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The Client List is an American television drama series based on the 2010 television film of the same name, which is currently airing on the Lifetime network. The series stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, who starred in the film, though she plays a different character in a premise that is slightly different from the film. The series premiered on Sunday, April 8, 2012.

Lifetime ordered an initial 10 episodes for season one. On May 7, 2012, Lifetime renewed the show for a second season, stated to premiere on March 10, 2013. It will consist of 15 episodes.


The series follows Riley Parks (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who begins work in a day spa in a local town after her husband abandons her and their children, leaving her in financial debt. She quickly realizes that the spa gives much more than massages, but works with the parlor's owner in order to keep food on the table. While helping to run the business, she struggles to discreetly balance two lives " a single mother who must provide for her family and a strong businesswoman working in a unique and frowned-upon business.


Main cast

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Riley Parks (née Campbell), the main character whose husband leaves her during a financial crisis when they risk losing their house to foreclosure. Riley is hired at The Rub as a massage therapist and soon realizes the only way to make enough money to get caught up financially is to agree to give "extras" to some of the clients. At first hesitant to, she soon accepts this as a way to provide for her family, catch up on her mortgage, save their house and provide a good lifestyle for her and her children. She has a supportive brother-in-law, Evan, who is always looking after her children when she is out and is a close friend to her. Riley and Evan soon develop a relationship, which upsets Kyle when he returns later in the series. Riley's best friend Lacey tells her that Kyle planned on leaving her after Lacey finds out the truth about Riley's extra services that she provides at her massage job.
  • Loretta Devine as Georgia Cummings, the owner of the massage parlor, The Rub, in Sugar Land.
  • Colin Egglesfield as Evan Parks, Riley's brother-in-law, her husband's brother, who also harbors secret feelings for her.
  • Rebecca Field as Lacey Jean-Locklin, Riley's best friend since childhood who has discovered the truth about what Riley and what most of the other massage therapists do and wants her to quit. In season 2, she marries her then boyfriend, Dale Locklin.
  • Alicia Lagano as Selena Ramos, a masseuse at the parlor, who often offers "extra services" to her clients. Selena also recommended the masseuse job to Riley. She is jealous of Riley's relationship with Georgia, who gives her extra responsibilities at the shop. She and Evan had a brief romance, but it did not last.
  • Brian Hallisay as Kyle Parks (recurring role, episodes 1"6; main role, episode 7"present), Riley's husband and Evan's brother, who ran away from his family. Kyle returned in the last episode of the first season and recurs in the second. He is arrested for stealing copper wire and wants Riley back. She hires him a defense attorney solely because he is the father of her children.
  • Cybill Shepherd as Lynette Montgomery, Riley's mother who works at a hair salon and has been married many times. She tries to look out for Riley's and her grandchildren's best interests.
  • Naturi Naughton as Kendra (season 1), a hard-working masseuse at the parlor. Kendra quit The Rub along with Jolene in the beginning of the second season.
  • Kathleen York as Jolene (season 1), another masseuse working at the parlor, who does not give "extras". She only gives "straight" massages. Jolene quit The Rub along with Kendra in the beginning of the second season.

Recurring cast

  • Tyler Champagne as Travis Parks, Kyle and Riley's son
  • Cassidy Guetersloh as Katie Parks, Kyle and Riley's daughter
  • Desi Lydic as Dee Ann, a masseuse working at the parlor
  • Elisabeth Röhm as Taylor Berkhalter, a woman who continually competes with Riley and ends up buying the hair salon where Lynette and Lacey both work.
  • Greg Grunberg as Dale, Lacey's husband
  • Brian Kerwin as Garrett, Lynette's ex-boyfriend, whom Lynette almost considered marrying.
  • Bart Johnson as Beau Berkhalter, Taylor's husband, for whom Evan is also working for.
  • Jon Prescott as Dr. Mark Flemming, a single-father widower who asked Riley on a date.

Guest stars

  • Erin Cardillo
  • Jack Conley as Cliff
  • Paul Dooley
  • Carlos Gomez as construction site manager, Evan's former boss
  • Kirby Heyborne as Geoffrey
  • Matthew Del Negro as Josh Harper
  • Arlen Escarpeta as Bibby Burnett, Kendra's fiance
  • Eric Lively as Derrik
  • Eric Mabius as Ray
  • Anthony Montgomery as Tim
  • Robert Ri'chard
  • Richard Riehle
  • Mimi Rogers as Valerie Dawson
  • Trevor St. John as Nathan
  • David Starzyk as Jared Dawson
  • Betty White as Ruth Hudson


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On August 10, 2011, Lifetime announced the production of a series based on the 2010 television film, with Jennifer Love Hewitt reprising the lead role. The series, however, is a re-imagining of the film and is not a direct continuation of the film's storyline. The most notable change is that the husband of Hewitt's character abandons his family in the television series before she becomes involved in prostitution, whereas in the film he leaves with their children after the scandal is exposed. The pilot was written by Jordan Budde, and the film's producers all executive-produced the series alongside Hewitt.

Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of Lifetime, stated: "Beloved by viewers, Jennifer Love Hewitt is an amazing talent on and off the screen and we are very excited about continuing our relationship with her on The Client List. This project falls in line with our strategy to expand Lifetime's slate with unapologetic programming that will surprise audiences." Hewitt later stated: "I am thrilled to be working with the fantastic team at Lifetime again. Jordan Budde has written a show that truly reflects the spirit of the movie and I am looking forward to an amazing partnership with Lifetime as both a producer and actress. After hearing Lifetime's vision for the new direction of the network, as well as the amazing level of talent they are working with, I knew I wanted to partner with them in making quality television."

Three promotional materials were filmed in October 2011. and released before the series premiered. The first of these materials, released on January 26, 2012, featured Hewitt performing Shirley Bassey's "Big Spender" in a music video-style advert, in reference to the true nature of the work at the massage parlor. The video received much interest from the media due to Hewitt's risqué role, who noted that "based on this new promo, the show is going to be seriously hot."

Filming and premiere

Season 1 consists of 10 episodes. The series began filming on January 17, 2012. Filming of Season 1 ended on May 2, 2012. The series premiered on April 8, 2012 and the first season ended on June 17, 2012. Filming for the second season began on November 1, 2012.


The premiere episode was watched by 2.8 million viewers. The first season finale was watched by 2.73 million viewers.


The Client List was the subject of a nationwide campaign by licensed massage therapists to stop the show before it aired. The group is Massage Therapists Against The Client List. Petitions have gathered over 6,250 signatures as of February 18, 2013. The group asserts that:

The Client List is a series that perpetuates the misconception that Massage Therapy includes inappropriate sexual contact. Massage Therapists are trained healthcare professionals and in most states are licensed and regulated by state medical boards. They adhere to a code of ethics and in some cases are under higher ethical standards than other healthcare professionals " because of these very same misconceptions. Many therapists are now working in doctor's offices and hospitals and providing valuable therapeutic services. The Client List is a huge step backwards."
A&E responded to the controversy with the following press release:

We appreciate your feedback concerning the new Lifetime Television series entitled, The Client List. For many years, Lifetime television has explored the complexity of women's lives and their stories through fiction and non-fiction movies, series and programs. The Client List is a fictionalized story about the experiences of a single mother as she unexpectedly faces dire economic circumstances. The series also features a broad range of characters with alternative points of view who make different choices. The Client List is not intended to depict any specific spa or massage entity, nor in any way demean or disparage the therapeutic massage profession and its benefits and contributions to the health and wellness industry.

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