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Black Dawn (also known as Foreigner 2: Black Dawn) is a 2005 direct-to-video action film and the directorial debut of cinematographer Alexander Gruszynski. It is a follow-up to the 2002 film The Foreigner, with Steven Seagal reprising his role as Jonathan Cold. The film is infamous for Seagal not being involved in any of the fight scenes due to his leaving the film 18 days into a 30-day shoot. The director shot fights with stunt doubles and scenes that were to involve Seagal were replaced by his co-star in the film.


Jon Cold (Steven Seagal) is an ex-CIA agent who is now working for himself and offering his services to the highest bidder.

Jon is hired to break James Donovan (John Pyper-Ferguson) out of prison. After the successful break, Jon takes James to see his brother, arms dealer Michael Donovan (Julian Stone), the man who hired Jon to break James out.

In gratitude, the Donovans hire Jon to help sell the parts for a small nuclear bomb to Nicholi (Nicholas Davidoff), the leader of a Chechen terrorist group that is planning to blow up Los Angeles because the CIA killed the group's previous leader.

Meanwhile, Jon's former protégé, agent Amanda Stuart (Tamara Davies), is spying on the Donovans for the CIA. The Donovans see her spying on them while they are in the middle of the deal with Nicholi.

Jon rescues Amanda and takes Michael hostage. Nicholi really does not care what happens to Michael, so that does not really work as well as it should have. Jon and Amanda find themselves on the run, trying to keep the Donovans out of the way and stop Nicholi from blowing up the city.

Also, Jon has been framed for the killings of some of his former CIA co-workers, so there is a shoot-on-sight directive on his head. It will be a miracle if Jon can clear his name and keep Los Angeles from getting blown up.


  • Steven Seagal as Jonathan Cold
  • Tamara Davies as Agent Amanda Stuart
  • John Pyper-Ferguson as James Donovan
  • Julian Stone as Michael Donovan
  • Nicholas Davidoff as Nicholi
  • Roman Varshavsky as Fedor
  • Conal Duffy as Cab driver

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