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Pepper Dennis is a comedy-drama television series that aired on The WB from April to July 4, 2006. It was quickly announced on May 17, 2006 that Pepper Dennis would not be one of the WB shows transferred to The CW Television Network. Pepper Dennis was the final show to premiere on The WB before its transition to The CW network.

The song used in commercials for the show was "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall, and the opening theme song is "Better Half" by Chris Trapper, the former frontman for the Boston pop group The Push Stars. Another song that the WB used for advertising "Pepper Dennis" was Morningwood's "Nth Degree" which also appeared in another WB drama, One Tree Hill.


The series stars Rebecca Romijn as Pepper Dennis, a television reporter for an evening news broadcast at the fictional television station WEiE (specifically with a small i) in Chicago. The series also starred Rider Strong as Chick, Pepper's cameraman and unrequited crush, Brooke Burns as Pepper's sheltered and somewhat flaky sister Kathy Dinkle, Lindsay Price as Kimmy Kim, Pepper's closest friend and WEiE's makeup artist and Josh Hopkins as Charlie Babcock, the station's news anchor. One of the focal points of the show was the love-hate relationship between Pepper and Charlie.


Regular cast

Actor Role
Rebecca Romijn Pepper Dennis (Patty Dinkle)
Brooke Burns Kathy Dinkle Williams
Josh Hopkins Charlie Babcock
Lindsay Price Kimmy Kim
Rider Strong Chick Dirka

Recurring characters

Actor Role
Brett Cullen Jack Bell
Frederick Koehler Leslie "Les" Gaye
Alexandra Barreto Blanca Martinez
Jason Brooks Bryce Williams
Bob Gunton Dick Dinkle
Pamela Reed Lynn Dinkle
A.J. Trauth Mitch Dinkle
Pooch Hall Garfield
Larisa Oleynik Brianna
Henry Simmons Curtis Wilson
Bob Wiltfong Lance Powers

Other characters

  • Regina Taufen as Summer Waters
  • Frank Lloyd as Pete Pulaski
  • Lawrence LeJohn as Fire Lt. J.J. O'Hare
  • Carol Kiernan as Mrs. Johnston
  • M.C. Gainey as Bobo (helicopter pilot)
  • French Stewart as Dr. Crimmons (the company shrink)
  • Whitney Anderson as Amber
  • Dan Byrd as Todd Haskell
  • Sarah Rafferty as Callie Meryl
  • Linda Gray as Barbara Meryl
  • John Bennett Perry as Mr. Meryl
  • Eric Winter as Connor Blanchard
  • Jason-Shane Scott as Rick Harper
  • Sara Paxton as April May Tyler / Chrissy Tyler
  • Robert Gant as Benny Gold
  • Adam Cardon as the paparazzo
  • Ryan McPartlin as Grady Harper
  • Jordan Belfi as Sheldon Zorn
  • James Read as Wes Brinkman
  • Kristin Minter as Bambi
  • Mackenzie Astin as Ken Alston
  • Meredith Scott Lynn as Nan Chambers
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Angela Howell
  • Timilee Romolini as Connie 'Baby' Unamo
  • Candace Kita as 'Squeaky'
  • Tangelia Rouse as 'Knuckles'
  • Dot Jones as McGee

Episode list

Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate Code ProdCode=1ALR79 ShortSummary=Pepper Dennis had her sights set on becoming the anchor for Chicago's top-rated evening news broadcast. Just as she thought that her dream was about to come true this hot new guy, Charlie Babcock, whom she had a one night stand with gets the job. Pepper's life is further complicated when her sister Kathy, who has split up with her husband, decides to move in. LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR01 ShortSummary=Pepper goes undercover to expose a prostitution ring at a poker club and find a little more than she anticipated. During a sexual harassment seminar at work Pepper finds herself in a compromising position with Charlie, causing her to re-evaluate her feelings for him. Kathy agrees reconcile with her husband. LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR02 ShortSummary=Pepper's breakdown on air during a live interview lands her in therapy where she is forced to confront her feelings for and issues with Charlie. Desperate to prove that she still has what it takes to get a story, Pepper ends up being a hostage at a fraternity hazing ritual gone wrong. LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR03 ShortSummary=When someone has a wedding Pepper soon realizes the bride is kidnapped. LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR04 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR05 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR06 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR07 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR08 LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR09 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR10 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR11 ShortSummary= LineColor=943754 }}

ProdCode=1ALR12 ShortSummary= Babcock has unexpectedly proposed to Pepper, and they find themselves walking down the aisle together. Unfortunately for Pepper, she learns that Babcock's proposal isn't motivated out of love. LineColor=943754 }}

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