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Providence is an American television drama series that aired on NBC starring Melina Kanakaredes. The show ran for five seasons from January 8, 1999 until December 20, 2002.


The show revolves around Dr. Sydney Hansen (played by Kanakaredes), who left her glamorous job in Beverly Hills as a plastic surgeon for the rich, so she could return to her hometown of Providence, Rhode Island, and be with her family. Sydney lives with her father Jim, brother Robbie, sister Joanie, and sister's baby Hannah in a large home in suburban Providence that also houses her father's veterinary clinic. Sydney's mother dies in the first episode but continued to appear to Sydney as a spirit, and to offer advice.

The show ends rather abruptly, with a two-part wedding episode. NBC called this Providence's "winter finale," fully expecting to bring it back in the spring or autumn of 2003, but these plans were eventually scrapped when some cast members, including Melina Kanakaredes, opted out of producing a sixth season. Reruns of the show are not currently running.


  • Dr. Sydney "Syd" Hansen (Melina Kanakaredes) " A high-profile plastic surgeon who returns home for her sister's wedding. Unfortunately, her mother died before the ceremony begins. Syd returns to Los Angeles, only to find her boyfriend cheating on her. Ultimately she decides to move back home to Providence to help her family, and she takes a job at a free clinic that she later ends up running. While struggling with her new specialty of family medicine and helping her family, she also tries to rebuild her love life, without much luck until season 5.
  • Joan "Joanie" Hansen (Paula Cale) " Sydney's younger sister and single mother of young Hannah. Her mother's death interrupts her wedding and, after giving birth to Hannah, she decides to not marry Hannah's father, Richie. An optimistic woman, Joanie assists her father in his practice until she discovers that her cooking, while unpalatable for humans, is a delicacy for dogs, and she opens a delicatessen bakery for dogs. Her love life, however, is as complicated as her older sister's. Though mostly loyal to her family, Joanie often feels overshadowed by the accomplishments of Syd, and is known to squabble with Syd frequently. Sensing that her parents, especially her father, tend to favor Syd, Joanie decides to take over as her father's caregiver after he survives a near-fatal gunshot to the head. Joanie often makes Syd feel guilty about having her own life and priorities, but as is later learned, it's mainly due to extreme envy. While Joanie admires her sister, she mostly finds herself resenting her.
  • Robert "Robbie" Hansen (Seth Peterson) " Syd's younger brother. A charming bad boy who manages a pub and is addicted to betting. After much trouble, he finally settles down when he marries Tina, a divorced mother of one, Pete, and later has a son with her, Nicholas "Nick" Hansen.
  • Lynda Hansen (Concetta Tomei) " Sydney, Joanie, and Robbie's overbearing mother. She dies before her pregnant daughter's wedding service, and afterwards appears only to Syd in dreams, giving her (often unsolicited) advice.
  • Dr. Jim Hansen (Mike Farrell) " Sydney, Joanie, and Robbie's father. A warm-hearted veterinarian who runs a clinic in his basement and who occasionally relates better to animals than to people.
  • Dr. Helen Reynolds (Leslie Silva) " Syd's friend and head of the free clinic in Season 1. Afterwards, she returns to her hometown, leaving the clinic in Sydney's hands.

Television ratings

Season Season Premiere Season Finale TV Season Ranking Viewers
(in millions)
1st January 8, 1999 May 21, 1999 1999 #18 13.9
2nd September 24, 1999 May 19, 2000 1999"2000 #25 13.14
3rd October 20, 2000 May 18, 2001 2000"2001 #43 11.5
4th September 28, 2001 May 10, 2002 2001"2002 #36 11.4
5th October 4, 2002 December 20, 2002 2002 #39 10.9


John Masius created the series. Regular writers include Masius, Mike Kelley, Carol Barbee, Elle Triedman, Robert De Laurentiis, Robert Fresco, Tim Kring, Jennifer M. Johnson, and Ann Lewis Hamilton.

Theme song

In the United States, the theme song was "In My Life", a cover of the Beatles song performed by Chantal Kreviazuk. Internationally, the theme song was "You Make Me Home", composed by Tim Truman and performed by Angelica Hayden.


Providence has been broadcast internationally by the following stations:

  •  : Warner Channel
  •  : Seven Network and W. Channel
  •  : VIJFtv
  •  : SBT
  •  : Kanal 1, Diema and Diema 2
  •  : Global, W Network, Omni1
  •  : Kanal 5, TV2
  •  : YLE TV1
  •  : TF1
  •  : VOX
  •  : TV2, FEM3
  •  : Skjár 1
  •  : TV3
  •  : Canale 5
  •  : NHK-BS2
  •  : RTCG
  •  : Warner Channel
  •  : NET 5
  •  : TV3
  •  : TV Norge
  •  : TVP 2, Fox Life
  •  : RTP 2, [[People+Arts]]
  •  : STV 1, Markíza
  •  : POP TV
  •  : Sony Entertainment Television on DSTV
  •  : Kanal 5
  •  : [[People+Arts]], Sony Entertainment Television on VEO
  •  : TV3
  •  : CNBC-e
  •  : ITV1

DVD release

To date, the only DVD release of the series is The Providence Collection (released 2004 by Lions Gate), a collection of the series best episodes from the show's 5 year run featuring 12 episodes on four discs:

  • Pilot, Home Again, Tying the Not, The Letter, Don't Go Changin', The Thanksgiving Story, Falling, Best Man, Act Naturally, A New Beginning, Eye of the Storm, The Eleventh Hour
  • Written introduction by creator John Masius
  • Commentaries by Melina Kanakaredes, Paula Cale, Mike Farrell, Michael Fresco, Seth Peterson, Concetta Tomei, Monica Wyatt, and creator John Masius on selected episodes
  • Gag reel with outtakes and bloopers
  • Retrospective documentary featuring new interviews with the cast, creators, and special guests

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