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Hollywood Game Night is an American television series currently airing on NBC. It premiered on July 11, 2013.

The series follows two contestants who take part in a casual game night with celebrities. One of the two contestants takes home up to $25,000 in cash prizes. It is hosted by Jane Lynch.


On August 1, 2011, NBC announced that they were developing the series, then under the name Celebrity Game Night. The project's name was changed to Hollywood Game Night when it was ordered to series on December 18, 2012. In February 2013, it was announced that actress Jane Lynch will host the show.

Created by actor/producer Sean Hayes, the show was inspired by Hayes and producer Todd Milliner's real-life cocktail party-style game nights. "Sean Hayes, the creator of the series, has these notorious game nights that are so much fun, that a variety of people go to because he has a lot of interesting people in his life," host Jane Lynch told The Huffington Post. "And he said 'Let's put it on TV,' and NBC said, 'OK!' Before I knew it, I was hosting it, and we rented this mansion that is, ostensibly, mine, and we put couches in there and we got everybody tanked up on booze and we played these games."


Two teams of four players each (consisting of three celebrities and one contestant) play a series of games all while driving each other crazy. The celebrities play for a chance to win $10,000 for a charity of their choice, while civilian players compete for the right to win $25,000. The civilian player is designated captain of the team.

Main Game

Five games are played each week and on each game, the teams try to score points for the contestants. The first two games are worth 1 point per correct answer, the next two are worth 2 point per correct answer and the final game is worth 5 points an answer with the team in the lead going first.

On games played against the clock, the time limit is always 90 seconds.


  • Snack Round: The round is played based on what snacks they talk about. For crunchy snacks it's called "Crunch Time", for candies it's called "Home Sweets Home" and for candy bars it's called "CBI: Candy Bar Investigation". Players on both teams take turns playing this game. They are shown pictures of bowls of popular snacks or candy. The first player to buzz-in with a correct guess scores a point (two for Home Sweets Home). If a player buzzes in and is wrong, the opponent can answer. Each pair of players who either sit across from each other or diagonally gets two turns.
  • Take the Hint: Played like standard Password, the team in control is given 90 seconds to convey general items. The celebrities give one word clues to their captain. The captain gets only one guess per answer and each correct answer scores a point.
  • Lil' Picassos: Kids from schools across America draw pictures of famous people and it's up to the players to identify them. The players are given clues about the pictures to help them. The first player to buzz in with a correct answer scores two points.
  • Timeline: Similar to The Price is Right's Race Game. One celebrity player from the controlling team chosen by the captain is presented with six pictures of a celebrity. Sometimes they are pictures of the same person and sometimes they are different people. The celebrity has 90 seconds to place them all in chronological order from the earliest to the latest. When the celebrity is done they hit a button nearby and Lynch tells them how many are correct. Every time the celebrity gets less than six correct, they go back and make some changes. The rest of the team are allowed to help out as much as they can. When time is up or if the team gets them all right, they score points for each correct placement. After both teams play the game, a five point bonus is awarded to the team who got the most right or had the fastest time in case of a tie.
  • Celebrity Fusion: A picture is shown of two celebrities who share a common name fused together. Clues are given, and the first to buzz in with the right answer wins a point. If a player buzzes in with a wrong answer, the other team gets to steal.
  • Smash The Buzzer: All eight players participate. A category is given, along with items that may or may not fit. When a player hears an item that fits, the first to smash the buzzer gets a point, and the right to eliminate an opponent. If wrong, they are eliminated, and the opponent gets the point.
  • TV ID: (Played like Name That Tune's Bid-A-Note) A TV show title is shown, and the player must buzz in and bid as to how few words as possible it'll take to get their partner to guess. A correct guess wins two points.
  • Picture Purrfect: The players are shown still shots of popular movies only the actors in each picture have their faces replaced with cats. The players' job is to identify the film. Each correct answer scored a point.
  • Matchmaker: Teams play Concentration with celebrities. The TV monitor displays a 15 star square grid; behind the squares are celebrities. 14 of them match each other to form a host, star or character pair from a popular TV show or movie. Players take turns stepping up to the board picking off two squares they hope will produce a match. Each correct match is worth two points.
  • I Love a Charade: This game is a 90 second tag team round and all subjects in this round fit under a specific category. The team in control take turns acting out different subjects. Each correct answer is worth five points.
  • How Do You Doo?: The teams have 90 seconds to guess as many songs as possible, using only the word "doo". Once a teammate guesses a song, they must perform the next one. Each correct guess is worth five points.
The contestant with the most points at the end of play won the game and advanced to the $25,000 bonus round.

Celebrity Name Game (Bonus Round)

In the bonus game, "Celebrity Name Game" the winning contestant chooses one of the six celebrities to play with. The chosen player describes a different celebrity as best they can for the contestant to guess. Each correct answer is worth $1,000 to not only the contestant, but also to their celebrity partner. For every celebrity the winning contestant identifies correctly, they win $1,000 each. If they are able to guess 10 celebrities in 90 seconds or less, the contestant wins $25,000 and their celebrity partner wins $10,000 for their chosen charity.


Season 1 (2013)

Episode Title Original airdate Celebrity players U.S. viewers
AltDate = Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Martin Short, Kristen Bell, Daniel Dae Kim, Alyson Hannigan Viewers = 4.29 LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = Valerie Bertinelli, Cheryl Hines, Sarah Chalke, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rob Riggle, Matthew Morrison Viewers = 3.92 LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler, Sean Hayes, Dax Shepard Viewers = 3.85 LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = Tom Arnold, Stacy Keibler, Rose Byrne, Patricia Heaton, Anthony Anderson, Jamie-Lynn Sigler Viewers = 4.12 LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = Al Roker, Will Sasso, Niecy Nash, Jason Alexander, Nick Cannon, Josh Gad Viewers = 3.58 LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = Kristin Chenoweth, Wilmer Valderrama, Aubrey Plaza, Felicity Huffman, Dominic Monaghan, Molly Shannon Viewers = LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = Ellie Kemper, Minnie Driver, Max Greenfield, Angela Kinsey, Kal Penn, Kenan Thompson Viewers = LineColor = FFA000 }}

AltDate = David Giuntoli, Hoda Kotb, Terry Crews, Emilie De Ravin, Jerry Ferrara, Tom Arnold Viewers = LineColor = FFA000 }}

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