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Kate McShane is an American legal drama television series that aired from September 10 until November 12, 1975. Kate McShane was the first series to feaure a female lawyer in the lead role.


Kate McShane is an Irish American lawyer who gets help from her dad, an ex-cop, and her brother, a priest and a law professor.


  • Anne Meara as Kate McShane
  • Charles Haid as Ed McShane
  • Sean McClory as Pat McShane


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date EpisodeNumber=1 DirectedBy= Robert Scheerer WrittenBy= Milt Rosen ShortSummary= Kate and her crew defends a former anti-war militant. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=2 DirectedBy= Robert Scheerer WrittenBy= Michael Butler ShortSummary= A homeowner is charged with killing a narcotics agent, but he claims it was self-defense. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=3 DirectedBy= Jack Shea WrittenBy= David Karp ShortSummary= An old man is accused of killing a robber in his own house. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=4 DirectedBy= Robert Scheerer WrittenBy= Milt Rosen and Robert Foster ShortSummary= A professional football player might have killed his girlfriend while on drugs. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=5 DirectedBy= David Friedkin WrittenBy= Michael Butler ShortSummary= A federal agent wants Kate to drop an investigation of a murder. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=6 DirectedBy= Corey Allen WrittenBy= Paul Lichtman and Leon Tokatyan ShortSummary= A scientist admits to killing a Nobel Prize winner. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=7 DirectedBy= John Peyser WrittenBy= Peter Lefcourt ShortSummary= LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=8 DirectedBy= Bill Bixby WrittenBy= David Friedkin, Milt Rosen and Robert Foster ShortSummary= A former rock star is accused of contributing to his girlfriend's drug overdose. LineColor=3399ff }}

EpisodeNumber=9 DirectedBy= WrittenBy= ShortSummary= Kate defends a detective who shot a suspect. LineColor=3399ff }}

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