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Before I Self Destruct is a 2009 American crime drama film starring Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson that is included with the album of the same name. It was released on November 23, 2009.


The film is about Clarence, (Based on and played by 50 cent) who lives with his mom and his genius brother Shaka. Clarence loves basketball and had dreamed on making the pros but because of several accidents his basketball career is over before it begins. Basically he has no way to earn a living and ends up working in a dead end job in a supermarket where he longs after pretty girls that he feels are beyond his reach as a stock person. After his mother is accidentally killed in a drive-by shooting when she is leaving a local bodega, Clarence has no idea what he can do to take care of his brother and prevent him from going into foster care.He is stuck trying to find a way to take care of his thirteen year-old brother, who has already been accepted to all eight Ivy League universities. In anger and frustration he finds the gunman and kills him. Clarence visits Sean, who is the local crime boss, to inform him that he killed the the gunman who had worked for Sean. Sean decides he likes Clarence's style and way he carries himself, so he hires Clarence to be his new hit man. After he has money, he runs into the woman Princess, who he originally felt was out of his reach. Now that he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and can support his brother, life is easier and so is the money, once he gets past his original shock at being a hired gun. He falls in love with Princess and thinks she feels the same but Princess is just a user and a fake bitch. Clarence bestows gold and diamonds and the payback is when Princess's ex-boyfriend Rafael gets released from prison. Rafael tracks her down by using her mom's phone to call Princess and she answers the phone while in bed with Clarence pretending it is her mom. Rafael asks her where is the money he gave her for safekeeping and says he wants his "paper". She meets up with him and has sex and when he again asks her for his "paper" Princess stays silent. When Rafael gets angry and demands an answer the only thing she says is "Clarence", intimating that she gave Clarence Rafael's money which of course is not true. Clarence is keeping her like a queen and given her everything she wants. Rafael thinks that Clarence has taken his money from Princess so he has her call Clarence and ask him to come to her mom's house to help move furniture. Princess and Rafael wait in his car across the street from her mom's house. As soon as Clarence steps out of the car, Rafael starts shooting Clarence with a USP (Standard), leading to slow painful death. When Clarence's brother Shaka, realizes what is going on, when Princess arives and steal all of Clarence's paper out of the draw, Shaka tells Princess he will get her if it's the last thing he does if she hurt his brother, kind of hinting that Shaka may also follow the wrong path to seek revenge for Clarence.


  • Curtis James Jackson III as Clarence
  • Clifton Powell as Sean
  • Elijah "Strong E" Williams as Shocka
  • Gabriel Ellis as Rafael
  • Sasha Delvalle as Princess
  • Shorty Red as Tiny
  • Lola Luv as Mona
  • Treach as Cedrick
  • Michael Wright as first victim killed in a lift
  • Lloyd Banks as Shocka's School Teacher
  • Gabriel Casseus as Freddie
  • Jalon Cain as Kevin
  • Clayton Young as Young Clarence


50 Cent revealed on his Twitter that he is writing a sequel that's in the works.

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