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Hostel: Part III is a 2011 American horror film directed by Scott Spiegel, and the sequel to Hostel: Part II. It was written by Michael D. Weiss. It was released direct-to-video on December 27, 2011.


The film starts with a young man, named Travis, going into a hotel room where a Ukrainian couple, Victor and Anka, are currently staying. The couple offers Travis some Vodka, but he declines, saying that he brought beer for everyone. The three have a beer and Anka goes off to take a shower. Victor goes off to ask her a question when he finds her unconscious. Victor then calls for Travis's help. Travis walks in nonchalantly, and just stares at the couple, and it is then revealed that he is a member of the Elite Hunting Club. Victor soon passes out from being drugged by the beer Travis gave him. He then wakes up in a cell in an abandoned building. Two guards walk in and drag Anka out of her cell.

Scott and his fiancé Amy are out in front of their home, and Carter, Scott's friend, pulls up. The three chat for a while and Scott leaves Amy to go with Carter to Las Vegas for Scott's bachelor party. Once in Las Vegas, Scott and Carter meet up with Mike and Justin, two of their friends. The four go to a nightclub, where they end up meeting Kendra and Nikki, two escorts Carter had secretly paid to have sex with Scott. Kendra and Nikki tell the four men about a "freaky" party they could go to. The four guys take a cab to an abandoned building. Confused, the guys knock on the door and are invited in by a bouncer. Once at the party, Kendra makes a move on Scott, but he denies her, and tells her about how he was previously unfaithful with Amy and almost lost her, and that he does not want it to happen again. Mike and Nikki walk in and kick out Kendra and Scott. Scott wanders outside the building and the cabbie finds him drunk, pounding on the door to get back into.

Scott wakes up in the morning in his hotel room with Carter and Justin. The three wonder where Mike is, and try calling his phone, but get his voice mail. They shake it off and assume he will show up later.

Meanwhile, Mike awakens in a cell, in an undisclosed location, and starts panicking. Two guards enter and take Mike away. They then tie him into a chair in the middle of an empty room. Curtains open revealing one wall is made of glass, and Mike is on display to be gambled upon by wealthy clients. A doctor enters the room, and Mike pleads with him, stating that he has a family. An announcement congratulates the gamblers who bet he would plead for his life using his family. The doctor cuts Mike's face off, then leaves him as he screams and the curtain closes. The audience gives a round of applause for the show.

Scott, Carter, and Justin are getting more worried having not heard anything from Mike, so they travel to Nikki's trailer. Scott and Carter break in while Justin waits outside. They look for Nikki and Mike, but they do not find anyone in the trailer. They hear a noise outside, and while checking it out, two people burst through the front door and throw Justin down. One of the people is Kendra. Kendra questions the three guys about why they broke into Nikki's, and the guys explain. She then reveals that Nikki is also missing.

Meanwhile, Nikki wakes up with a ball gag in her mouth and is dressed by Travis in a cheerleading outfit. She is brought into the same room as Mike and is strapped to a table. A doctor then sprays a sweet chemical in and around her mouth, and teases her with a cockroach as she screams. He then releases a jar full of cockroaches onto Nikki. The cockroaches crawl into her mouth and suffocate her to death.

After driving, Scott, Carter, Justin, and Kendra get a text message from Mike to meet him and Nikki in a hotel room. When they get there, everyone but Justin goes inside the room. When inside they get jumped by numerous men and are gassed, and put in the back of a van. Justin hears the van and gets out to investigate. He is then knocked out and put in the van by Travis. Scott, Carter, and Justin wake up in individual cells along with Victor. Kendra is still unconscious. The two guards take Justin away, and Carter calls the guard telling him that he is also a client and that it is his turn. Scott is shocked and does not know what to do.

Justin gets strapped into a chair and a mist settles in the room. Carter, Flemming, and Travis watch as a woman dressed as an alien with a crossbow shoot arrows into Justin's limbs. Shortly after, Scott gets taken into the room and is strapped into the chair. Carter comes in to the room, and Scott asks him why he is doing this. Carter reveals he wants Amy all for himself, as they were in a relationship before she ended up with Scott. He then says that once Scott dies, he will comfort Amy and she will want to be with him. He also says that Mike was just at a wrong place at the right time, while he genuinely feels sorry for Justin because he believes that Justin did not deserve to die. As Carter turns his back, Flemming orders Scott to be let go from the chair. Scott and Carter fight, and Scott ends up stabbing Carter multiple times. Scott then breaks out of the room and runs away. Victor ends up killing one of the guards and gets the keys and frees himself. He kills another guard, but the guard simultaneously shoots Victor in the chest, killing him. Scott calls the cops and frees Kendra. While running away, Kendra is shot by Travis. Scott and Travis fight, and Scott cuts his arm off and bludgeons Travis to death with Justin's crutch.

Flemming sets the building to explode and attempts to drive away, but Carter, who was hiding in the back seat, kills him and takes his car. The parking garage has spikes that will puncture the tires of a vehicle leaving, so Carter places Flemming in front of the spikes, then exits, driving Flemming's body onto the spikes so the car can escape. Carter drives away from the building, but he sees Scott in his rear-view mirror. Carter gets out and locks the front gate before Scott can get to him. Carter drives away while the building explodes with Scott still within the compound gates. Sometime later, Carter is comforting Amy, and she invites him to stay the night. He accepts. Amy goes to get a bottle of wine and when she returns, she tells Carter that Scott is still alive and stabs Carter in the hand with a corkscrew. A burned Scott comes behind Carter and drags him to the garage. Scott then kills Carter with an electric tiller.


  • Kip Pardue as Carter
  • Brian Hallisay as Scott
  • John Hensley as Justin
  • Calum McVeigh as Calum
  • Sarah Habel as Kendra
  • Skyler Stone as Mike
  • Zulay Henao as Nikki
  • Thomas Kretschmann as Flemming
  • Chris Coy as Travis
  • Nickola Shreli as Victor
  • Evelina Oboza as Anka
  • Kelly Thiebaud as Amy
  • Derrick Carr as Mossberg
  • Frank Alvarez as Mesa
  • Tim Holmes as Beardo
  • Barry Livingston as Doctor


Hostel Part III was released on DVD and Video on demand on December 27, 2011.

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