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The Last Resort is a 1979 American television sitcom, centered around a group of college students working in a hotel kitchen; the humor was in the style of Animal House, and it ran for one season with 15 episodes on CBS.

Cast and characters

Actor Character
Larry Breeding Michael Lerner
Robert Costanzo Murray
Stephanie Faracy Gail Collins
John Fujioka Kevin
Dorothy Konrad Mrs. Trilling
Zane Lasky Duane Kaminsky
Walter Olkewicz Zach Comstock
Ray Underwood Jeffrey Barron


Title Original air date

ShortSummary=Pastry chef Gail Collins concocts an improbable story to impress one of the students. The bride (Beverly) played by Gail Edwards. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Michael's intercession with a girl on Zach's behalf surprises everyone. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=There's chaos in the kitchen when a mouse is found dead with cake batter clinging to its whiskers. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=On a singles weekend, Gail discovers that her visiting girlfriend's sexual inclinations have changed. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Murray is having a nervous breakdown trying to earn a high school diploma at night school. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Gail and Michael would like to keep their little romance secret. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=A woman's husband shows up at the resort knowing all about his wife's affair with Murray. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Wise guy Zach falls for a visiting nun who has not yet taken her final vows. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Michael's father (Ronny Cox) tries to buy his son's affections after an 18-year absence. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=A campaign is started to get Zach rehired after his firing by the hotel owner. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Gail is repelled by a celebrant at a mortician's convention, but Michael falls for a guest from an even older profession. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Pre-med student Michael loses self-confidence when a flu epidemic and a fatal heart attack occur in the resort. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Wheelchair-bound Michael is convinced that he witnessed a murder "? until the victim shows up for breakfast. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Everyone is worried when $500 in tips is stolen. LineColor=700070 }}

ShortSummary=Duane's research colleague (Judd Hirsch) rigs the results of an experiment to get a grant. LineColor=700070 }}


As of this writing, The Last Resort has not been released on home video.

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