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Siberia is a mockumentary series about a fictional reality television show where 16 contestants must survive in the remote Siberian territory of Tunguska. The show was filmed in Birds Hill Provincial Park just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It premiered on NBC on July 1, 2013, and was met with mostly negative reviews from critics and viewers; Metacritic scored the show with a 63 out of 100.


Sixteen reality-show contestants arrive in a Siberian forest to take part in a new reality show and quickly discover the adventure and life-threatening danger is not what they signed up for. Weird events begin to happen that parallel the ones natives experienced 100 years earlier during the Tunguska event.

The show is described as having a "Lost-meets-Survivor premise," and is compared to The Blair Witch Project and The River.


  • Joyce Giraud as Joyce, an actress playing the role of Carolina, a bartender from Bogota, Colombia, who was hired to keep the game moving.
  • Johnny Wactor as Johnny, a competitive bull rider from Jedburg, SC.
  • Esther Anderson as Esther, a model from Melbourne, Australia.
  • Miljan Milosevic as Miljan, a club DJ from Podgorica, Montenegro.
  • Daniel Sutton as Daniel, a computer programmer from Royalton, MN.
  • Neeko O.J. Skervin as Neeko, a professional rugby player from London, United Kingdom.
  • Irene Szuchun Yee as Irene, a fashion designer from Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Sam Dobbins as Sam, a bouncer from Brooklyn, NY.
  • Sabina Akhmedova as Sabina, a retired soldier from Haifa, Israel.
  • Anne-Marie Mueschke as Annie, a graphic artist from New Orleans, LA.
  • Natalie Scheetz as Natalie, a veterinary assistant from Santa Barbara, CA
  • Victoria Hill as Victoria, a sales clerk from Winnipeg, Canada
  • George Dickson as George, an accountant from Louisville, KY.
  • Tommy Mountain as Tommy, an environmental activist from Boston, MA.
  • Berglind Icey as Berglind, a journalist from Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Harpreet Turka as Harpreet, a graduate student from Washington, D.C.
  • Jonathon Buckley as Jonathon, the host.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 12 September 23, 2013


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
Viewers = 3.07 ShortSummary = Sixteen contestants from all around the world arrive in the remote Siberian wilderness where they must try to survive and be the last ones remaining in order to win $500,000 with no rules and no help from the producers. The last two contestants to arrive at the camp they will be staying at will be eliminated from the competition, which are Harpreet and Berglind. At night, the remaining fourteen contestants hear a strange noise in the forest. In the morning, Tommy wanders away searching for mushrooms. Later, the contestants are informed by Jonathon, the host, that Tommy was in a fatal accident. He gives the remaining thirteen contestants the option to leave or to continue on. LineColor = B30000 }}

Viewers = 2.60 ShortSummary = George decides to leave the competition. Later, Daniel finds the location where Tommy was killed, and finds a patch of blood, a strange footprint, and cave markings showing tribesmen fighting a large creature with the same footprint. The contestants then find a shed full of food, which they decide to ration. Victoria unintentionally eats the uncooked poisonous mushrooms and begins hallucinating. The next day, she returns back to normal and decides to leave. Before she does, she warns Daniel that the group is going to die, as seen in her hallucinations. LineColor = B30000 }}

Viewers = 2.36 ShortSummary = At nightfall, the group finds the food shed set ablaze. As Irene and Johnny go hunting, Natalie and Annie return to camp claiming to have seen a tiger. Daniel finds Irene and Johnny to warn them of the possible tiger, and the three safely return to camp. The next day, the contestants discover that Johnny burned the food shed. However, a hidden camera inside the shed reveals Carolina as the true saboteur who burned the shed and took some of the food to frame Johnny. In the woods, Neeko and Sabina discover a partially eaten tiger and wonder what could have killed it. LineColor = B30000 }}

Viewers = 1.93 ShortSummary = In the morning, the contestants find a spear in their camp with an attached message warning them to leave. At night, the sky mysteriously turns green, and Carolina returns back to camp injured and unable to remember how she got hurt. After the sky returns to normal, Miljan spots a figure in the woods watching him. Later, Carolina reveals to the group that she is a TV actress named Joyce who was ordered by the producers to frame Johnny for burning the food shed. LineColor = B30000 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = Matthew Arnold| WrittenBy = David Paster| OriginalAirDate =

Viewers = 1.80 ShortSummary = The next morning, Natalie leaves behind a note informing the contestants that she has left the competition. Later, Irene gets caught in a booby trap, severely injuring her leg. Desperate, the contestants search for the producers' basecamp to get help for Irene, but they find the basecamp in ruins. LineColor = B30000 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = Matthew Arnold| WrittenBy = Matthew Arnold and Odin Shafer| OriginalAirDate =

Viewers = 1.76 ShortSummary = Now on their own, the contestants discover that Miljan found a century-old Russian diary that describes a violent group of "Valleymen" who were feared by a native tribe called the "Evenki." Later, the contestants spot a radio tower in the distance that Johnny, Daniel, Sam, and Joyce hike towards while the rest stay at camp. Along the way, they find the site of the Tunguska event. LineColor = B30000 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = Slava N. Jakovleff and Herbert James Winterstern WrittenBy = Matthew Arnold and Shaun Hudson OriginalAirDate = Viewers = 1.83 ShortSummary = With temperatures dropping, Sam suffers from frostbite. Back at camp, a deranged Miljan attempts to kill Irene, forcing the group to tie him down. Knowing Esther has sleeping pills, Miljan persuades her to untie him and to dose the others so he can secretly kidnap Irene and take her into the woods. LineColor = B30000 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = WrittenBy = OriginalAirDate = Viewers = ShortSummary = LineColor = B30000 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = WrittenBy = OriginalAirDate = Viewers = ShortSummary = LineColor = B30000 }} </ref>

DirectedBy = WrittenBy = OriginalAirDate = Viewers = ShortSummary = LineColor = B30000 }}

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