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Problem Child 3: Junior in Love is a 1995 American made-for-TV sequel to Problem Child, and is the third and final entry in the Problem Child trilogy. In this sequel, Junior is a preteen and is in love with a girl named Tiffany. However, she does not notice him. Things take a mischievous turn when he finds out there are three other boys interested in her as well. In this installment, Junior is portrayed by Justin Chapman and Ben Healy is portrayed by William Katt. Neither Annie (Amy Yasbeck) or Trixie (Ivyann Schwan) appears in this film, nor are they mentioned. Gilbert Gottfried and Jack Warden are the only cast members to appear in all three films. The film aired on May 13, 1995 on NBC.


Junior Healy (Justin Chapman) tells a story from multiple drawings in a coloring book, and it switches to his classroom where he is told by Miss Hicks (Marianne Muellerleile) that he got an F for not finishing his science project, and he mentions that "it's all about sound waves", and the bell rings, causing a set of traps to trigger, and Miss Hicks to fall out a window. The audience is told that one of his classmates Murph (Eric Edwards) told on him, and the principal called his dad, Ben (William Katt), prompting him to take Junior to get help. He and Ben meet Sarah (Carolyn Lowery), a therapist who tests Junior, and decides that he needs activities to do. Junior takes this harshly, and does not approve of these options.

He is taken to a dance school, run by a tyrannical débutante, Lila Duvane (Ellen Albertini Dow), and dislikes it at first, then he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Ogletree), but Murph - who had asked him to dance with his sister, Bertha (Edwards) - informs him that three boys, Duke (Brock Pierce), flamboyant actor Corky (Blake McIver Ewing), and bad boy Blade (Jake Richardson) have already taken her. Junior tries to proclaim his love to Tiffany, but fails miserably. He is given a teacher, Mr. Burtis (Bruce Morrow), which he traps him similar to Miss Hicks at the beginning. He bites an apple, and feels pain. He and Ben go to a dental clinic where it is discovered by the infamous Mr. Peabody (Gilbert Gottfried) that he needs braces. Ben asks his father, Big Ben Healy (Jack Warden), for a $5,000 loan which leads to disappointing results.

After meeting the trio and Tiffany, he decides to start with scouting under Scoutmaster Phlim (Sherman Howard) who is Duke's father. Afterwards he decides to enter hockey which Blade is in. He gets beaten by Blade's team (a scene shows his gear flying up into the air after a critical hit, an obvious parody of the first Problem Child). After his rough encounters, he decides to "get even" and take part in a Peter Pan play, where he is stuck portraying a weed. Ben meets Sarah at a Big Ben's, and it is discovered that she was with Scoutmaster Phlim, and subsequently broken up with him.

When Junior comes back to get his braces tightened, he gets his revenge for his humiliation he received from his braces by releasing laughing gas that knocks Dr. Peabody and Nurse Kiki unconscious. They later wake up wearing braces with Nurse Kiki tied up in the patients chair and Dr. Peabody hanging from the fan by his braces.

During the hockey tournament, Junior beats everyone of the opposing team players, and strikes Blade with a hockey puck. After this, he is banned for life, and then he traps Corky by distracting the janitor (Rance Howard), and pulling the rope to the suspension harness, and crashing it down, severely injuring Corky and Lila Duvane.

After these two schemes, Junior and Ben are challenged by Duke and Scoutmaster Philm to an obstacle course in which consists of a sack race, a tire run, a monkey bar cross, a rope climb, and a canoe race. Junior sabotages every obstacle on their side, and they win. Duke, Blade and Corky are all seriously injured and Junior finally tries to spend some time with Tiffany. However, she winds up being not what Junior expected; his "dream girl" is really a spoiled brat. Junior pranks her by tying the ribbon on her dress to a statue, and as she walks forward, it rips off. Half-naked, embarrassed, and laughed at, Tiffany runs out crying, and Junior meets a nicer girl who is also wearing braces. Like the beginning, Junior depicts everyone in a coloring book, and signs off by saying "so long suckers!", as the words "The End" pop up in the book.


  • William Katt as Ben Healy, Junior's kind hearted adoptive Father.
  • Justin Chapman as Junior Healy, the avenging mischief maker, who this time is trying to be with Tiffany.
  • Sherman Howard as Scoutmaster Eugene Phlim, the aggressive Scoutmaster of Prairie Dogs. Used to date Sarah Gray until she broke up with him, but refuses to accept it and jealously stops anyone else from dating her.
  • Carolyn Lowery as Sarah Gray, a therapist and the ex-girlfriend of Scoutmaster Philm who developed a crush on Ben Healy.
  • Jennifer Ogletree as Tiffany, Junior's crush who turned out to be not what he expected.
  • Blake McIver Ewing as Corky McCullen, a snooty, spoiled and rich child star.
  • Brock Pierce as Duke, son of Scoutmaster Philm and lead member of the Prairie Dog Scouts.
  • Jake Richardson as Blade, captain of a Roller Hockey team called the Weasels.
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Igor Peabody, Junior's archenemy who is now his orthodontist.
  • Jack Warden as Big Ben Healy, Ben's father and Junior's adoptive grandfather. He is extremely selfish and mean.
  • Ellen Albertini Dow as Lila Duvane, a senior dance teacher who immediately takes a dislike to Junior.
  • Marianne Muellerleile as Miss Hicks, Junior's nasty teacher who left after one of Junior's pranks.
  • Bruce Morrow as Mr. Burtis, the teacher who temporarily replaced Mrs Hicks, until after another one of Junior's pranks.
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Conchita, Big Ben's maid.
  • Kelli Thacker as Nurse Kiki, Dr. Peabody's mean assistant.
  • Rance Howard as the Janitor

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