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Almighty Thor is a fantasy action film by The Asylum, which premiered on the Syfy cable network on May 7, 2011 and was released on DVD on May 10, 2011 in the United States. The film is directed by Christopher Ray and is a mockbuster coinciding with the release of the Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures film Thor. The film has been met with a largely negative response from critics. Inspired by Norse mythology, the film follows a young version of the thunder deity Thor.


When the demon god Loki (Richard Grieco) destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility, only the young hero Thor (Cody Deal) can protect Earth from Ragnarök. When Thor's father and older brother are killed in combat with Loki, a mysterious Valkyrie named Jarnsaxa (Patricia Velásquez) attempts to train the brave, but naïve and inexperienced Thor to fight Loki which leads them on a mystical quest from their hidden training camp, to the mystical Tree of Life to reclaim the hammer of Invincibility, and then to modern day Los Angeles where Loki follows them and attempts to bring on the Apocalypse with his army of demon beasts. When Thor is exiled to Hell, he must forge his own mighty hammer to save the metropolis and send Loki back to the underworld.


  • Cody Deal as Thor
  • Richard Grieco as Loki
  • Patricia Velásquez as Járnsaxa
  • Kevin Nash as Odin
  • Jess Allen as Baldir
  • Chris Ivan Cevic as Himdall
  • Rodney Wilson as Hrothgar
  • Kristen Kerr as Herja
  • Charlie Glackin as Hundig
  • Nicole Fox as the Redhead Norn
  • Leslea Fisher as the Blonde Norn
  • Lauren Halperin as the Brunette Norn
  • William Webb as a street punk
  • Jason Medbury as the Tree of Life Guardian


Almighty Thor premiered on May 7, 2011, near the time of release of Marvel Studios' Thor,


Almighty Thor received largely negative reviews from critics. Reviewing the film for the The A.V. Club, Phil Dyess-Nugent gave "Almighty Thor" a rating of "D-", taking issue with the film's low budget: "The film is so underpopulated that most of the awful deaths Loki inflicts go down off-camera; he points his stick or gives a command to his dogs, and then you hear somebody holler, "Argghhhh!!"". Dyess-Nugent also criticised the acting of the leads and took issue with the producer's decision to shoot the LA scenes in abandoned parking lots: "The comic high point is a fight between Thor and Loki, with the guys spinning around and waving their weapons at each other while keeping one eye peeled for cops who might demand to see their filming permit." The Blueprint website review of the film stated, "This brain numbing 80 minutes of constant noise, cheap effects, background music that never once stops and ropey acting will test the patience of even the most hardened B-movie aficionado...Almighty Thor was just one giant headache of a film."

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