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Eric Kripke (born April 24, 1974) is an American television writer, director, and producer. He is the creator of The WB (now The CW) series Supernatural and more recently the NBC series Revolution.

Life and career

Kripke was born in Toledo, Ohio. A 1992 graduate of Sylvania Southview High School, Eric often created home movies with friends to show to other students. After graduating from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in 1996 as a member of the Gamma Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, Kripke wrote and directed two 1997 films: Battle of the Sexes and Truly Committed. He later developed and wrote for The WB's 2003 television series Tarzan, which was cancelled after eight episodes, and followed this by writing the 2005 film Boogeyman. The movie was followed by a sequel, Boogeyman 2. Furthermore he was an associate producer for the 2011 romantic action thriller The Adjustment Bureau.

He is currently writing and directing his first theatre film Haunted, ready for a 2012 release. In August 2011, it was announced that Kripke is developing a series for The CW Television Network, based on the DC Comics character Deadman but it was not materialized. However, he created a series for NBC named Revolution. Kripke served as the executive producer alongside J.J. Abrams.


See Boogeyman (film) for more information Prior to his success with Supernatural, Kripke wrote a screenplay for the film Boogeyman, which was released in early 2005. The film focuses on the life of Tim, played by Barry Watson. Tim, who's currently suffering the loss of his mother, goes home to confront the supernatural creature who he believes killed his father and is also the reason for his mother's demise.

The film, which was looked down upon by critics, gives fans a glimpse of how Kripke's writing style has changed over the years. Although he has remained in the supernatural vein, the subject of Kripke's writing has gone from being psychologically driven to being more centered around the character's actions and interactions with each other.


See Supernatural (U.S. TV series) for more information In 2005, Kripke created the series Supernatural, which is about two hunter brothers' personal battle against demons, poltergeists and other supernatural phenomena. Kripke currently serves as a hands-on executive producer on the series after serving as the show's primary showrunner for the first five seasons, of which he was noted for creating a uniquely detailed five-year plan. Supernatural first aired on The WB. It now airs on The CW, which was created by The WB's 2006 merger with UPN. He is referred to as Lord Kripke by some in the fandom of Supernatural. In addition to the interest that the characters themselves have generated, the show is also highly regarded for correctly citing much of its supernatural lore.


See Revolution (TV series) for more information After Kripke stepped down as primary showrunner for Supernatural following the show's fifth season, he began developing other projects. One of these projects, entitled Revolution has been picked by NBC. It was picked up by NBC for the 2012-2013 season, it centers about a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a post-apocalyptic world where everything electronic has mysteriously stopped working, and centers around their battle to resolve the blackout. It stars Billy Burke as the lead, with Giancarlo Esposito, Elizabeth Mitchell, Tracy Spiridakos, Graham Rogers and Anna Lise Phillips co-starring.

Revolution has a Metacritic rating of 64 from 32 mostly positive critic reviews, with Glenn Garvin from the New York Times saying "Revolution is big, bold and brassy adventure, a cowboys-and-Indians story for end times."

Personal life

Kripke is married and has a son, born 2007, who shares a birthday with Kripke's character Sam Winchester, May 2.

He is the second cousin once removed of notable analytic philosopher Saul Kripke.

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