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Quintuplets is an American sitcom that aired twenty-two episodes on Fox from June 16, 2004 through January 12, 2005. The program starred Andy Richter and Rebecca Creskoff as parents of a family of quintuplets and their various adventures in parenthood.


The series is set in Nutley, New Jersey, and is on the face of it a typical family sitcom. Much of the storyline focuses on the difficulty of supporting a large family of teens, both financially and emotionally, as they grapple with the reality that, grown up, they simply aren't as cute and interesting as they were when they were born.

The house is a typical three-bedroom family home. The male quints share a room with bunk beds, the female quints share another room. The kitchen contains a double wide beer cooler as a refrigerator, and the basement contains a walk-in freezer, both to store the large amounts of food such a large family requires. The situation may be seen to parallel and parody the old sitcom The Brady Bunch, by highlighting the impracticality of the large family.

The theme song, "Suk or Shine," was performed by Chris and Tad.

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The Chase Family

  • Bob Chase (Andy Richter) - The father, works for an ad agency, and barely makes enough money to support the large family. Most of his time is spent trying to save money, and only occasionally provide parenting for his five teen children, but he'd prefer to get away whenever he has the chance. He also lets it be known that he thinks half of his children are freaks. He blames the fact that the children were artificially inseminated, and explains that this is why there were so many of them at once and why some of them are not exactly normal.
  • Carol Chase (Rebecca Creskoff) - The mother. Maintaining the large family and house requires her to be a typical sitcom housewife. In one episode she attempts to go back to work, but no one wants her because she's been raising kids for fifteen years. She goes back to being a housewife and remains in that position for the rest of the show. She often provides parenting for the children, albeit poor parenting, and enforces the rules in the house.
  • Parker Chase (Jake McDorman) - The popular boy. Tallest of the children, good-looking, successful in academics, sports, and attractive. He teases his brothers mercilessly, especially Pearce, but is also quick to defend them. The male quints share a deep bond, probably from sharing the womb. At one point, Patton, the youngest and shortest quint, says that Parker took all the good genes and left him with the short ones and Pearce with the weird ones.
  • Pearce Chase (Johnny K. Lewis) - The weirdest member of the family with curly hair. He has a strange perspective on just about any subject, and is never afraid to share his bizarre thoughts with everyone. He is so odd that he no longer responds to rejection.
  • Penny Chase (April Matson) - Is intellectual, and vigorously nonconformist. She dresses and styles her hair in an alternative style, frequently mistaken for the typical goth style and enjoys reading. She feels inadequate compared to Paige because of her attractiveness since Penny is a plain jane.
  • Paige Chase (Sarah Wright) - The attractive girl, she spends most of her time thinking about and attending to her appearance. She also isn't the brightest person in the family.
  • Patton Chase (Ryan Pinkston) - The youngest and shortest of the children at 4'10". This is a source of amusement to the family and shame to the father, and often causes Patton's mother to be overly nurturing. He takes growth hormones. He is girl crazy and his typical line to girls (and in one episode a guy when he was pretending to be gay to avoid being pulverized) is, "Yes I am, you likey?." It usually works but his sisters often find it disgusting.

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