is the hotel engineer. He is constantly inventing new things which mostly fail and make trouble, and is friendly towards Karan and Kabir. The character was replaced by Farzil Pardiwalla in Season 2, and the name was changed to Toolkit. He is the equivalent of Arwin.

Shobha ji

It is played by Sulakshana Khatri. Shobha ji is a 60-year-old hotel employee who doesn't like to work for long. She is intolerant to Mr. Maan Singh. She is always hastily working to get a half-day's work. As the hotel's clothes washer, she often does her work half-heartedly and then blames the machines. She appeared in all but the first three episodes. Her catchphrase is "I am tired". She is the equivalent of Muriel.


It is played by Saniya Anklesaria. She is one of Karan and Kabir's friends. She is a great dancer (as shown in the episode,Hotel Hangout), but can become extremely bossy at times. She acts tomboyish, but still looks much more girly than her equivalent. She is very good at sports, such as basketball, and is very outgoing. She is the equivalent of Max in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

  • Alam Khan, special appearance


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Sound Recordist: Ramyagya Giri (Seasons 1 & 2)

Director of Photography: Unmesh Kabre (Seasons 1 & 2)

Stylist: Seepi Gupta (Season 1), Rutu Mehta (Season 2)

Assistant Stylist: Himanshi Kamdar

Make up & Hair: Rajendra Shikare (Seasons 1 & 2)

Hair (Season 2): Manjeet Sodhi

Production Co-ordinator: Pravin Chavan (Seasons 1 & 2)

Production Assistant: Anant Raj Giri (Seasons 1 & 2)

Production Runner: Kiran Girhe (Seasons 1 & 2)

Camera Operators: Chetan Manjrekar, Jitendra Sule, Vinod Bhajibhakre (Season 1), Vijay Surali, Vinod Bhajibhakre, Ajay P. Mirajkar(Season 2)

Online Editor (Season 2): Rakesh Pandey

Assistant Editor: Prashant Shirsat, Ruchil Shah, Rakesh Pandey (Season 1), Nirbhay Singh, Alok Kr Badal (Season 2)

Editor: Pankaj Kathpal, Rahul Mathur, Shraddha Pendurkar (Seasons 1 & 2)

Production Manager: Sachin Mali (Seasons 1 & 2)

Accounts Supervisor: Deepak Thube (Seasons 1 & 2)

Hindi Script Adaptation: Minty Tejpal, Shoonya, Tanmay Bhat (Season 1), Karan Agarwal (Seasons 1 & 2)

Acting Coach: Anand Chulani (Season 1 for one episode)

Assistant Director: Sanjay Rawat, Kosti Narain (Season 1), Farhan Qureshi, Kelvin Mendonca, Harish Poduval (Season 2)

Associate Director: Kiran Watwani (Season 1), Vatsala Aron (Season 2)

Director: Vasanth Valsan (Seasons 1 & 2), Kiran Watwani (some episodes of Season 2)

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