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Soul Men is a 2008 American musical comedy film directed by Malcolm D. Lee, and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Bernie Mac, Sharon Leal and Sean Hayes. This was Bernie Mac's final film appearance, before his death on August 9, 2008. The film was released on November 7, 2008.

Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes both died in unrelated circumstances on August 9 and 10 2008. Director Lee said the film was heavily re-edited to soften the tone of the film, as a tribute to the two actors.


Main summary

Two former backup soul singers, Louis Hinds (Samuel L. Jackson) and Floyd Henderson (Bernie Mac), who have not spoken to each other in 30 years, reluctantly agree to travel across the country together to a reunion concert to honor their recently deceased lead singer, Marcus Hooks (John Legend). Cleo (Sharon Leal), a beautiful young woman in an abusive relationship, accompanies them as a new singer; she is believed to be Floyd's daughter but is really Louis'. A few problems come their way, involving Cleo's wanna-be gangsta rapper boyfriend, Lester (Affion Crockett), Floyd's fling with Rosalee (Jennifer Coolidge) and a lot more leading up to their big performance at the Apollo Theater, and the duo reform a bond that they lost 30 years ago.


Next Floyd is in the back of the car with his nephew, Duane (Mike Epps), his wife and two kids. The whole time in the back Floyd is looking pretty disgruntled while the kids are picking their noses and laughing really loud at the TV in the car. Soon Floyd is in the backyard of his new home while Duane keeps telling him how good he has it now that he's retired. Floyd calls him smart because he moved in and took his carwash business and tricked him into retiring. He also moved him far away into the valley so nobody would hear Floyd yell about it. Duane reminds him that he was on the floor hollering because he recently fell and had to get a hip replacement. He says he moved him out there so he would be close to a place with good elderly healthcare and mentions it's a nice place because he's in a golf course community and has a nice house. Floyd gives up the fight and goes to his destined way of life. He starts by playing golf and hits the ball into the water. He then tries to sleep and it's almost 4am and he still has no luck so he decides to masturbate himself to sleep. The next morning he goes outside to get the paper and sees a woman across the street. She stops to wave at him and soon they're in bed together. On the nightstand it's shown that he popped a Viagra and seems to be going well with the woman until it seems that her very large breasts don't do it for him because they're sagging all over him. She then grinds even harder on him and it almost gives him a heart attack and they both finish. He seems unsatisfied and to make matters worse she falls asleep on him and snores really loud. The next day, Floyd goes to the doctor trying to diagnose his sleeping problem. The doctor then tells him to turn around to check him from behind. Floyd figures he needs to check his prostate and protests that it has nothing to do with him sleeping. The doctor says it may affect his sleeping habits and he needs to double-check everything. Floyd reluctantly gives in while the doctor starts to ease his fingers in. Floyd starts singing and his voice pitches higher the deeper the doctor gets in. As he's leaving the office, the doctor tells Floyd nothing's wrong with him and gives him a prescription for sleeping pills. The doctor tells him not to be so hard on himself just because he's retired. As Floyd walks out the doctor yells after him to not take the pills with alcohol unless he wants to kill himself. The doctor laughs but by the look on Floyd's face it doesn't seem like a bad idea because he's so unhappy. Back at his place he's flipping through channels and has a bottle of alcohol with the pills when a report comes up that Marcus Hooks is dead. Shocked, Floyd spits out all the pills he was about to swallow. They mention he'll be honored at the Apollo with many of the singers from his generation when suddenly the phone rings.

Next shown is a phone against the wall ringing when a man answers the phone. He yells for Louis to come to the phone and it's at a mechanic shop. Louis comes to answer the phone and his boss tells him he better not be doing anything illegal or he'll send his monkey face back to prison really fast. Louis takes the phone and angrily wraps the cord around his boss' neck choking him. He makes fun of his unibrow and makes a racial slur at him and slams him against the wall. Frightened, his boss runs off when Louis takes the call. On the other end it's the record label executive Danny Epstein (Sean Hayes). Louis doesn't know who he is so he mentions he was their old manager's son. He then tells of Marcus' death and tells Louis of the tribute asking him to come back to perform at the Apollo that weekend. While Louis is on the phone, his boss and a group of other guys are waiting with wrenches in their hands waiting for him. Louis asks Danny if Floyd will be there and Danny says yes. Louis says no he won't do it and hangs up the phone. That night, Louis gets off the bus bruised and bleeding obviously from his boss and his crew. He goes to his apartment but notices before he enters the door's open. He creeps in the door and sees Floyd going through his things. Floyd turns around and says hello but Louis instantly knocks him out. Floyd gets up yelling at Louis when he argues that Floyd should've called him. Floyd says how since he doesn't have a landline to connect to. Floyd makes a proposal for them to go to the Apollo saying it would be a good way to make a comeback. Louis says he isn't interested and has a lifestyle to maintain. Floyd asks him what lifestyle since he's living so poorly. Floyd says that Louis must not be interested in the money. Louis then asks how much they're offering and he tells him $40,000. Louis says that isn't enough money unless Floyd's willing to split it to where Louis gets 60% and Floyd only gets two0%. Floyd says no they always split the money 50-50. Louis mentions Floyd's carwash knowing that he's rich. Floyd says since his nephew stole his business he's living on a fixed income. Floyd asks Louis if he saved any of his money. Louis tells him he didn't then Floyd asks him if he ever collected any of the royalties since he remembers making at least $30,000 from them. Louis tells him he gambled them all away playing poker. Louis tells Floyd to leave because that's all he's interested in taking. Floyd walks out mad, talking to himself in the hallway. He then knocks on Louis' door again and says he hates the deal Louis is making but will go along with it because he never gives in and is a trooper. He brags that he'll be going back to his expensive hotel to eat a nice steak dinner and will be back to take Louis on the next flight leaving at 6am. Louis says he doesn't fly and he doesn't get up until 8am. Floyd leaves upset.

The next day the two are in Floyd's car (the mother ship) driving on the highway. Louis takes his gun out and Floyd asks him why he's packing. Louis says he doesn't go anywhere without it in a flag flying (racist) state to protect himself. Floyd then takes the gun out his hand while Louis tells him to give it back since he doesn't know what he's doing. Of course Floyd doesn't listen and carelessly shoots one of the side mirrors. It freaks him out so much he swerves the car all over the road cutting off a lot of cars. Still freaked out he doesn't pay attention and drives the wrong way running over construction cones while Louis yells that he's about to drive into the construction workers. He almost hits a cement truck lying down the cement and just in time gets out of the way but almost hits one of the workers. He then swerves out of the construction zone and cuts another car off. Louis yells that Floyd should've never had the gun in the first place while Floyd still drives ahead so traumatized he can't respond. They then drive through southern California, Nevada, and a part of Arizona. That night they arrive in a town in Arizona and Louis notices their name is on a kiosk. He asks Floyd why the group name is up there and he explains since they have a big show at the Apollo they need the practice since they haven't been on stage in over 30 years. They soon change in the back in their old blue suits that are in some serious need of being updated. Looking in the mirror Floyd reassures Louis they look good when he mentions that Floyd better be careful or one of his buttons will pop off and hit somebody. Floyd ignores the comment and goes to pick something up when the back of his suit jacket rips. Louis laughs at him and they prepare to go on stage. The DJ gives them a welcome and at first forgets their name. He then reads it and the duo starts to perform. It goes well until a very drunk patron gets too excited and starts dancing in front of the stage and runs on the stage dancing with The Real Deal. Louis tries to hit a high note but because he's rusty it doesn't sound well. The drunken man then grabs Louis and he gets mad enough to knock him down. The man isn't at all affected by it and falls asleep on stage. While Floyd tries to dance around, a button on his pants flies off hitting a man in the eye. Louis then starts choking and coughing really hard. He then runs around stage yelling for some water. Floyd still tries to hold the show together but it still isn't working when Louis jumps off the stage to take a random glass of water from a table and downs it. Suddenly the man who fell asleep wakes up grabbing Floyd's leg yelling that he loves another woman yelling her name. Louis gets back on stage saying he can't perform. Floyd tells him they can't quit now because they have an audience. Louis says he can't finish when the man grabs his leg and Louis kicks him off. Floyd says the reason they broke up is because of Louis' attitude when Louis yells they really broke up because Floyd stuck his Johnson in his girlfriend. He angrily leaves the stage when Floyd stands in embarrassment because Louis yelled it in front of everyone.

The next day in the car Floyd asks Louis if they're going to talk about what happened. Louis admits he was rusty last night when Floyd says that's insulting rust. He fires back that Floyd was stiff in his moves when he says his hip replacement was the reason he had a hard time moving. But Floyd says he wasn't talking about last night's performance he was referring to the woman that came between them, Odette. Louis says Floyd stole his girl and married her and he was hurt. Floyd tells Louis she left him too and he was also hurt. Louis tells him he's glad that he got back what he did to him and they pull over to change one of the tires. Floyd takes Louis' gun out and starts playing with it when Louis yells to put it back. Floyd tells him he knows what he's doing when Louis reminds him of their last fiasco. Floyd reassures him he knows how to handle a piece just when he shoots the tire out. Because it almost hit Louis he yells at Floyd that he tried to kill him when Floyd tells him he didn't he just didn't aim right. Just then one of their old songs comes on when Marcus was still apart of the group. They both dance together like they used to and sing along. Back at the record label, Danny's intern, Phillip (Adam Herschman), tells him that he can't get in touch with The Real Deal. He mentions he's a big fan of them and would love to see them perform, as would all their fans. Danny tells him he doesn't care about the fans he has a big venue coming up worth a lot of money and for Phillip to just get those old guys to New York. Phillip leaves to try to get them to the Apollo.

Back on the road, Floyd and Louis stop in Amarillo, Texas and do a show that night at a line-dancing bar. The show's going well, so well Louis gets off stage and line dances with the crowd. When they finish their number the crowd goes wild and they perform an encore. When the show's done, they sign autographs while having drinks. Louis scolds Floyd for doing an encore without the crowd asking, saying it was unprofessional. Floyd brushes him off when he sees a woman (Jennifer Coolidge) looking at him from across the bar. Floyd looks at her and says he remembered why he missed being on the road so much. He then takes her to his room and of course pops a Viagra. She tells him she's never been with anybody like him before. He thinks she means she's never been with a black man before but she tells him she meant she's never been with anybody as old as him. He tells her she's no spring chicken either but changes his tune and says to combine their years of experience together for the night. She then tells him she has a lot of hair down there. He says since he came up in the 1960s he's used to it but when she pulls her pants down he looks horrified that there's more than he was prepared for. He then brushes it off again when she asks him if he's ever had a velveteen rabbit performed on him. He says no and she turns around to take her dentures off. He freaks out but it's too late because she's already started.

The next morning, Floyd walks out on the balcony still erect because the woman had him going all night long. Next door Louis laughs at him. Floyd brags that he went all night and she still wants to go all morning teasing Louis because he spent the night alone. At the same time a much younger and better looking woman comes to the balcony with Louis and starts kissing him. Floyd looks shocked and a little upset that Louis beat him until his woman comes out back and looks over. The younger woman looks over and yells mom. Louis and Floyd freak out just when a man starts banging on one their doors. The young girl says that's her father/the older woman's husband. They both freak out and get all their belongings. They throw everything over the back of their balconies and run off. They're back on the road when the car brakes down. They call for roadside assistance and when the mechanic finishes up, Floyd opens his wallet to get the cash when he notices it's empty. Louis laughs at him when he opens his wallet and notices his is empty too realizing the two women robbed them in their sleep. They call Phillip asking if he can get them some money to make it to New York. He says he'll try to help them out and asks Danny for the money. Danny refuses so Phillip realizes that he'll have to come up with another way to help Louis and Floyd. Since they had to stop in Oklahoma, Floyd says he knows where he can ask for money. They stop in a neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Louis realizes that it's Odette's house and refuses to go inside. He then hits Floyd making him fall down. Floyd tells him since he's got a bad heart he can't get up and he tells Louis to get him his pills. But when Louis turns around to get the pills, Floyd gets up while Louis says that he has enough medication to open a drugstore. When he gives him the bottle he needs, it's too late because Floyd's already at the door. Louis gives in and rings the doorbell. Lester (Affion Crockett) answers the door very rudely. They tell him who they are and that they're looking for Odette Whitfield. Lester rudely says he doesn't know who they are but then yells for his girlfriend to come answer the door because two old guys are looking for someone he doesn't know. He leaves and Louis and Floyd go inside.

Soon Cleo (Sharon Leal) comes to see who they are. They ask where Odette is and she tells them her mother's dead. They both look shocked because nobody told them she died and weren't even aware of a funeral. They introduce themselves but the whole time Lester's yelling for her to come back because he needs something. She leaves annoyed while Louis and Floyd are in shock that Odette had a child and never told them. Floyd goes in Cleo's purse to find her wallet for her ID. It states the year and date of birth making Floyd wonder if he's the father. He puts it back when she comes back telling them she doesn't have time for them to be there and leaves again. Floyd tells Louis it would make sense if the was the father because her birthday matches to 9 months before Odette left him. Louis tells him he's got it wrong just when they hear a beat from one of their old songs. They then walk to see where it's coming from. They go to the garage where Lester is sampling their record with the DJ, Pay-Pay (Fatso-Fasano) and Zig Zag (Jackie Long). It's not very good because most of his lyrics are pretty hackneyed and something any other rapper has said. Plus Zig Zag is pressing the button to make gun shot noises so it's very cliché. Louis and Floyd look pretty pissed and make Lester stop and they begin to argue about him horribly sampling their record. Lester says he's sorry but gets upset enough to step and crush their record. Just when Louis is about to beat the snot out of him, Cleo comes in telling them to stop. She yells at Lester to calm down because it's her house when Floyd and Louis try to chime in. But Cleo yells she doesn't remember them being around when her mother was dying of cancer. She kicks Lester out the house and tells Floyd and Louis since they need a place to stay she's going to make them dinner. After dinner they sit at the piano talking about her mother. Louis looks outside seeing Lester dealing drugs on the front porch pretty pissed this is going on right outside Cleo's house. At the piano, Cleo tells Floyd her mother told her she had the best times with the two of them. Floyd offer's her to go with them to the Apollo and tomorrow they stop in Memphis. Cleo says no she has to stay home and work. Floyd tells her it would be fun but Cleo tells him she doesn't have time for fun looking at Lester outside her house.

That night they get ready to go to bed in the guest bedroom. It probably used to be her room when she was little because the bed's small and the room's pink and purple. They say goodnight when Louis jumps up yelling at Floyd. He yells that Floyd's been taking Viagra again when Floyd tells him he thought he took his cholesterol pills. Louis yells he's already been to prison before and doesn't need that happening to him again. Later that night, Louis comes from the bathroom at the same time hearing the piano. He sneaks downstairs and hears Cleo singing. He peaks through the door seeing her singing and playing the piano. Impressed he stays downstairs to listen to her. The next morning, Louis sees Floyd's phone ringing. He answers it since Floyd's in the bathroom and it's Phillip. He tells Louis that he was able to solve their cash flow problems because he took $10,000 from his parents' savings account. Louis thanks him and tells him to meet them at the Peabody hotel in Memphis that night. Ready to leave they go to the front porch and ask Cleo if she's changed her mind. She turns around with a bruise under her eye. Floyd asks her what happened and she lies saying nothing. They already know so Louis goes in the house seeing Lester eating and watching TV with a gun on the table. He asks Lester why he hit Cleo. Lester tells him he's the guy with the gun and points it to Louis when Louis turns it around on him grabbing his arm dragging him to the front porch. He makes Lester apologize to Cleo for hitting her and for sampling The Real Deal's record. He also makes Lester give them his money when he protests that he doesn't have any money. Louis says he does because he saw him dealing dope yesterday on the front porch. He makes Lester force it out of his underwear and makes Floyd take it. Floyd looks grossed out but takes it because they need the cash. Lester screams that he's breaking his arm when Louis says no if he were he would twist it harder and he eventually does. Lester walks away yelling he's lucky he doesn't have his other arm or Louis would be dead. Louis tells him he's seen guys like him on the yard everyday who would've never made it out alive in prison. Lester leaves calling him all kinds of things when Cleo laughs and decides to go to Memphis.

They arrive in Memphis and try to check into the Peabody hotel. It doesn't go well because an alarm goes off showing a wild party they had back on the 1970s with Bootsy Collins. Floyd at first doesn't remember until Louis reminds him of the incident in one of the rooms. He then remembers when Louis gives his card. That also sets off an alarm with a ton of pictures with Louis with thousands of naked women. Phillip decides to step in as their manager and gives them his credit card to get 4 rooms. It works and he decides to get them some outfits to perform in. While getting massages, Phillip runs in with their outfits excited about the show. They go to the Orpheum with Cleo and see all their old buddies ready to perform. It all goes well until Floyd sees a woman there and calls her name out hoping she didn't take what happened in Baltimore too personally. Not over what happened she punches him really hard and leaves. They then panic about what to do until they ask Cleo if she knows all their songs. She says she does but one of their friends says he isn't singing with an amateur. Floyd tells him to show some respect because she's Odette Whitfield's daughter. They quiet down and then go on stage. The show starts out well with Floyd and Louis singing and dancing. Cleo then starts singing along and does so well the crowd cheers her on. At the same time Isaac Hayes sees her and is also impressed.

After doing a great show, they walk outside pumped from their performance when Cleo tells them Isaac Hayes wrote a few songs that he thought would be perfect for her. They look concerned but she assures them she'll be careful. In front of the hotel, Phillip is parking their car when Lester walks up to him with a gun. The only difference is he's in a cast because his arm was broken so badly. He limps over to the car; gun in hand, asking Phillip about The Real Deal. He tells Lester, scared to death, he's their manager. Lester then comes up with an evil idea. Cleo gets a knock on the door and it's Floyd. He comes to her room to congratulate her and try to tell her he's her father. But she interrupts him telling him he's not her father. She knows he's out there because he sends her money from time to time in a private account. Her mother told her it was from his royalties yet he never made himself known. Floyd figures out that it's Louis giving her the money and that he never gambled the royalties away. In other words he got his wife, Odette, pregnant. Floyd knocks on Louis' door and punches him really hard yelling he knocked up his wife. Louis runs away but Floyd keeps going after him. They fight the whole time knocking everything over. They break the TV, ruin the furniture and crash into the wall. Louis asks Floyd if he told Cleo and he says no he didn't. Floyd asks Louis why he never told her. Louis said she was better off without him. It wouldn't have made sense for her mother to tell her"?her father was a selfish, alcoholic, drug addict who ruined everything he touched. Floyd then looks over in horror when Louis asks him what's wrong. Louis turns around and the hotel staff is standing in the doorway with Cleo meaning they heard everything. She runs away upset with Louis and Floyd chasing after her. Outside, Lester's kidnapped Phillip holding a gun to him. He's in the car with Zig-Zag and Pay-Pay waiting for The Real Deal for revenge. He sees Cleo catch a cab and then sees Louis chasing after her. Lester gets out the car with his gun just when Floyd comes outside and the hotel staff drops their bags outside the door. Just when Lester is about to shoot, Phillip blows the horn really loud in their car to notify the two. Louis catches Lester in enough time to attack him knocking the gun out of his hand. Scared, Pay-Pay drives the car off leaving Lester behind. Louis picks up the gun to threaten Lester but the cops pull up making Louis and Floyd put their hands up minus Lester because he's on the ground.

Both Louis and Floyd are sitting in the jail cell mad. Louis tells Floyd they probably aren't going to make it to the Apollo while Floyd tells him he's pathetic. Louis said he didn't want to go on the road anyways when Floyd says he saved him from rotting away and dying alone. Soon the bailiff comes to the cell telling Floyd he can go but locks Louis back in telling him he needs a lawyer to get out because he violated his parole by crossing state lines and having possession of a weapon. Floyd looks upset and tells him he doesn't need him and he'll do the show alone. He goes to the car and sits on Louis' prescription realizing he's dying. Back at the jail, Louis uses his phone call to call Cleo to apologize for never telling her about him and never being there. He tries to finish but the machine cuts him off. Floyd feels bad and goes back to the cell with a gun and holds the bailiff hostage making him go inside the cell while getting Louis out. They run off now both fugitives of the law. On the road Floyd says he needs to abandon the mother ship. Louis seems shocked but when they drive by a diner they see Lester's car that Pay-Pay and Zig-Zag were driving. They're in the diner eating when Louis and Floyd steal the car. By the time they notice the car's being stolen it's too late when Floyd and Louis drive off. The next morning they hear someone beating in the trunk of the car. They pull over and open the trunk seeing Phillip in only his underwear in the trunk. Freaked out he asks to pee for a second and goes to relieve himself. They then drive to the payphone and Phillip calls Danny. Danny picks up when Phillip gives him the status of where they are. At the same time Louis and Floyd are on the news with the footage of Floyd holding the bailiff hostage. Danny gets upset telling Phillip he's fired and that Louis and Floyd are off the show. Phillip hangs up mad and tells them what Danny said. Floyd starts crying that they probably won't make it to New York by that night since they're fugitives of the law. Louis tells him it isn't over until they say it's over. He tells Floyd that he was right about him and that he'd given up on life. He was glad that Floyd came to get him instead of giving up on him. They then agree the 3 of them will go to New York.

That night they arrive in Harlem ready for the big show. They make it past the cops and security to the back dressing room. They get a knock on the door and Phillip answers to see Isaac Hayes there to wish them good luck and he also has Cleo with him. Phillip leaves them alone and finds Danny in the hallway talking to one of the producers. Danny gets upset saying that he fired Phillip but Phillip also tells him he's not alone. Danny gets outraged that Floyd and Louis are there and he goes to their dressing room telling them they aren't allowed to be there. It's true because the cops and detective are looking for the two in the audience. Floyd asks to have a word with Danny outside and they leave. In the dressing room Louis apologizes to Cleo for abandoning her all those years and tells her how proud he is of her. She forgives him and they make up. Outside the room, Danny looks shocked obviously because Floyd told him Louis is dying. He asks how long Louis has when Floyd responds he doesn't know. Danny feels terrible so he agrees he'll let them perform at the tribute. The show's about to start when Louis starts coughing very severely. He can't even get off the couch. Phillip panics and runs to get Danny. Danny runs to their dressing room when Floyd tells Louis to hang in there since he's on his last leg. Louis tells him he's not dying he just has a really bad kidney stone that hurts but he's not dying. Floyd tells him his aunt used to take those pills and she used them because she was dying. Louis says he's fine he's just in bad condition making Floyd very upset since that was why he broke him out of jail. Danny tells them to just get ready and hide somewhere so the cops don't find them. The two find a hiding place so good nobody can find them. In a very dark place, Floyd and Louis ask where they are. Louis offers to use his lighter when Floyd says no or they might burn. So Floyd takes out his cell phone and they realize they're in the piano casket with Marcus Hooks. They freak out because they're in a casket with a dead man but soon notice things on his fingers and wrists. Floyd also notices his old watch on Marcus' wrist and almost chokes him when Louis tells him it's not worth it since he's dead. Floyd's still upset that Marcus stranded them and went solo without them and was also a kleptomaniac. Louis said he did it because he knew he'd have a better career and he did. Louis then apologizes for trying to take most of the money and that he'll split it 50-50 with Floyd. Floyd thanks him but admits there was no money involved. He just lied to get Louis to perform but tells him he can't say it wasn't worth it. Surprisingly Louis doesn't get mad and agrees that it was worth the ride. They then feel the casket moving forward obviously to the stage. In front of the stage Danny freaks out because he can't find the rest of The Real Deal while the detective is also trying to find the two. When the casket stops, Floyd and Louis open the doors and the crowd cheers for them. They then get on the stage and perform. The police force almost goes to arrest them but Danny stops them asking for 1 song. The detective agrees and lets them perform. The Real Deal then introduces Cleo and she does a solo act making the crowd go even wilder. Everyone's dancing along even the cops and when the detective's caught, he then emphasizes they only get one song. A caption comes up telling The Real Deal had to serve a shortened sentence on good behavior and later did a comeback tour. The next caption shows Phillip in the audience as their new manager. He then says he's their manager and all the women surrounding him attack him for an autograph. They then finish their number and the end pauses with them in a still shot.



Soul Men received generally mixed reviews from film critics. Based on 73 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes reported that 45% of critics stated that Soul Men features lively performances from Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson, and some hilarious moments, but ultimately suffers from an unoriginal script. On Metacritic, another review aggretator, reported that critics gave the film an average score of 49/100, based on 23 reviews.

The film opened at #6 with $5,000,000 behind Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Changeling, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Role Models, and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (which Bernie Mac was also in). At the conclusion of its domestic theatrical run on February 5, 2009, the film's gross was $12,082,391 which makes the film a flop.

DVD sales

The film was released on DVD on February 10, 2009 and by the 5th week, about 483,360 units have been sold, bringing in $9,443,721 in revenue. This does not include Blu-ray Disc sales.

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