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Forced Entry is a 2002 pornographic film written and directed by Lizzy Borden, produced by Rob Zicari, and released by Extreme Associates. The film is loosely based on the crimes of California serial killer Richard Ramirez.


A man knocks on a teenage girl's door, claiming to be in need of directions. When the girl leaves to answer the phone, the man sneaks in, and grabs her when she returns. Physically and verbally assaulting the girl, the man drags her into a bedroom by the neck, and rapes her. The rapist ejaculates and urinates on the teen's face, and asphyxiates her with a bag while yelling that Richard Ramirez is his "God". Tracking the killer is obnoxious Channel 5 Action News reporter Roberto Negro, who has been receiving taunting letters from the murderer, most of them containing rants about how he worships Satan.

The killer and two accomplices (one of them initially reluctant) attack a pregnant housewife, filming themselves pummeling and raping her at gunpoint. When the trio finish, they shoot the woman and her dog. Roberto reports on the housewife's death, and while the authorities refuse to confirm there is a serial killer on the loose, Roberto is convinced there is.

Spotting a woman having car trouble, the killer and his partners pull up in their van, force her into the vehicle, and take her to their hideout, the interior of which is covered in Satanic graffiti. The woman is filmed being abused, raped and stabbed, with the killer smearing her blood on himself and the walls of the room. An envelope containing a knife, a gun and another note is sent to Roberto, and the police acquire clues from these items. Another package, this one containing a VHS tape, is dropped off at Roberto's office. The tape is a tribute to the killer, showing two of his fans brutalizing and sexually assaulting a woman. Roberto recognizes one of the copycats as a gas station attendant, who the police arrest.

In a newscast, Roberto states that the copycat, his partner and the original murderer's accomplices have been apprehended, but the lead killer is still at large. Elsewhere, two men recognize the serial killer when he walks by them on the street, and chase him, being joined by several others. The killer is cornered in an alleyway, and beat and stabbed to death by the angry mob. Roberto finds the man's body, kicks it twice, and walks away.


  • Jewel De'Nyle as Victim #1
  • Taylor St. Claire as Victim #2
  • Veronica Cain as Victim #3
  • Alexandra Quinn as The Copycat Killer's Victim
  • Michael Stefano as The Killer
  • Mickey G. as Accomplice #1
  • Brian Surewood as Accomplice #2
  • Valentino as The Copycat Killer
  • Rob Zicari as Roberto Negro
  • Angel
  • Mr. Vegas
  • Pete Malloy
  • Wanker Wang
  • Dr. Jeckyl
  • Evil Merchant
  • Derek Newblood
  • Sylveeya
  • Doomhammer
  • Smiley Johnson
  • Rawhide Kid
  • Rod Fontana
  • Mr. Pete
  • X-Man
  • Juggs
  • Tony Tedeschi


Main article: United States v. Extreme Associates
The crew of the television series Frontline stormed off in disgust while visiting the set of the film for their documentary American Porn. Paul Fishbein, president of AVN, referred to Forced Entry and the rest of the Extreme Associates library as "horrible, unwatchable, disgusting, aberrant movies".

The Village Voice stated the film is "The most violent porno I've seen. It's both shocking and completely banal" while Adult FYI wrote "It's brutal. More than that, it's terribly evil. Convincing. Incredibly well acted and directed". A score of six out of ten was awarded by Cyberspace Adult Video Reviews, which concluded its review with "They have every right to make and sell this tape. It is a shame that these very talented people would waste their time on this. Can you imagine the good stuff they could be doing?"

Forced Entry was described as "a disturbing piece of hardcore, made by and for some very disturbed people" by Recarts Movies Erotica, which said that while the acting was good and it succeeded in creating physical and sexual tension, it suffered from cheesy effects and editing, inconsistent camerawork, and poor production values. Adult Industry News decried Forced Entry as a borderline snuff film, writing "promoting violence and/or making (or trying to make) rape look sexy is very disturbing" and "movies like this are more than controversial, they are bad for the adult film business".

See also

  • Forced Entry, a similar film released in 1973.

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