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Once Upon a Time in Shanghai is a 2014 Hong Kong martial arts film Drama directed by Wong Ching-po and starring Sammo Hung, Philip Ng and Andy On with action choreography by Yuen Woo-ping and Yuen Cheung-yan. The film is a remake of the 1972 film Boxer from Shantung which starred Chen Kuan-tai, who also appears in a supporting role in this film.


Possessing unique super strength and martial arts skills since childhood, Ma Yongzhen (Philip Ng) travels from his hometown to Shanghai to seek a livelihood. There he meets rising overlord Long Qi (Andy On), whose ruthlessness and powerful martial arts skills have put the four gang leaders of Shanghai"?s reigning Axe fraternity on notice. Both youths possess insanely good martial arts skills. Ma righteously challenges Long Qi over his criminal activities, and Long Qi is impressed by Ma"?s stalwart character and awesome martial arts skills. Soon, Long Qi offers to be Ma"?s benefactor.

Ma doesn"?t wish to be a criminal, but uses his connection with Long Qi to snag honest jobs for himself and his friends. Eventually both youths become good friends. Long Qi persuades Ma to join him to fight against the Axe fraternity but is refused by Ma. At the same time, Ma is warned by former axe gang boss, Master Tie (Sammo Hung), not to be involved in the fight between Long Qi and the Axe fraternity.

The Axe fraternity holds a grudge against Long Qi and plots to assassinate him. Ma, helplessly watches his Long Qi dies, and Master Tie is brutally murdered which eventually leads him to embark on a path of vengeance.


  • Sammo Hung as Master Tie
  • Philip Ng as Ma Yongzhen
  • Andy On as Long Qi
  • Michelle Hu as Tie Ju
  • Chen Kuan-tai as Baldy Bai
  • Mao Junjie as Sheng Xiangjun
  • Jiang Luxia as Tie Mei
  • Yuen Cheung-yan as Laughing Buddha
  • Fung Hak On as Scruffy Chou

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